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  1. Dallas Cowboys going dark at home?

    probably because it looks to much like the Oilers
  2. More revisionist history

  3. More revisionist history

    I think the way NFL handle the Browns was good. I wonder if people who dislike it would like it better had the NFL made Modell release all the players and had an expansion draft for the Ravens and given them the 1st overall pick in 1996.
  4. Where's the $3?

    I think it was for $3.27.............the interest really added up
  5. LA Angels 1965 in season name change

    thanks those may just be the home jerseys. I think they may have used "Los Angeles" on the road jerseys base on google searches
  6. So in Sept 1965 when the LA Angels decided to change the name to California for the rest of the 1965 season (not sure why they didn't just finish out the season as LA). Did they change their road jerseys and hats ?
  7. NBA G-League Still Needs to Expand

    what will happen to Sioux Falls? I would think at some point Miami will want a team closer to Miami
  8. Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LI

    if they went with the 2 helmets end zones they should put denver on the left as the home team
  9. Renaming the Big Ten

    Big Ten and Friends or Big Ten and Others
  10. have the Lakers ever retired 99 for George Mikan?
  11. NFL 2020: AFC West

    The NFL celebrated its 50th in 1969 and 75th in 1994 so would expect the 100th to be in 2019
  12. San Francisco 49ers Concept

    maybe a red facemask ???? please
  13. Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LI

    Super Bowl 26 sorry not able to post links for some reason looking at youtube video on super bowl 26 by a pixocas carocaro at approx. 59 19 there appears to be a thin line of green turf behind the bills endzone before the metrodome "dirt" starts
  14. Teams In The Wrong Stadium

    The Argos didn't have access to skydome at the beginning of the CFL season due to the Pan-Am games, so they had to schedule a lot of home games late in the season