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    I know that there are several nfl prototype helmets out there and I am trying to collect pictures of them. If you know of any please help me out. Here is what i have so far: Minnesota Vikings: Atlanta Falcons: New Orleans Saints:
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    Well, some of you may remember the simple N circle logo that I created for J. Nutini Design. If you're one of those who doesn't, here it is! Pretty simple and straightforward. I kinda like it (although I always think my work could be better). Well I've been doodling this a lot lately and decided to make it into an additional logo to go alongside my n circle. So without further ado, i present to you... ME! In line form. Now I tried to make it represent me the best that I could. Other than my singing, I'm known for my goatee and my eyebrow raises, so i threw those suckers in there (of course). I don't really know where to take it from here, or what could make it better, so some C&C would be lovely.
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    Well considering Italy won a World Cup by diving, you shouldn't have been pissed off at all since you should've expected it. (Seriously, they had to dive in that game against Australia or that would've been curtains.) But anyways, good for UEFA for at least acknowledging that there's a problem when it comes to that type of stuff. I wish a certain basketball league stateside would do the same.
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    Would you consider putting a Blue Note under the script on the 3rd jerseys like the mid 80s Blues jerseys did? -Dan
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    Oh no! Brett Favre may have a cracked rib.
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    That Niners prototype is horrible! I?d possibly consider switching teams if they ever wore those suckers!
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    Man, I really love that font used on "Saints" on the St.Paul jersey. -Dan
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    check out what that genius logoman has done:
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    Yep. I'm sure this is exactly what the Buffaloes looked like back in the day -- With the "CU" collar patch, contrasting jersey panels, and a Nike swoosh on the front.
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    I take it the faint contrasting panels are meant to replicate the leather strips sewn onto jerseys in the '20s and '30s, right?
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    I can seriously see this in the NFL. The logos and uniforms fit in perfectly and I'm sure this would work just fine for a real NFL team. Nice work!
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    There is a team in our fantasy league called the 47's, with the Alien theme. This logo is lightyears ahead of the 47's primary though. Great Work!
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    Albuquerque Invaders - For Albuquerque I went with a fairly local theme. The Roswell legend associated with Aliens exists a little farther southeast of Albuquerque, but I figured I would still go with that identity. Of course, Invaders implies Aliens. I knew green would be a color, b/c we associate that with aliens primarily. I then used a darker shade of green and a green-blue as the other colors. The logo is just an alien head, and the reflection on the head is intended to show the lights of a spaceship hovering overhead. The mouth area is supposed to resemble a football. The wordmark is intentionally very boxy, with streaks coming out to mimic lighting from a spaceship. The uniforms feature interchangable jerseys, pants, and socks. The number font is custom as well. **Update 8/31** - I changed all silver on the uniform to white and added an alternate logo Hope you enjoy! ---------------------------- -----------------------------
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    I've got a font which is kinda close to what the Jets use called UniversalHwy, but you've gotta mess with the bold and italics to get it similar to the Jets' style -- So yeah, it's definitely not exact.
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