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  1. Sabres7200

    NHL 2018-19

    That's really interesting. Thanks for responding. Were those Adidas shirts an exception to the state name must be 50% size of mascot name rule for the Avs, or how did that one wind up with the words being similar sizes?
  2. Sabres7200

    NHL 2018-19

    A bit off topic, but it's interesting to me that all the teams are listed just by the team name except for the Avs. They're listed as "Colorado Avalanche". I noticed this when Adidas took over and came out with team t-shirts. Most shirts had a graphic that read "[TEAM NAME] HOCKEY", while the Avs reads "Colorado Avalanche". It's clear that they want to be branded by their full name. I wonder why. They have a unique team name that won't be confused with another team. Not to say that it's wrong to want to be known by their full name, but they seem to be largely alone in that compared to the rest of the league.
  3. Sabres7200

    Pittsburgh Steeler Jersey Numbers

    The juxtaposition of a modern font and traditional uniform compliment each other well. The font isn't too modern like the Jags font to clash with the jersey. I do wish, however, that the numerals weren't italicized and also weren't a standard font. It's Futura Condensed Medium Italic plain and simple. That's an okay place to start, but customize it a little bit and make it your own. I think the Georgia Bulldogs are a great example of that. They took something like Bebas and made it their own without going over the top.
  4. I keep looking at this logo, but I can't figure out what's going on the right side of the logo. What are those 4 ripply parts above the "med" in "steamed"? Is that the back of his glove? Why is the glove made out of hamburger if he is also a hamburger?
  5. Sabres7200

    2018 MLS Kits

    I don't care for the wing design on the kit because it's directly from the logo. It'd be nicer is they used a kit design that evoked the wing without being so literal. Even if they did angled stripes or stripes radiating from a central point it'd be a little less literal. Not exactly like these kits below, but these may help get the idea across.
  6. Sabres7200

    2018 MLS Kits

    Wait, soccer socks aren't actually socks? The ones above are sleeves like hockey socks. Is this new?
  7. Sabres7200

    Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    Swapping out silver for bronze would be neat. Their two blues could be tweaked to add a little more red to them. Then you'd have bronze, a light blue with more red, a navy with a tiny more red, and a regular red. Give you a nice cohesive color scheme. Light blue as the main color, navy secondary, bronze third as the helmet color and in logos, and little pops of red here and there.
  8. Sabres7200

    2018 MLS Kits

    I'd venture to guess it's vertical stripes across the full front, and also that the stripes are thinner than the stripes in the mockup above. The new Union and DCU kits both have relatively thin tonal hoops. That might be a trend for Adidas here and we just see it as thin stripes instead of hoops on MNUFC
  9. Sabres7200

    2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Yeah I think they were going for the arm. The weird thing is that their official listed color for that is a metallic gold. The hue they use for graphics on their website and stuff is a lighter gold with a little more red in it. The thread they use for embroidery looks to have a lot more red in it and is closer to copper. And the regular jersey trim use their other metallic color, silver, with no gold or copper striping.
  10. Sabres7200

    2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    It's supposed to be flat copper (red-orange), I think. The Giants use gold, not copper, though. It is interesting because three WHL teams use copper, and a fourth uses a somewhat similar bronze. Last big 5 team to use copper or bronze was the Oilers alternate uniform in 2012. Great accent color, but not that great in such large quantities.
  11. Also, the Falcons color rush jerseys are great. I love the black numbers on a red jersey. I just wish there was some of the black/white/black striping from the pants on the jersey, too.
  12. On the TNF broadcast they said that players who win the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award will wear a patch on their uniform for the rest of their career. Rest of the career is absurd for winning a one-year award. Combine that with the silly captain patch the NFL uses with the stars, a team wordmark in the middle for some teams, and it gets pretty busy up front. I wonder where the patch would go on a Steelers, Jets, or Jags jersey since they all already have logo patches on the left chest. Maybe just flip it to the right side, but what if they're a captain?
  13. Sabres7200

    Uniform Elements

    I would have the letters and numbers match, too. Flipping fill color and outline color between name and number is done a lot, but it's not my favorite. The only other thing I would consider would be possibly doing the name in two colors, say yellow outlined in blue, and then the number in single color blue. I would think about doing this if having a lot of text like "NEW SUMMERFIELD" and a number all with outlines looked visually busy and full. The Charlotte Hornets do this and I think it looks nice. If you did that, the single color should match the outline color of the two-color element. Otherwise it'd look like a mistake if for example the name were yellow outlined in blue and the number was just yellow.
  14. Sabres7200

    Uniform Elements

    I think a lot would have to do with the design of the jersey itself. For example, if the white jersey has a lot of blue and yellow stripes or areas of color, going with 2-color letters and numbers could make the whole uniform look cluttered or busy while single color letters and numbers could balance it out visually. Conversely, if the jersey itself is pretty plain, single color letters and numbers could make it look cheap, and two-color numbers could also be a way to bring in more color. Without considering the jersey design, I would lean towards single color letters and numbers given the school colors. Royal blue, yellow, and white are all fairly bright colors without a lot of contrast compared to some other color palettes. If you see white numbers with a yellow outline, for example, it can make the numbers look fat and almost out of focus because there isn't enough contrast between the two colors. Conversely, plain royal letters and numbers on a white jersey, yellow (or white) letters and numbers on a royal jersey, and royal letters and numbers on a yellow jersey will be clear and pop. I wouldn't do the letters and numbers the same color as the jersey and use a different color outline. Go with letter and numbers that stand out. "New Summerfield" does present a problem as you said. Your going to have to split the words onto two lines to get it onto the front of a jersey. Sometimes you'll see words split where one word is above the number on the front and the other is below. I would avoid this given how imbalanced the words are. I would keep both words above the numbers. You could space out "NEW" a bit so it covered a little more area on the line above "SUMMERFIELD". Maybe a little like this: N E W SUMMERFIELD 23
  15. Sabres7200

    Teams with similar colors as the Houston Oilers?

    The Chicago Red Stars in the NWSL come to mind, but they also use black. The Corpus Christi Hooks also had a fauxback in light blue and red. That hat is an all-timer. Their normal look uses these colors, too, but predominately uses navy.