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  1. Looks like Hedley's wife is gonna see a solar eclipse and a full moon.
  2. Next time, try posting a thread about eating a whole bag of gumdrops in one sitting or being 'in phone' but not 'in phone.'
  3. Big Show + Big Cass = The Bigs. You're new face tag team. You're welcome Creative. By the way, did ya'll know Freddie Prinze Jr. once wrote for Creative? Yea, "She's All That" superstar Freddie Prinze Jr. once worked for Vincent Kennedy. Look it up if you don't believe me! On a more serious note, Corey Graves has grown on me to be a good quasi-heel on the mic, yet this whole strange text messaging thing he has going on is kind of annoying me. My fiancee commented on it too last night, so I'm intrigued to see where this angle eventually leads.
  4. As the match goes on, it looks like Brock Lesnar's head is starting to swell due to a couple bee stings. Changing gears, Enzo looks more and more like a jobber to the rise of 'Evil Cass.' I forget who said it on this thread a while back, but he really does have that muscular "skinny fat" look going on, similar to Corbin. He either needs to bulk up a bit or change up his gear to change him up visually or help cover some of his physique.
  5. You really missed a good Marlboro Man moment. Just make sure to get some western clothes soon.
  6. Sorry, I meant Mel Brooks.
  7. That's a good point though I believe the guy interviewed in The Tenessean said he had it outside of his compression shorts. Perhaps grinding it up into dog food or compost would be better. At the end of the day, it was a pretty damn good series, though sadly the same team caught the breaks when they needed to. I suppose there's enough credit to give, to Pittsburgh for fighting through it and to Nashville for failing to execute. So in essence, yes the Pens benefitted from bad calls and also yes the Preds should've fought through it. This is a case when both those truths can be valid.
  8. Well, I suppose they could wear any color, as long as it ain't red 😏 Also so do we know what they do with the fish they take off the ice? Seems like a waste of protein to just throw it away. Might as well May some catfish poppers and sell them later in the game.
  9. Things are getting a little salty between Admiral and the Predators.
  10. Man and I thought I felt bad the way the Sharks went out. I feel for you Preds fans. That's a rough meatball to swallow.
  11. Whatever West, Mel Blanc and Dick Van Dyke are taking, I need to get on that diet.
  12. That doesn't strike me as apples to apples since LBs are designed to provide extra run protection after the line, hence "linebacker." Sure, give credit to the Warriors for drafting and crafting a team who can adapt to different positions without much problem, but when the winning team of the series has averaged 123 points in the last three games, it feels more like an all star game level battled, not one where teams are making good defensive adjustments. Once again, just my preference.
  13. *shrugs* I'd like to see a game where the bigs don't get exploited as much to defend the smalls around the perimeter, then lose them as they charge into the paint or kick it back out for another three. I don't think Finals games averaging 110+ points a game is as indicative of better play, as it is of bad defensive schematics. I'd like to see the NBA do away with the corner three and maybe expand the arc a bit but that's sidetracking the thread. Suffice to say, I'm not a fan of three pointers replacing jump shots.
  14. The small ball approach that has lead to this scoring onslaught is the NBA equivalent of climate change. You can keep pretending it's not a problem but the sooner we address it, the better off we'll be.
  15. I'm thoroughly convinced Morgo and SabresRule are the same poster. You'd be hard pressed to convince me otherwise. As for the game, if Nashville can make it respectable and lose by 2, instead of 5, I think they enter Game 6 with a better mentality to hold serve at home and steal Game 7 on the road, like these very Pens did in '09. If not, I suspect they lose a hard fought game, something like 3-2 and the Internet collectively tells Pittsburgh fans to go blow it out their asses.