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  1. We make lots of bad jokes at our drunken neighbors expense. I apologize that my inner 12 year old found it funny and others didn't get it or think it was funny. Let's get back to the topic at hand which is a well executed logo. Hopefully the uniforms will be as excellent in execution as this logo is
  2. lbj273

    Fixing Minnesota Baseball (Twins and Saints)

    The red wordmarks are much better than the blue imo. The blue marks make the overall uniform too dark with the blue pinstripes (thank you for bringing these back).
  3. Drop a couple letters from the name and you get a NSFW category.
  4. lbj273

    2019 MLB Changes

    I would assume that if they had pinstripe pants to wear with the brown alternate jersey, the standard road jersey would also feature pinstripes which is a good look that I really miss as a Twins fan and thus hope is true for the Padres.
  5. As a Minnesotan I have to bite my tongue about the obvious joke with the name and acknowledge that this is a very nice logo for a soccer team.
  6. Memphis' primary shouldn't have any bearing on what Orlando's clash jersey is since Orlando's primary jersey of white has sufficient clash with Memphis' primary color.
  7. lbj273

    Lawsuit Can Proceed for Owners of St Louis Rams Merchandise

    Yeah this case has no real merit and it would set a very dangerous precedent. I'll be shocked if this doesn't get thrown out rather quickly.
  8. lbj273

    NFL changes 2019

    The Vikings don't belong on this list since they are a state branded team that plays in the state, unlike the Jets/Giants. And they haven't played in Bloomington in nearly 40 years since they moved into the Metrodome in 1982. Likewise the Patriots also don't belong on this list as the "New England" area is one that comprises of an area in the country consisting of Maine, Vermont, new Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island not specifically the Boston area.
  9. lbj273

    MLB officially partners with Nike

    With the camera baseball is broadcast on TV with the swoosh is less obtrusive on the chest than it would be on the sleeves
  10. lbj273

    Twins' new alternate uniform

    As long as it brings back pinstripes, preferably both home and road I could get on board with the retro script.
  11. lbj273

    Twins' new alternate uniform

    Drop the gold and it's an ok look although still inferior to the previous blue alternate jerseys that have used
  12. lbj273

    2019 MLB Changes

    Is all that's changing this season the size of the D on the hat? Or are they also going back to the old mismatched hat/jersey D's?
  13. lbj273

    College Football Uniforms - 2019

    Drop the black off the Green jersey and it was perfect
  14. lbj273

    MLB officially partners with Nike

    Yet Nike is able to make the "proper gold" for other teams, maybe the change in yellow is a Lakers thing not a Nike one.
  15. lbj273

    Twins' new alternate uniform

    Flip the red and blue on the script and add pinstripes and you have a beautiful Twins identity that maintains their history while being modern. There's a reason the Metrodome era look is so beloved here, we won 2 World Series in that look and those are the last titles the state has won in any of the major 4 sports.