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  1. Red Comet

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    And they were in Missouri at the time.
  2. Red Comet

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    New Orleans 38, Los Angeles 21 Kansas City 27, New England 24
  3. Red Comet

    NFL Playoffs Thread

  4. [Sees the Twisters record] OOF Here's hoping there is a phenom worth the Number 1 pick. Congrats on Houston, though. Would love to see them make some noise.
  5. Red Comet

    NFL Playoffs Thread

    If it makes you feel better, the Pats barely beat the Chiefs in Foxboro when they last played. Mahomes was jittery in the first half due to this being his first huge primetime game. This time its at Arrowhead and the Patriots are sub-.500 on the road.
  6. Pekka Rinne is too good. Buffalo Buffalo is hilarious.
  7. Red Comet

    Introducing the Alliance of American Football

    XFL has $500,000,000 in capital. Losses on his only season of the original XFL after adjusting for inflation was around $57,000,000. Assuming similar and even mounting losses, that capital should last 5 years. Only the AAF might survive that long and I honestly foresee a merger down the line that might turn into the NFL's minor league. I know college is right now, but I wonder how long they can go without directly and openly compensating their players financially? Could be something to pay attention to as well.
  8. Red Comet

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    They're gunning for Trevor Lawrence. Very slim (probably none tbh) chance of it working, but crazier stuff has happened. Or, they could snag some of the talent that would normally be UDFAs after the NFL Draft. Would actually be a better product than the original XFL.
  9. San Jose, Dallas, Nashville and Tampa Bay would like a word for a moment.
  10. I can't say what's worse, getting btfo'd in your first 2 Victory Bowls or losing a heartbreaker like that? Poor Houston, but Cincinnati is finally living up to being a dynasty. If only Detroit and Cincinnati could meet in a Victory Bowl.
  11. Already a team called the Arizona Firebirds.
  12. As far as the Rebels name goes, how do the people in Atlanta/fans of the team feel about the name? I get the feeling that a lot of fans might be very defensive about the name due to feeling like "another Yankee attack on our culture" but that's my two cents on it.
  13. I don't know if this is a question for you or Veras but does the AFA have a blackout policy like the NFL did?
  14. Name: Kent Clarkson Age: 31 Occupation: Sports Reporter for the Boston Globe Favorite Driveball team: Boston Unicorns Rules: I would favor rules that increase the offense in the game. Get the interest of the fans due to increased excitement. Tour: Against at the current moment. Maybe in a decade but driveball is a niche sport in the US much less any other country Minor League System: For it. Could be a good way to find future pro markets.
  15. Have the Suns even won a playoff game? I don't recall them doing so but I could be wrong.