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    I have to extrapolate, since it looks like you used a T-shirt template instead of a jersey template (and the pixelation in the armpits tell me this wasn't a template designed for the program you're using.) It's not that much different from what the Jags unveiled, except that I don't know any NFL team that leaves the shoulders and sleeves completely bare.
  2. Jaguars Concept

    This is what they should have unveiled.
  3. WNBA Concepts

    These need to be the WNBA uniforms yesterday.
  4. The Battle of Seattle

    Given that the dreamcatcher comes from the Ojibwe, the symbolism doesn't make much sense. But as to the meaning of team names, always remember that there was once a team called the Xoggz.
  5. NHL // NBA Playoff Graphic Updated 4/20

    Sharks/Knights have a lovely symmetry--unless you're a Ducks or Kings fan.
  6. NHL // NBA Playoff Graphic Updated 4/20

  7. WNBA Concepts

    I'm assuming the wings are in reference to a "flying ace" and to Nellis Air Force Base.
  8. Circular Brackets

    Lovely. I appreciate how all the text is right-side up now.
  9. An Untalented Paint User's Take On The NBA

    Writers have a motto: "Kill your darlings." In other words, if something's not working, you get rid of it even if you like it.
  10. NHL March Madness - Semi Final Matchup #2

  11. The Battle of Seattle

    I did look up Nor'wester. It refers to winds in a couple of parts of the world far from Seattle, as well as Canadian trappers who worked for a company that ended up merging with the Hudson Bay Company centuries ago. So, unfortunately, nothing that ties to Seattle, but a genius concept anyway.
  12. What expansion teams mascot could have been.

    White Bears would have referred, not to polar bears, but to a local Lakota legend. One of the suburbs and one of the largest lakes in the metro area derive their name from the legend.
  13. Circular Brackets

    The fade-in is stronger because it's cleaner--no bleeding.
  14. What expansion teams mascot could have been.

    The Stallions bid only fell apart in the final weeks. They'd made hats that I saw in thrift stores and such in the area after the bid fell apart. The logo was godawful, though.
  15. Winnipeg Jets Concept

    The weird shading on your template doesn't help you; drop it. It makes no sense for the ends of the jerseys to be connected.
  16. NHL March Madness - Semi Final Matchup #2

  17. The Battle of Seattle

    Whatever came of the cow logo on Page 1? What was it supposed to be?
  18. NHL March Madness - Semi Final Matchup #2

    A. Knights B. Canucks C. Sharks
  19. NHL March Madness - Semi Final Matchup #2

    Knights need to use this immediately.
  20. Personal Branding

    I think my ideal would be the new W with the old font. I know you're trying to modernize, but the current trend of the same small range of typefaces everywhere irks me to no end.
  21. NHL March Madness - Semi Final Matchup #2

    A. Rangers B. Capitals C. Hurricanes
  22. 8BW14's NFL Concept Thread: Panthers Updated (4/19)

    Bottom wordmark, definitely.
  23. NHL March Madness - Semi Final Matchup #2

    1. Florida 2. Ottawa 3: Toronto
  24. Obey-Style Vector Art

    Shepard Fairey, the artist C-Squared is mimicking, is the same one who created the Obama "Hope" poster.