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  1. Agreed. Even though San Jose got over their second round mountain-of-a-molehill, they still get lampooned for having all those chances and coming up short. The only thing that removes the chokers label is the other c-word: championships. Everything else is just argumentative gymnastics. What this point ultimately brings up however, and I still think this would make a great blog series or podcast, is a debate as to what defines a "choker." Obviously, a team who dominated in the regular season and burned out quickly in the postseason should count, but it seems like just an ongoing run of appearances also makes teams get the title. For example, the Sonics losing in '94 to the Nuggets could be seen as a chokejob, but I don't recall them being classified like that in the 15 years they existed after. On the other hand, a team like the Wizards has been the playoffs countless times, yet I doubt any hardcore NBA fan could say DC was "the team to beat" in the last 30+ years. So in this instance, I'd argue two things: One, the label of "choker" is season specific, not franchise specific. Two, a better term would be "underachiever" to define teams constantly in the mix, but never the front runner.
  2. Its a shame these Caps are gonna lose to Vegas in 6. I get a Nashville and San Jose feeling about this team. Prove me wrong District. Prove me wrong.
  3. I figured it probably didn't, mainly for the reasons you stated. Though I will say that if any other fan started to talk trash, I'd have to ask them to back up those criticisms with some tangible accomplishments from their squad. So yes, the 80s are long and dead but you have the proof something happened, which is in fact something.
  4. Let me ask you this: Considering your team has one of the greatest dynasties in the sport, is that any consolation to you and other Oiler fans when people try to talk trash about how crummy Edmonton has been for the most part in the last decade or so? I'd imagine being able to trump past accomplishments still overrides a lack of none, even if they were the ghosts of Messier past.
  5. Soooo...we're in agreement then, right? The Bolts don't have much more than the others, but they have an all important Cup banner that all of us would love to have. Either way, whoever comes out of that series I'm cheering for. The Knights and Jets can suck it.
  6. I know I should hate the Knights and a good part of me still does, but I just don't like the Jets either for some reason. I keep trying to put a finger on it but I can't. In other news, good going for Sharks East. I'd be happy if they can seal the deal and get Ovi that Cup he's been sorely missing.
  7. If I understand this correctly and you're a Sharks fan, I have to ask, did you really think they were beating the Jets/Preds *and* Knights considering they needed a hot Evander Kane just to secure that awesome #3 seed in the Pacific? I'm not saying this to try and sound like some snarky fan with revisionist history but this team finished were they needed to. They were a playoff team, not a championship team and that whimper of a third proved it. I hope DeBoer is on the hot seat next season because he seems like the kind of coach who can't seem to exploit the best possible match-ups, like having Ryan in place of Martin from the start of the series, not Game 4 and onward. Maybe the savior known as Johnny Tavares can help us.
  8. Good for Tampa. It'd be nice to see Caps/Bolts in the East since we're almost certain now to see Jets/Knights out West.
  9. No, no you wont. But hey, after the last two games, you got to be feeling a lot more optimistic about their chances. And then this game had to happen. Sure it aint over yet, but the Sharks are getting out-hustled and out-skilled right now. So lets regroup, make adjustments and force a game on Tuesday. Also this game reminds me a lot of the 2013 series versus the Kings and I got a bad feeling its gonna end the same way.
  10. Well that was a refreshing change of pace. Played well with speed throughout the game and didn't get complacent when the lead was 2-0 or even 3-0. I still think Vegas is getting the benefit of some soft calls at times, but I don't think it's as unreasonable as I would've seemed a few days ago in my mind with San Jose pulling this one out in seven. Just have to be Vegas in the compound with all their stupid dancing Rosebuds. Now Nashville, I'mma need you to ship up and even this thing out later on. Last thing we need is having the Jets on the runway for a WCF appearance. A tired opponent is a good opponent.
  11. Sharks should've won this, but damn penalties and a bit of luck swings the series back in Vegas' favor. At this point, they need to sit Martin and win Wednesday, otherwise the series is pretty much bagged.
  12. Sure it's a game, Mr. Noire, but as fans we still heff to be mad. If we weren't passionate about this, then why even bother watching and complaining about it to other sports nerds? I get annoyed mainly at two things in this series: One, DeBoer hasn't proved he can adjust well in a series, especially when he's beaten by speed. It doomed San Jose in 2016 and it's gonna do it again here. Sure, they ate crow once or twice during the regular season, like the 6-0 beatdown in Dallas on NYE, but if they lose tomorrow, I highly doubt they can take four of five versus this rag-tag group of Little Giants on ice in the desert. Secondly, and I know this is going to sound petty, but there's an undertone of gatekeeping and paying your dues here. I'm sure folks in St. Louis, Toronto and other markets who were cup starved for a while just hated Colorado's inaugural title and if this season plays out the same way, I'd expect the same response. It's only natural to have fans of teams who have suffered through disappointment and underachieving to be bitter seeing some new fans get to celebrate something that is annoyingly rare and stupidly hard to achieve. Suffice to say, yea, I'd be annoyed to see Vegas fans talk trash when they've been here 15 minutes. The concept of "earning it" is alive and real - shoot, look at the NFL Draft and how draftees say they want to "earn respect" - and while it seems unnecessary and petty, it shouldn't be surprising why myself and several other fans here and at large, want to see Cinderella get punched in the face a few times. Besides, Dante's Inferno says one of the levels of Hell is super cold and icy, so really, it'd be doing you a solid. YOU'RE WELCOME.
  13. It only took me one period to change from indifferent to disgruntled about the Golden Knights. To hell with this franchise and their fans. Bunch of bandwagoning pricks. Yea and your stupid "electro-drumline" thing is stupid and makes no goddamn sense.
  14. Vegas having unprecedented success is annoying but at the end of the day, someone has to step up and prove to be the better team. As of now, no one has done that. But just to bust Bucfan's chops a bit, I doubt the Sharks get "absolutely killed." Every game between the teams was a one goal contest. A bit of puck luck either way and Sharks would've taken 3 of 4. That being said, I think they really, really, no really, need to take one in Vegas. I highly doubt this team can beat the Knights four out of five times, even with decent depth and the emergence of 'Playoff Kane.' Heart wants to say Sharks in 6. Head says it's Knights in 6.