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  1. Give it to both clubs, the Ducks for fighting back and the Preds for making them chase. Hell of a game.
  2. The Celtics might just become their own Jinderella.
  3. Good God Almighty.
  4. James Ellsworth is the new Hornswoggle. They even look the same in the face too.
  5. The only thing I really nitpick about the indies - or developmental, I suppose - is how premeditated the spots got. The one where DIY did a double sweet chin music to the guy holding the ladder by his head was way too delayed, as was the splash on the outside. I appreciate the athleticism, but I wish there was a more fluid approach to nailing spots, rather than an extra 30+ seconds of meandering and wailing lightly side to side in pain before hitting the next spot. Otherwise, solid program overall.
  6. Dang, I didn't even realize Game 5 was going on tonight. Regardless, good on you Preds. Close it out Monday and get to enjoy June hockey for the first time.
  7. C'mon Caps. Fight back somehow.
  8. Actually if I remember right, Pearce was in WWE as a jobber for a while then toured the indies for a bunch before retiring.
  9. I bet those slow ass Sharks are looking mighty good right now, aren't they Ducks fans? On a different note, I'm enjoying this southern fried hockey and intrigued to see if this rag tag group of Oilers can continue their timely scoring and ascent upward. On another different note, Kassian can still go piss up a rope, you stupid ass.
  10. Theyre the last team I like who hasn't won a title yet and all this blueballing has gotten me incredibly frustrated. If they were struggling around .500 all year, I wouldn't have cared as much. But that team, when healthier, should've beaten the Oil and at the very least, push the Ducks to a full series. I'm still annoyed at what happened but hey, you got to go through hell before you get to heaven. Also, I was out drinking fancy cocktails for my anniversary and that was when the fancy ethanol kicked in before bedtime.
  11. I knew it was gonna happen but it still sucks. God I hate this team sometimes. But whatever, get young and get speed because you old sacks of :censored: were way too :censored:ing slow the whole :censored:ing series and gave up breakaways all :censored:ing day. Release your stupid :censored:ing fan favorites and get young so you can compete a few years down the road. Or just keep suckin dick, who gives a :censored:? Stupid :censored:ing Sharks. Couldn't even keep the second round choker label around.
  12. The better team is going to move on between the Blues and Wild, which honestly surprises me. I would've never thought the Blues would look like a more solid opponent than the Sharks, Hawks or Wild in the West and we are.
  13. Thats such a true principle of life. Pens fans went 16 years between their 90s run and the intro to Crosby's reign. Sure, maybe some fans did savor it more since there were murmurs of relocation, but Pittsburgh has been relevant for the last ten years. In a just world, teams like the Jackets, Wild, Blues and Canes would get their moments in the sun and play meaningful hockey for a decade in late May and June. It's kind of true what they say, you don't know how well off you are until you see the plight of others.
  14. Probably the most accurate thing you've typed in this thread. Sharks are old tired bags of crap. Oilers will win either way and this kind of result will be the norm unless they jettison Thornton and Marleau and start bringing up more of the Barracuda kids.
  15. Wow. Just wow. Good. :censored: em.