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  1. sohiosportsfreak

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    If they were smart they would scrap the purple as well. Trying to be optimistic on the AAF but unless it's called NFL2 I just don't see it lasting
  2. MLS. Every league needs to follow them and dump divisions. Just my opinion but the NFL is the most flawed. Anyone remember the 7-9 Seahawks making the playoffs?
  3. sohiosportsfreak

    Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    Just watched a whole weekend of free games on AHLTV. I was really impressed with the video quality and commentating. Definitely worth the $80 for the whole season! I'm signing up now!
  4. sohiosportsfreak

    2018-19 NHL Season

    With a nice handlebar mustache to pay tribute to Dave Schultz!
  5. sohiosportsfreak

    The Whalers Return! Hurricanes Announce Epic Throwback Uniforms

    Maybe it's time for the Hurricanes to pay tribute to the Whalers all season long? Would be awesome to see them change their uniforms/colors to the Whalers template with the Hurricanes logo in the middle.
  6. sohiosportsfreak

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    Gonna be interesting to see how some of these rules play out. I'm all up for less kicking. Still haven't understood why in pro football kicking is still around. Spend the whole game going up and down the field, and rely on a guy who sits on the sideline most of the game.
  7. sohiosportsfreak

    Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    Until the ECHL becomes realstic with their prices, I think I'm going to watch AHL.
  8. sohiosportsfreak

    Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    Ah, my big pet peave... Why does the ECHL charge an insane amount of money for ECHLTV? AHLTV is half the price. I wish the Cyclones would pay the fee and move up to the AHL (when a spot becomes available). I think there could be a nice rivalry with the Monsters.
  9. sohiosportsfreak

    NLL Expansion 2018

    Whatever they choose I hope it has a Tlingit look to it.
  10. sohiosportsfreak

    Minor League Baseball News

    I'm going to miss that drooling meth-fiend baby. The Saints or Pelicans need to make him a second mascot lol!
  11. sohiosportsfreak

    NLL Expansion 2018

    The NLL needs to embrace it's history and keep the Knighthawks in Rochester... If they do move, then what in five years we have a new Wings situation?
  12. sohiosportsfreak

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I don't think it would stay afloat if there were two tiers. The US and Europe are two different things. The US is spread out a lot further. Like the guy said above, goodbye to municipalites doing any funding. Look at how much money Carl Linder III just spent to get FC Cincinnati in the MLS. If they were to get relegated in a year or so, goodbye FC Cincinnati. What the MLS has now is not broken. All else fails cap the league at 32 with 16 and 16, and top 8 making playoffs. Keep it as an East West Final.
  13. sohiosportsfreak

    Austin FC

    Ah I remember those rainbow socks lol
  14. sohiosportsfreak

    NHL 2018-19

    There needs to be a WC held at The Horeshoe between the Jackets and Red Wings. 100k plus witnessing Ohio vs Michigan. Jackets would wear inaugural darks, Wings traditional white.
  15. sohiosportsfreak

    Austin FC

    Hmmm, now we know why FC Cincinnati was rushed into play next year. It's all about money. All Crew fans need to be welcomed in Cincy. Maybe there should be a bring your Crew gear night and torch it.