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  1. NFL Changes 2014+

    Then you obviously know nothing about the 12th Man. Outside of Seattle, of course there will be bandwagon fans. He was referring to the fans in the stadium.
  2. NFL Changes 2014+

    I feel a biased Paul Lucas rant coming in 5..4..3...
  3. NFL Changes 2014+

    Yes, we love the Seahawks new look. Admittedly in the very beginning there was a lot of shock and of course resistance to change, but just like the reaction to the Broncos makeover in the 90's, it begins to grow on you. Our current uniform is beautiful.
  4. Uniform looks and identities that you miss in sports

    Actually their road uniform during that era wasn't all that bad.
  5. Uniforms You Associate With One Game or Moment

    SORRY, I guess the game was played in Atlanta. This was a long time ago. I just remember watching the game with my father since his team was on a bye and it was nice to have him home before he left for Kansas City for next week's game.
  6. Uniforms You Associate With One Game or Moment

    When most of us think of the Glanville-era Falcons uniforms, we normally associate it with Deion Sanders. However, everytime I think of those uniforms I always think about the game when the Falcons traveled to San Francisco to face the Deion Sanders 49ers. During the 2nd quarter, Deion and Andre Rison where matched up and a fight broke out. That fight is forever lock in my mind.
  7. The Jets' corportate offices are in Florham Park, New Jersey. The Giants' corporate offices are in East Rutherford, New Jersey. In fact, nothing about them are New York.
  8. The Texas Rangers currently represent 12 Texas counties while playing in the Metroplex. Now if the Rangers moved to a new stadium closer to or in the city of Dallas, then yes, they should be the Dallas Rangers. But I also think the Jets and Giants have no business calling themselves New York when they play their home games in New Jersey. When the Warriors move to San Francisco in 2018, I definitely support a name change.
  9. California is too big. Just like the California Angels were a horrible name. How would fans in San Antonio and Houston feel about the Texas Mavericks? It should be the San Francisco Warriors again.
  10. WWE Extreme Rules 2014

    What about the Complete History of the XLF?
  11. Not childish at all. Most TV stations did this type of humorous art works when the station was having difficulties. A way of lighting the mood. Looks like the Bucks were just having fun with it.
  12. WWE Extreme Rules 2014

    I don't understand. Wasn't Fandango one of the hottest things in wrestling exactly one year ago? What happened?