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  1. orangefaniniowa

    Blandest Uniforms in Modern History

    Even though the Dallas Cowboys had the "classic" designed unis since the late 60s with some tweaks here and there, this is still the fact that their unis are the lamest in pro sports history. Ahem, referring to the white jerseys and seasick blue/green pants. More tolerable if they quit wearing them at home constantly, but for now they are by far #1 on my list.
  2. orangefaniniowa

    Atypical and Defunct Uniform Suppliers of Note

    Can someone tell me who manufacturer this is when Manhattan basketball wore these in early 2000s? It had the crazy "A" on their shorts, but I do not think it is Aerostaple. I know the company doesn't exist making these unis anymore, otherwise I would hear more about them. I know several other college basketball teams wore them as well, but this is the one I could find. BTW: This is the best photo I can find.
  3. orangefaniniowa

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    According to their website, I assume the Missouri game Florida will be wearing the all black outfit since they did not post it yet.
  4. orangefaniniowa

    Teams Due for a Rebrand

    I think he was being sarcastic!!
  5. orangefaniniowa

    Russell Athletic Returning to the Uniform Game

    I rather prefer Champion Athletic make a comeback instead of Russell. Champion made great uniforms and were the sports apparel king before the Nikes and Adidases took over.
  6. orangefaniniowa

    Russell Athletic Returning to the Uniform Game

    No it's not. It's not good, they just need to stay away from making more sports uniforms. No school (college, high school, etc.) wants to go back to that route.
  7. orangefaniniowa

    NFL 2018 changes

    And the main reason why they chose wearing white at home for all except the throwback games was the fact they do not want to embarass the fans in by wearing navy jersey with gold numerals and no gold whatsoever in their helmets and their pants. The home fans would rather prefer this: Than this: I know if I was a Rams fan, I would.
  8. orangefaniniowa

    Your favorite color combinations

    I like navy blue and orange (Syracuse, Virginia, Illinois, etc.). I also like silver and black (Spurs). And dark green and gold (Packers) to name a few.
  9. orangefaniniowa

    Report: Nike to Take Over MLB Uniforms in 2020

    I thought when I first read this, I thought it was an April Fools joke, then I realize it's not April 1st. Anyway that is great news only down part about it is they might go like the NBA and go too much color vs color or have visiting teams wearing the home white jerseys. I hope it doesn't go that way.
  10. orangefaniniowa

    NFL 2018 changes

    More like this:
  11. orangefaniniowa

    NFL 2018 changes

    The Jets didn’t look better when they were with Reebok either. Remember the pea soup look? This past season was the best they look with the new template, better than the flywire garbage that most NFL teams used. Not perfect by any means but better than it was.
  12. orangefaniniowa

    NFL 2018 changes

    Them and the Packers as well. Let’s face it this Reebok template is getting old and hardly anyone uses it anymore. I don’t understand why Green Bay and Carolina still uses it, maybe for sentimental reasons, I don’t know. They could work with Nike and use the new template without having to do any drastic changes to the jersey itself. It’s likely too late to do something about it this upcoming season, but let’s hope for some change next year and beyond.
  13. orangefaniniowa

    Teams that won a championship with their WORST uniform set

    2010-11 Mavericks. Was happy to see Dirk win an NBA title, but never cared about their jerseys, hopefully time for a change very soon.
  14. orangefaniniowa

    Teams that won a championship with their WORST uniform set

    Oh come on. The Pirates unis back then weren’t that bad. In fact they were neat and very innovative at that time. Does everyone want the home team to wear white and away team to wear gray? I love them and IMO I would have put them in the best uni category. Not everyone has to be the Yankees or Dodgers and be predictable.
  15. The 1967 and the 2006 and 2011 championship Cardinals unis had great unis and didn't go overboard with them. However, I always will be a fan of the 1982 pullover Cardinals jerseys. It was the first time I got to see the Cardinals on television that year, previously I had to listen on the radio for Cardinals games. For me these unis will have a soft spot in my heart.