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    Bigred's CFL (Winnipeg added)

    RedBlacks should wear that home jersey now.
  2. Whittier S

    Jacksonville Jaguars logo and wordmark concept

    I'm never a fan of zombie eyes, but beyond that, this does a great job of combining the old and new, picking the best elements from a franchise whose design history is very hit-and-miss.
  3. Whittier S

    Bigred's CFL (Winnipeg added)

    This is a great Alouettes concept. I usually hate their uniforms for being too far out there, but this is just enough.
  4. Whittier S

    Griff's First Sports Concepts (New York Baseball 1/32)

    Honeycrisps were created in Minnesota and it's a huge point of pride here. That's why I don't think it fits.
  5. Whittier S

    Generic Knight Logo

    Concur on the line weight. In gold, it looks like it could be a Vegas logo, since you've got a prominent V in the design.
  6. Whittier S

    Hardest City for Fictional Concept Leagues

    Colorado Springs has more lightning than any other US city.
  7. Whittier S

    Minnesota Wild Set

    I agree about the striping and color balance. Green and red against each other is naturally jarring because they're complementary colors.
  8. Whittier S

    NBA 2K18 Custom/Rebrand Teams

    I see the gun, too.
  9. Whittier S

    Colorado Avalanche Update

    Just to let you know, I can't see your older images; they say "imgbb.com bandwidth limit exceeded." I recommend imgur.com, I don't run into that problem there, or several others (but NOT Photobucket.)
  10. Whittier S

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Toronto Giants Added

    Mostly on point, but I'm not digging the swoosh under "Kansas City" in the wordmark.
  11. Whittier S

    Driveball Super League (Driveball In Japan)

    First, I'm sad that you feel like you're wasting people's time. You're definitely not; otherwise, people wouldn't be talking with you here. I feel especially bad because I've been the primary contributor to this thread, and the last thing I wanted to do was to intimidate you into not designing. As to an Inkscape tutorial, if you click help, you'll find Tutorials in the menu. I'd start there. What's nice about their tutorials is that, rather than just watch a video, you can interact with the program right within the tutorial. Also, if you don't normally draw with pencil and paper, I highly recommend it as a foundation. Don't even worry about learning to "draw right" right now. Just draw. Draw things you see, even if they don't come out "right." Draw from photos. Draw from memory. Doodle. The more you draw, the more your skills will develop, and the more those skills will transfer to design. As to whether you could just write your sports histories rather than illustrate them, that's totally fine to do. I'm not sure whether here is the best place. One idea might be to hold contests where you write a story and people compete to come up with the logos for the teams, but all contests have to be approved by the moderators. The advantage, though, to designing the work yourself is that you get to see your imagination come to life in a way that can be shared with the world. That, to me, is the thrill of designing concepts. It takes time to develop skills, but it's time well spent. Take your time. There's more time in the world than you may think.
  12. Whittier S

    Carolina Hurricanes Logo Concept

    I get the reference to the Research Triangle, but concur with all above.
  13. Whittier S

    Driveball Super League (Driveball In Japan)

    I'd work on refining these before moving on. It can be sooo tempting to just move on to the next concept--especially so when you're in a series because you want to see the whole series come into being. If you take these first three concepts and refine them, then what you learn in the refining process will carry over to the remaining concepts. I'm sitting here watching an old episode of Project Runway and they literally just said, "Design is solving problems." So consider how to resolve the problems here and then move on. And remember that this is a process we all go through, including the most seasoned and spectacular designers on here.
  14. Whittier S

    Driveball Super League (Driveball In Japan)

    You learn by doing I'm not telling you to not post until you get an art degree or something. Virtually everything posted on these boards needs revision. We're here to help each other out in that process.
  15. Whittier S

    Driveball Super League (Driveball In Japan)

    Nobody starts out good at art. It takes practice and time, just like with anything. Generally speaking, our culture here on the boards is less "Here it is!" and more "Here it is; how can I make it better?"
  16. Whittier S

    Driveball Super League (Driveball In Japan)

