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  1. Still my pride and joy is my San Antonio Spurs authentic (not Swingman) Nike Tim Duncan jersey. Even though it is nearly 13 years since I bought it, I still wear it with passion. Nike did a tremendous job outfitting several NBA teams the first time, so I have faith they can do it again with all of the NBA teams. Let's keep fingers crossed, because they cannot be any worse than what Adidas did.
  2. I love these Spurs silver throwbacks..... Compared to these... And its not remotely close.
  3. Are you sure this isn't photoshopped? Looks to me it is because Nike cannot manufacture uniforms until after the season is complete. But who knows?
  4. Shush, we don't want a bunch of angry dogs up in UDub nation somehow mimicking them. But then again we are talking about the Ducks. Besides, you have forgot to mention the color brown, which resembles the Cascade Mountains located in you guessed it the state of Oregon.
  5. I can't wait for that day that Richardson finally sells that team to local investors, and the new ownership will make a massive makeover of their uniforms. The Panthers gray/white/white ranks right up there with the Cowboys dull white/seasick blue pants as the most boring away unis in football. I would be thrilled if they wear black or even silver pants with their white jerseys, but not happening while Grandpa Richardson is still calling the shots.
  6. Any word on the Ravens switching to the VT? I assume they would since they did that during their color rush game last year?
  7. Ripon makes a lot of jerseys for NFL and other pro sports teams. They do that for I believe at least half of the NFL teams. And they can easily create, Elite 51 flywire unis, and I do believe they will make a few VT unis for NFL and college teams. So I don't think they will have little or no difficulty making a VT for the Packers uniforms, probably easier than they do currently with their Reebok mesh jerseys.
  8. Because they wear the unis out on the field, and yes their opinions do weigh significantly because they play for the team. Matthews likes his jerseys stretched and that is why the Reebok template fit perfectly for him. If they go to the VT, that will not be the case, and its not just him as well. Packers feel they have a unique advantage (although I don't believe that) by wearing the old mesh jerseys, they feel they won't have that much advantage if they go to VT. The shareholders or for that matter customers that buy Packers jerseys would rather move on with the times and go right to VT. It will still be the SAME jersey. Gold, white, gold collars. Gold, white gold stripes on their sleeves. Only difference (albeit a slight one) is they will a diamond shape collar with the NFL logo, which will be difficult to see unless you squint your eyes and look hard enough on T.V. Too bad the players like Matthews feel "superstitious" and don't want to change with the times. Like I said in a couple of years the Packers will likely be the ONLY team (college, NFL, high school) to ever wear the old Reebok mesh style uniforms. That's a pity.
  9. Only way that will happened is that Clay Bennett sells the team to outside investors, but highly doubtful in the short term. With no current NBA teams considering relocation, expansion is Seattle's hope. But with competition with Louisville, Mexico City (head scratcher), Las Vegas, and with their current arena situation still unsettled it i NOT a "slam dunk" it could happen right away, if at all.
  10. I heard that Green Bay was on board going to switch to Vapor Template this season, but players like Clay Matthews III was against that move. I don't understand why. Their Vapor Template will NOT be that much different than their current look. Packers need to stop live in the past and start being on board with today's technology. Time to scrap the "Reebok" look. But as long as Matthews still wears the green and gold, it doesn't look like they will be switching to VT anytime soon.
  11. If the Seattle NHL franchise doesn't get the nickname, wouldn't be surprised the NBA does. Another good nickname, but should fit only to hockey.
  12. There is already a post called the "Seattle NHL Brand Discussion", so now I have decided to turn my attention to a possible NBA expansion franchise back to the Emerald City. When and if the NBA returns to Seattle, what do you think their nickname should be? As much as I like the Sonics nickname, I believe the city should retire that nickname just like Houston did to the Oilers nickname. I believe they should start fresh with a new nickname and identity. Here is a few that I can think of. Emeralds- keep the original colors (maybe a lighter shade of green) and a little gold or silver as a secondary color. Have their basketball logo look like an emerald diamond IMO. Mountaineers- Might sound like a corny nickname for a new NBA team, but I think it fits wells especially with Mount Rainier in the background. Have a brown color (could be the first NBA team to have brown as a color), and solid white, that is similar to the Cascade mountain range. Maybe a touch of yellow or silver/gray as a third color alternate. Flying or Fighting Fish- good nickname that is named after the Pike Place Market in Seattle. Use navy blue and silver as their colors, just like the Seahawks and Mariners already have. That is few I can think of on top of my head. Probably those nicknames probably won't fly, and the NBA will likely keep the Sonics name for Seattle. Any other suggestions would help. Hopefully the city can finally get an arena deal done, and bring the NBA (and the NHL) back to Seattle.
  13. Amen to that. I would love to see Nike go back to the Dri-Fit fabric they had during the early 2000s that was carried over when Adidas took over the hoops contract up until 2010. Those heavy set unis stood out more, and added more pop to a classic unis. But got that feeling Nike will add slim shoulders and add their "Vapor Untouchable" look like they already doing in the NFL and college sports. Add to that the ads on jerseys and I'm think it could be a train wreck. Hopefully I am wrong about this, but that is where we are heading towards.
  14. I am a little shocked a lot of schools are still switching to Adidas, despite their problems on how to design uniforms (and not just for football). But I guess the almighty dollar is too good to pass up, even if they don't look any better.
  15. I absolutely LOVED the 2002-10 Spurs jerseys. Nike and then later Adidas hit a homerun with these beautiful jerseys. Too bad by the 2010-11 season, Adidas butchered the Spurs jerseys by putting a "V" shaped neckline on their jerseys and used their "REV 30" garbage material on them (can't hardly read their NOB on their jerseys unless you have to squint your eyes doing so). Hopefully Nike will do a whole lot better, but not holding my breath due to the fact we are heading toward "ads on jerseys" era, which will be coming to all four major sports when its said and done.