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  1. Figured I'd throw it out there. I took another look at Wichita and I forgot that the city has less than 700,000 people. So, yeah, probably wouldn't be a good fit. Tulsa or Oklahoma City might be more realistic, though.
  2. I like Defenders because The Alamo and I agree that Marshals is too similar to Cowboys despite my previous comment.
  3. Wichita seems like a better candidate for a pro team than Huntsville or Des Moines at least. Plus, it would be the only team in the state along with forming a triumvirate rivalry between it, Kansas City and St. Louis.
  4. Speaking of the Angels, the LA Angels' Father's Day uniforms look awfully familiar.
  5. I think the Claymores will be the closest we'll get to that. A Norfolk/Hampton Roads PHL team OTOH, definitely piques my interest. Especially considering how there was almost an NHL team there in real life:
  6. Quebec Citadelles Las Vegas Stars Milwaukee Marauders Portland Lumberjacks Utah Swarm
  7. Personally, I think the San Antonio Sheriffs/Lawmen would work. Still has that western vibe and the logo wouldn't have to be altered much.
  8. Canadian: Quebec City American: Milwaukee Salt Lake City Shreveport Portland EDIT: Edited to 1 Canadian city and 4 American Cities.
  9. I can only hope that Cleveland's minor league affiliate is in Erie. And called the Penguins per the Windsor Wings existing at that level.
  10. Loved seeing Kansas City win their first playoff series. Chicago is just too powerful and it wouldn't shock me if the Shamrocks sweep Montreal and it wouldn't shock me if Montreal won in 5. Quick question: How did Montreal get home-ice advantage against Toronto even though Toronto had the higher seed?
  11. Looks like we finally made it. The Twisters will probably lose in 6, but just getting there is an accomplishment for now. Also a lot of interesting 1st Round Matchups: New York-Long Island, Montreal-Quebec, Boston-Philadelphia and Chicago-Milwaukee stand out in particular. It's a shame the Claymores are leaving. It's an even bigger shame that they went out with a whimper. Thanks Darryl Bett- I mean Byrd will probably be the mildest response from Halifax. EDIT: Also, noticed that all 3 teams who changed their logos made the playoffs. Obviously a coincidence, but I find it interesting.
  12. Considering that they'd be relocating from Nova Scotia to New Orleans, maybe Acadians/Cajuns might be a fitting name?
  13. So close yet so far, Twister. There's always next year. Same goes for Miami. They're really coming together at an even faster rate than the Twisters are. Give it 5 years and they may have more success in the playoffs than the Twisters will. An Edmonton-Philadelphia Final would have the best plot, that's for sure.
  14. Congratulations! Do what you need to do.
  15. I'd like to think that all of America were glued to ABC that weekend based on the quality of those games in the AFA Universe. That being said, what would the likelihood be of Baltimore trying to exploit Colorado's superstition about wearing blue in the playoffs like how many teams have done hosting the Cowboys? EDIT: As for who I want to win? Pretty much this all the way. Let's go (Baltimore) Royals!