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  1. bbush24

    Yet Another Signature Thread

    Indians Home White Browns Color Rush, #6 Cavaliers Gold Checkerboard 70's Throwback, #23 Ohio State Football Scarlet (the throwback with the gray sleeve stripes if you can), #7 Ohio State Basketball Gray 90's Throwback, #22 Grizzlies Light Blue, #11
  2. bbush24

    Learning Sports Design

    Thanks, I appreciate your feedback and agree with all of it.
  3. bbush24

    Learning Sports Design

    So this is a pretty broad question and I'm not sure if this is even the right forum to post this in, but I'm a very beginner in sports design and I'm just looking for ways to get better. I've tried looking for tutorials, but they all seem to be from people who are good, but not great. I'm getting ready to graduate with a degree in digital media, but that includes a lot of video and some photography, so I've only taken a couple graphic design classes, and they were pretty broad and basic. Video is my first love and what I planned on doing post-college, but I found that I really enjoy doing graphic design as well, but I'm kinda running out of time to learn it. Are there classes I should take or good tutorials online somewhere? I'm just kinda lost and looking for any type of help. I just opened Illustrator/Photoshop for the first time this past summer and made a few things (this is not to show them off, I know they're not that good, it's just to give some context to where I'm at.) If anyone could give me any help/answers/advice at all it would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!
  4. bbush24

    Instant Classic (Uniform Disaster)

    Ohio State-Michigan 2016 overtime game. The helmets
  5. bbush24

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

    I realize that most Browns fan have nostalgia for the original team before the move to Baltimore. But as a 22 year old, the first few years of the expansion Browns is what does it for me. Probably has something to do with not making the playoffs for the past 15 years. But something about the orange pants and white face masks just takes me back. I missed these uniforms even from '06 - '14. Little did I know that I would soon miss them much MUCH worse.
  6. bbush24

    Unpopular Opinions

    Base layer color is often overlooked but can make a massive difference in the overall look of a uniform
  7. bbush24

    NBA 2k17 custom covers

    I would love one with Mo Williams with three pictures like the Lowry one. Two from this year and one from his last stint with the Cavs in the old uniforms.
  8. bbush24

    Sports wallpapers

    Can you do the Indians one with Chief Wahoo instead of the block C
  9. bbush24

    Sports Silhouette Wallpapers

    I would love Michael Brantley with "Dr. Smooth" in it, thanks.
  10. bbush24

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Torry Holt
  11. bbush24

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Jamal Lewis on the Browns
  12. bbush24

    MLB Changes 2015

    Irish Heritage Night