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  1. Alex Houston

    2018 MLB Season

    God, my cold take went from frigid to frozen. Just goes to show you kids, don't rush and post stupid things in Internet forums. Take your time and do your research. And according to Wikipedia - for what it's worth - they even have their own shade. Fascinating.
  2. Alex Houston

    2018 MLB Season

    Yknow I spent a good minute, trying to think of a recent team with a primary orange that won in my lifetime. Course I forget the glaringly obvious one. Way to botch it up, Houston.
  3. Alex Houston

    2018 MLB Season

    I liked you more when you were banned. Okay, that was mean, I take that back. But you're still full of crap. I'd take rings over "personality" any day. Back to the topic at hand, with the Brown, Orioles and Mets all sucked, maybe it's a sign that orange colored sports teams don't bring about much success.
  4. Alex Houston

    2018 MLB Season

    Oh go blow it out your ass already. Your team is probably gonna get at least one or two more before Rizzo and company get disbanded.
  5. Alex Houston

    2018 MLB Season

    If he was a devout Christian, they could change it to flaming crosses, to show how not only how pious he is but the hot streak he's on, striking out batters.
  6. Alex Houston

    Son Of FoxTrax: Enter the "LAXGLOBALL"

    McCarthy is right. If you 86 the chemtrails on the ball or puck, I think this is something that I'd stop paying attention to within a few games.
  7. Alex Houston

    The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    Let's not forget the man with the glass taint, Martin Havlat. God, what another waste of dollars and cents that never panned out to much of anything.
  8. Alex Houston

    Choking / Cursed Franchises

    I saw that but I wanted to focus on the next big three that I saw. But yes, Agent Orange is due for another one as well. You are correct and I apologize for the oversight.
  9. Alex Houston

    2018 NBA Post Season

    Y'know, I'm not going to take anything away from Golden State in the sense that they're talented, deserve the rings they have and will be seen as one of the best dynasties ever. You have to concede those points, regardless if you like them or not. However from an outside or neutral fan perspective, it's just not a compelling story. Even during the Lakers/Celtics dominance in the 80's and the Bulls in the 90's, at least the Finals match-up was slightly different some years with Houston and Philly getting involved in the 80's and a new team almost every year for Chicago. Sure the outcome in each case didn't change much, but at least there was a small degree of fluctuation, which made it more compelling for different fans. At this point, I really don't get how you argue that dynasties are good for sports, especially when this one is grossly one-sided and has become predictable for many of us, with little change in store on the horizon.
  10. Alex Houston

    Choking / Cursed Franchises

    Interesting how many of these titles and choker labels finally get shed as a franchise gets close to the 40 year drought mark. Well in hockey at least. For example: LA Kings: 45 years Blackhawks: 49 years Capitals: 44 years Bruins: 39 years Red Wings: 42 years The Rangers are an outlier at 54 but I think it's a fair point to make that once a franchise gets closer to four decades without a title, the magic seems to change. So with that in mind, Leafs, Blues and Canucks (50,50 and 47 respectively), the car is running.
  11. Youre right. It is stupid. But one day, one freaking day, for us at least, it won’t be. Thats what I tell myself at night.
  12. Glad to see another long suffering franchise finally break through the glass ceiling. Hopefully my guys can do it sometime soon. Enjoy it Caps fans. The feeling of being on top tends to flee too fast.
  13. Alex Houston

    2018 NBA Post Season

    Welp. Sorry Cavs fans. But hey, you still got 2016, so that’ll help you avoid Buffalo Bills classification amongst us other sports nerds.
  14. Some pennies about this series so far: - I'm not going to mince words. I'm jealous the Caps are in the prime spot to end their choker label. I was hoping my guys would be the next one's to finally shed it. That said, I will congratulate Caps fans and be genuinely happy for them should they close it out. But I do feel like I'll be joining Blues and Canucks fans as we sigh and wish it was our moment in the son. - I'm growing ever more annoyed at how Vegas decided now to look human. No, they couldn't do this a month ago when it could've helped the Sharks get back to the WCF to face the Jets. Sure, they probably lose that matchup too, but in the playoffs, you just have to get there and see what happens. So yea, thanks Vegas for deciding your second and third lines didn't need to do much anymore. You come this close to pulling off an unbelievable run, but end up crapping out in the 11th hour. Yknow what, that might be the making a new choker franchise. Way to go Knights! Keep on sucking that fat one!
  15. Ehhh. Europop has a time and a place, though I don't know if the retrospective for postseason sports is it. Feels more like a Fanta or sun tan lotion commercial thing.