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  1. Maybe they are working out a deal to move the Mavericks to be St. Louis' AHL affiliate in 2018-19?
  2. Home plate of Crosley Field. Sits near Findlay (right off I-75) in an alley by Phillips Supply. I go by this everyday at work, I'll get a better pic.
  3. Wow the Cyclones' sideways menstrual cycle toilet looks like a masterpiece compared to this.
  4. Cincinnati definitely has the funds, just a matter of finding the right spot. The stadium will have to be put in the suburbs. The city is too congested
  5. Looks like what is left of Alaska is moving to Portland, Maine. Only fitting they become the Pirates?
  6. The Cyclones have announced an affiliation with Rochester and Buffalo.
  7. Well hell. At least I got to see them play the Cyclones a couple years ago in the Kelly Cup Finals. Sad to see Elmira leave too. I agree with everyone, I think Portland ME will have an ECHL team soon. Only fitting they become the Pirates, if so.
  8. I think those look pretty sharp. Just hope they continue to improve and make them safer.
  9. Ah, I think NASCAR just keeps shooting themselves in the foot. Take an already crappy points system and make it worse. I think every racing series needs to adopt F1's Point System and be done with it. Simple, and straight to the point.
  10. It was OK. Any extra coverage is good for the sport. But, like so many have said, Team North America and Team Europe were pretty lame. Slovakia and Switzerland could've easily been better choices.
  11. Well since those cities are out, I bet he snags up one of the ECHL teams left out West. I'm sure one of those owners would take a buy-out. You would be dumb not to, with that kind of money.
  12. I see a Reno AHL team in the near future (for the Knights of Columbus, I mean Las Vegas).
  13. Pretty cool! I used to race small dirt tracks as well. I miss it some days, but I don't miss all the cheating. Kart racing is really addictive!
  14. The IceMen are on voluntary suspension from the ECHL, while they work out their arena issue... Something tells me this is the last of the IceMen. Considering the voluntary suspensions went well for Columbia and Las Vegas.
  15. That would make me extremely happy.