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  1. I really want to know. Are all Nike schools going to switch to the Vapor template? I don't think they are going to stay with Flywire now. Guess we will find out in a few more weeks when schools start seeing players wearing jerseys during the school's media day, and more photos are going to leak.
  2. I am 1000% certain they will wear white their first two home games against the Bills and the Saints. My guess is that they will wear their alternate blues against the Falcons (Nov. 5 and I don't believe they ever worn the alts against Atlanta) and either Dec. 10 against the Vikings or the 17th against Green Bay. I believe it will be against the Vikes. And as a bonus, if the Panthers win the division and host at least one home playoff game, they will wear white!!
  3. You forgot to add the Cowboys from 1964 to the present. That I will NEVER understand!!! And don't forget the Falcons selected home games from the Reeves era from 1997-03, and they were now an indoor football team.
  4. They did. Ahem Super Bowl 48 celebration ring a bell!!
  5. We already have Michigan State-esque forest. The Green Bay Packers already have that covered. Like I said the Eagles midnight set is perfect and it actually starting to grow on me IMO. If any one needs to go kelly, it is the Jets. Can't think of any team other than them.
  6. 1997 vs Broncos, Raiders, and Eagles 1998 vs Carolina 1999 vs Ravens 2000 vs NYG and Carolina 2002 vs Cincinnati 2003 vs Vikings And on occasion, they wore WAH for preseason games as well.
  7. The only time the Seahawks wore WHITE at HOME, the Super Bowl 48 celebration. Unfortunately there was no game played that day.
  8. It should be a NO BRAINER that the Jets should go back to the 1978-97 unis. Kelly green helmets, kelly green jerseys, heck on occasion kelly green pants. They had as perfect a uniform as any NFL team can have. I rather have them go back to kelly green than the Eagles. The Eagles should stay with midnight green because its a unique color and they look better with it. However I am just in the minority on this.
  9. Oklahoma State unis took a major step backwards with these unis. Last year's unis were sweet, can't say that with the new ones.
  10. MLB: Late 70s to late 80s. Liked the pullover unis. NFL: Early to mid 70s especially when they add NOBs in the beginning. Also liked the late 90s-early 2000s era pre-alternate jerseys. NBA: Late 90s to 2010. Before Adidas ruin the unis with their Rev 30 material. Otherwise the dri-fit jerseys were perfecto. NHL: The present. Don't remember much about the 60s-80s era uniforms NCAA: The 80s through the mid 90s before Nike, Adidas, etc. put their brands on their jerseys, manufacturing companies like Champion made terrific uniforms and they were great looking jerseys. Too bad we can never go back to that era.
  11. Ahem, Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Texans home opener at NRG Stadium. Heck, even the Colts wear white for one preseason game at Lucas Oil Stadium. I believe these are a few teams right there that wear white at home indoors. There could be more I can think of, but for now those are the teams that I just mentioned.
  12. Can somebody explain why the Cardinals decide to wear white against Houston that year? It didn't make sense for them to wear it since never wore white before and since after when they moved to the Glendale Stadium?
  13. Maybe the Giants are going to surprise everyone by wearing these late 70s throwbacks against the Cowboys.
  14. I still think if any home team forces the Cowboys to wear the blue unis this season, it should be the Cardinals, Redskins, or even the Falcons. Because they have fared well against Dallas in the past wearing the whites. The Giants do not have the need to wear white against Dallas because the fact they play very well against them by just wearing the blue unis in the past, logically make sense for them not to wear white. And I believe they have won more over Dallas then they lost since they quit wearing white against Dallas at home since 1988.
  15. Ironic, the last time the Giants wore white at home, it wasn't against the Cowboys, but their home opener against Arizona Cardinals in 2000. I wish the Giants go back to the 2000 away uniforms, they are 10 times better than their current away version.