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  1. Who knew the absence of two letters on the jersey would bug me so much.
  2. If the wordmark and numbers were yellow there that would be a gorgeous uniform. Very likely that I'm in the unpopular opinion side of things, but the front chest logo rather than a wordmark has always looked amatuerish to me and has bugged me more than how arrogant Curry and Thompson have gotten after that first "Splash Brothers" season when the nation/media fell in love with them
  3. Why did the NHL switch away from white jerseys at home? I prefer the white at home for hockey not because of seeing other teams colors, it's moreso that teams white jerseys tend to be the better set to me.
  4. The current set needs the Run TMC wordmark on the front instead of the logo and I'd agree, but as is it's in the bottom tier of looks in the league in my opinion.
  5. Black is in the logo thus a team color, and this was also an alternate before Color Rush was a thing
  6. Wow that number font is horrendous. Ruins an otherwise great upgrade for Pitt.
  7. I always found Mall of America Field at the Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome to be funny purely based on how much of a mouthful it was
  8. The black look more like dark gray to anyone else? Didn't look like they had green socks on with that set either which is disappointing. Overall I like them though. Looks sharp with white pants but the green pants need white socks
  9. Make the facemask white and drop the black outline on the numbers and I quite like it
  10. Or they could have skipped the god awful purple pants completely. The purple pants and black facemask are the two biggest problems with the Vikings uniforms imo.
  11. The leaked photo can be both real and not the uniforms unveiled tomorrow. The Jets very well could have done photo sessions with mockup uniforms to aid in their decision on design choices.
  12. Reminds me of the NBA All Star game in LA
  13. Watching some streams of MLB The Show and the Marlins unis don't look very good in the game.
  14. I love the idea of Robo-Eagle but that logo could definitely use some cleaning up. You're killing these concepts still though! Good work man!
  15. I don't think the Browns should wear brown pants period. White pants primarily with orange pants on the road a few times a year would be my ideal look for them