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  1. any USFL fields updates in the works thanks

    1. SFCOM1


      I am trying. I work for the Home Depot Phone center as an inbound phone associate, and with the curent situation with the corona virus crap it has been super busy due to the excedingly large call volume.


      I hope to get some time in the near future, so the USFL Fields Dayabase will be completed.





    2. smith03




  2. just wondering if we would get to see some more USFL fields ..great work
  3. Cool work I notice the the extra point hash mark is missing near the left (Stars) end zone
  4. Don't forget the Astros and Brewers
  5. great except the black stripe on the purple ones
  6. the image for the SB 52 will need to be updated to show NE's box on top and Phil on the bottom
  7. It is interesting that for the Bengals (16 and 23) they put the A over the stripes instead of a plain orange helmet
  8. It would be nice if they went back to the double helmet end zones
  9. I like you updated the basketball to the modern day style 8 panels
  10. probably because it looks to much like the Oilers
  11. I think the way NFL handle the Browns was good. I wonder if people who dislike it would like it better had the NFL made Modell release all the players and had an expansion draft for the Ravens and given them the 1st overall pick in 1996.
  12. I think it was for $3.27.............the interest really added up
  13. thanks those may just be the home jerseys. I think they may have used "Los Angeles" on the road jerseys base on google searches