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  1. New Florida Gators Unifrom

    I think continuing the pattern onto the pants would've looked worse. Patterned pants in general are a bad look in sports. If it were me, I would've made the pants the dark green color seen in the jersey pattern. Use a shiny pants material and it would mimic the helmet color fairly well. It could really tie the uniform together. Also, putting the logo on one side of the helmet and the number on the other is such a bad trend. Ruins any helmet.
  2. NHL 2017-18

    I don't think the Preds gold jerseys need navy shoulders. It'd be too much navy between the sleeves, hem, and numbers. The yellow would be trapped too much. The yellow shoulders work on the white jersey because there's less contrast between yellow and white versus navy and yellow. On both jerseys the thin stripe (white stripe on yellow jersey, navy on white) needs to be far thicker on the sleeve and hem. Or go back to the type of striping they had on the last set of big sleeve&hem end color/thin stripe/thick stripe. I like the new white sock (if the blue stripe were thicker), but I wish the striping pattern on the home and road sets of socks matched. I prefer the white socks over the yellows. The yellow socks are too blocky. The color balance would be really nice if those changes were made and they went back to navy helmets. Right now the balance is thrown way out of whack skewed towards yellow and looks off.
  3. NHL 2017-18

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the specifics of the Adidas socks has been discussed. Are there any new/different materials or construction in the Adidas socks versus the Reebok ones? From some Traverse City Tournament photos it looks like some seams may have moved, but that could be just players wearing them crooked. Anybody have any insight?
  4. NHL 2017-18

    The O isn't a good logo, even as a shoulder patch. It's far to simplistic to be effective. Even if you compare it to a similar logo like the Canadiens it pales in comparison. Beef it up, give it a unique feature or shape that makes it look like not just a basic serif font capital O, put some laurels in it, something. Oh, and drop the vintage white for actual white, and change the red outline on the letter to gold so it doesn't disappear into the red stripe.
  5. I hope it's not Buttons. Button Gwinnett was a liar, cheat, conman, slave owner, and general all around failure. Big Mouths is the best option of those given. Bass fishing is pretty popular at Lake Lanier (and the state in general). A tiny part of the huge lake runs through Gwinnett, but it's not that much of a stretch for a connection. There's only a few other fish-based identities in MiLB, so it also has room to stand out without being completely absurd like Sweet Teas, Hush Puppies, or Lamb Chops. Gobblers isn't Brandiose enough. Needs a modifier or noun in front of it to be Brandiose's style.
  6. NHL 2017-18

    Yeah, hand up on that one haha. I think this was a terrible look. Possibly made worse by the red helmet and gloves. It looks mismatched to me.
  7. NHL 2017-18

    I wouldn't read too much into the lack of the blue pants cuff on the red pants or red wrist roll on the gloves in that pic. It's a manufacturer promo pic and not an official team pic, so they're probably not using all the right gear. Like how that Bauer picture had a blue Leafs helmet with white ear loops and chin strap. The Blue Jackets socks would be better if the stripes were maybe two or three times as thick to help fill up the space a little better. Same goes for the jersey striping. It's all so thin. I also like the Blue Jackets red pants because it prevents a full on navy monochrome look. I think this because even more important due to how thin the striping is on the blue jersey and socks. If they went all blue it'd be a very bland look. Usually I prefer the pants be the darkest color in a team's scheme, but you have some leeway with hues of red and blue that other schemes may not afford. You can get away with either a red jersey and blue pants (NYR, FLA, WAS) or blue jersey and red pants (MTL, CBJ), whereas a red jersey with black pants works but a black jersey with red pants (or really any color other than black) would look out of place. Ideally, the jersey would be a brighter color with the pants, gloves, and helmet a darker color, but with a name like blue jackets a red jersey can't happen. And lighter pants is better than monochrome in this instance.
  8. NHL 2017-18

    Fanbrandz worked with the Oilers on the new uniform design, and have various concepts on their website. I can't post the image here, but here's a breakdown. The design in the foreground is similar to the end product, except that the collar colors are flipped and the pants striping has the old flare at the bottom. They definitely made the right collar color arrangement in the end. The designs in the background are where it gets more interesting. One on the bottom left shows swooping sleeve stripes and side panels, as well as a phantom yoke. The socks are basically a recoloring of the Caps home socks swapping red for orange. The one in the top left looks to be the same as the bottom left except the phantom yoke is filled in with navy. The top middle features the navy yoke and similar swooping sleeve design, but with a swooping hem design as opposed to side panels. It's also worth noting that all the background designs use the previous orange hue while the foreground is in the new hue. Most of these were probably nothing more than concepting to see where ideas took them. I doubt most of these were seriously considered, but it's interesting to see their ideas.
  9. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    That bear would've looked really nice in the chest stripe.
  10. DeSales University new logo

    This is by Joe Bosack. One of my favorite designers. I like that they went with a French bulldog instead of English. Almost everybody goes English, so it's a nice way to stand out in a market full of bulldog teams. I don't care for the D in "DeSales". It seems as though the right side is mirroring the bottom of the shield shape, but it stands out too much for my liking. I also don't like that the D and S are different in the DSU lockup, or that the tops of the U are different heights. I can get past the lockup letterforms being far wider than the wordmark letterforms, but adding a serif to the bottom of the D and removing the two vertical terminals on the S doesn't make sense to me.
  11. 2017 MLS Kit Matchups

    Fair enough. I always think it's interesting as to what can constitute a clash and what doesn't.
  12. 2017 MLS Kit Matchups

    You don't think the red stripe on the SJ's clash kit would've caused a problem against Atlanta's red and black stripes? I think that red stripe makes the difference as to why that would clash and RBNY and DC wouldn't. That stripe plus red sleeves and I could see the refs or whomever wanting a higher contrast matchup.
  13. 2017 MLS Kit Matchups

    I think that it's due to the matchup. ATL UTD's red and black primary would clash with both San Jose's primary (blue and black) and clash (white and red). The only option left was to wear the gray and red kit with San Jose wearing their primary.
  14. NHL 2017-18

    I love Florida's crest on the away jersey where it reads "Florida" over the panther logo. The home where it reads "Panthers" over the panther logo is redundant. As for Vegas, I like the gray helmets with the gray jersey. It lightens up the look a bit I think. I don't like the white gloves with either set, though. I'd go black gloves with either a gold or gray cuff roll and gold or gray (different from cuff roll color) brand logo. Speaking of helmet colors, I really wish Colorado took this opportunity to change their black helmets and pants. Maroon helmets and pants would look so much better. Typically I don't like it when the jersey, pants, and socks are all the same color, but their blue is too light to use as a pants color.
  15. NHL 2017-18

    For the Preds, that blue stripe on top of the white stripe on the sleeves and hem turned out to be incredibly important. The jersey looks so plain without it, and the white stripe gets lost in the yellow jersey. The jersey also needs some blue in the shoulders to not look empty up top. On the NYR white jersey, I think that gray in the collar may just be a photoshop layer that someone forgot to color in. Maybe also why it was deleted. I'd bet on the real jersey it's red or possibly blue.