    It looks like you're just typing rather than creating wordmarks and logos. Consider, for instance, the R in the Reds logo. It looks like you just hit "italic" and then typed. But the slant of the R is slightly different from the diagonals in the diamond, and the result is visual jarring because they are almost but not quite parallel. That's just one example. It also seems like you're using the fonts that come installed in your computer. Oh, my gosh, there's a whole world of wonderful free fonts that are great for wordmarks (and, honestly, little else). Don't just use what's on hand. Hunt around online and find *a few* fonts that would work well with what you do, make sure you have the correct rights for them, download, and experiment away. And I have to stress that you need to try a few fonts before settling on the right one. And you've got to kern your lettering. Make sure things fit well and look nice. That is not going to happen from just typing because the relationship between letters in plain text is different from what it is in a wordmark. And yes, you can do all of these things in Paint. It just takes more time. For instance, since you don't have kerning tools, you have to enter and manipulate each letter individually, but it is possible. Beyond that, I'd recommend checking out a free drawing program like Inkscape. There's a slight learning curve (though it comes installed with a tutorial), but you can do so much more with more tools at your disposal.
  17. The pluses: The uniforms, in their simplicity, do look like they're out of the 1940s. I also like the color scheme you're using for New York despite it not looking very 1940s. Flames is also a nice, original name for a New York team. The minuses: So far, all of the logos look like clipart. It doesn't seem like you're drawing them from scratch, at any rate. The rifles have tiny, tiny details that would not be easy to reproduce (and the first hint I had that these probably weren't hand-drawn.) Speaking of the rifles, that blue-on-red is really visually jarring--what if you doubled the outline with white on the inner outline and blue on the outer? Don't do that until you've cleaned up and simplified the lines of the rifle, though. The line that cuts off the bottom of the Statue of Liberty looks totally random, not just because it's kind of janky, but also because there doesn't seem to be a clear motivation for its shape and placement beyond that it's gotta be cut off somewhere. Random idea: What if you you had a banner wrap around the bottom of the statue bearing the team name? It would also hint at the draping of the fabric on the figure. Your wordmarks look like they're running through WordArt. A wordmark is so much more than typing. It's careful positioning, and sometimes resizing, of each letter so that they are in balance and harmony with each other. I do get that for the era and style you're going for, it's not quite as much a consideration, but as you move forward, you really want to start thinking about kerning and such. Good luck as you move forward in your revisions.
  18. Whittier S

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Toronto Giants Added

    In all the might-have-beens in this thread, I don't think the San Juan Expos have been mentioned yet. Would love to see that.
  19. Whittier S

    Colorado Avalanche Update

    In the attempt to depict an avalanche literally, it just looks kind of like a blob. The secondary looks too much like the Vancouver Whitecaps to me.
  20. Whittier S

    Wiss's Feilds

    What do you want us to critique? It's all pretty straightforward. It's not a design so much as a template, which is fine, but you'd critique it more for accuracy than for aesthetics.
  21. Whittier S

    Hardest City for Fictional Concept Leagues

    @neo_prankster had mentioned meat-packing so I kind of figured that was all the same territory. There's already the minor-league Kansas City T-Bones.
  22. Whittier S

    Hardest City for Fictional Concept Leagues

    Years ago, I had the New Jersey Rock, thinking of Springsteen and Bon Jovi. Memphis and blues; Memphis and Egypt (named after an ancient city) Edmonton and pretty much anything subarctic (moose, lynx, etc.) Kansas City and, um, blues again (and, if you can somehow make it work, fountains) Milwaukee and Bavarians/Germans
  23. Whittier S

    Hardest City for Fictional Concept Leagues

    Then there the cities that have exactly one thing well known about them and you're wanting to avoid that one thing, like: Birmingham and the steel industry Richmond and the Confederacy Sacramento and being a state capital Rochester and photography Bakersfield and country music But I think the hardest decent-sized city of all is Fresno.
  24. Whittier S

    Hardest City for Fictional Concept Leagues

    I have plans for a team called the Oakland Rage, which is a reference to the city's history of political activism.
  25. Whittier S

    Minnesota Whitecaps NWHL

    These little tweaks upgraded it significantly. Kudos.