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  1. I hate the Bucks' new stuff, absolutely hate it. The font looks like a child trying to draw athletic block from memory without understanding it past "there aren't curves." Dark green, royal blue, and black don't look great together, throw in the cream and they're Ye Olde Devil Rays. I hate the logo, this tweet sums it up: The last set wasn't perfect, but the color scheme was. But that's okay, because you should be able to keep a color scheme and come up with new logos. The Bucks did it the other way in 2006, changing their colors back to the original green and red but keeping the deer-in-headlights logo.
  2. Hear me out on this one: there's something to be said for a set that's modern not in terms of being over-the-top goofy but just in breaking conventions of hockey design: all vertical elements instead of stripes, black sweaters with non-black helmets and shorts. A middle finger to all things "Original Six Dress-Up" seems fitting for this team and their small but perpetually aggrieved fanbase. The Picassoyote set, when you get down to it, was a contrived version of the Penguins' and Panthers' sets from the same time: angled shoulder yoke, angled sleeve stripes, matching hem stripe. This set doesn't owe much to anything before it, as best I can tell. Of course, I'd have used the normal howling coyote on the front and not that stupid running one, and I'd think about Industria for names and numbers instead of Friz Quadrata + Impact (real nuts and gum there), but the fundamentals of this alternate were highly underrated.
  3. Oh and I forgot, one of the worst things about the Hurricanes being good again is the rehabilitation of Don Waddell, who was Dixieland Bob Pulford in terms of being the incompetent babysitter for uninterested-to-malevolent ownership and who had just as much a role in the Thrashers' failure as AOL pretending to buy Time Warner or dumb businessmen arguing about Joe Johnson. Here's a guy was so worthless that when True North bought the team, I don't think they issued a press release announcing his firing, everyone just took it on faith that they'd move the office furniture up north but still leave him. He should have been, like Pulford, out of hockey forever. Now he's a genius because Bryan Bickell had undiagnosed multiple sclerosis and so the Hurricanes got a free Teuvo Teravainen. Man, whatever.
  4. Even Nashville was teetering on the edge in 2007 and would have been bound for Waterloo or Hamilton had the league not thrown a fit about it. I don't know how they suddenly became The Model Organization the way they did, considering it was Poile and Trotz from day one and their years of Pretty Good I Guess from 2003-2011 never stirred a love affair in the city. Then they started wearing yellow at home, Shea Weber punched Henrik Zetterberg in the head, and suddenly they were the greatest thing that ever happened to sports. Probably would have been advantageous for the NHL to have had all that happen in Atlanta instead of Nashville and just not bothered with the two small southeastern markets but it didn't. Ah well.
  5. I don't think they would have been bold enough at the time to use grey as a base color. Probably would have been plain old black.
  6. Ideal Winnipeg Jets color scheme up there, actually.
  7. Black helmet, red sweater, red breezers, beige socks? That's all over the place. Try red-black-red-black. I like the idea of the Coyotes using a little purple to tie them in with the Suns and because no one is using purple in the NHL anymore (far cry from the 2004 NBA when like a third of the league was purple). Could probably lose the shoulder yokes, I don't think they add much here.
  8. He (you?) had a good point here: I'm not so sure about the color-theory talk (what good does it do to say "ah, clear employment of split-complementary distribution" if a lack of clarity is the problem?), but the part about no clear hierarchy and too many low-value shades is right on and echoes what we've said here for years. I really like the idea of the bright turquoise, because for all the talk about '90s nostalgia in fashion and design, what the '96 set really did was presage the dark, grim, earth-toned trend of the 2000s. It's of a kind with the midnight-copper Oilers, Motre Bame Brewers, and St. Louis Rams, not the Charlotte Hornets, Sharks, Mighty Ducks, or Vancouver Grizzlies. It's not expansion Diamondbacks, it's alternates-from-a-few-years-in Diamondbacks. So if you want to capitalize on all things '90s and follow current trends, the way to do that is to keep the more daring aspects of the original design, but embrace louder colors. This would do that.
  9. The Celtics use the same Futura Black that the Raiders do in a lot of applications, I'm surprised they never went ahead and used it on the primary. Probably one of those tweaks where the only people who would notice right away would get mad about it.
  10. The revisionist history around these sweaters is wild. I remember much of this board being glad that Gretzky went to more traditional uniforms. Granted, it was 2003, kind of a dark age for sports design, in retrospect, but still. I'm sure I could dig up lots of threads here that persuasively lay out all the flaws to the 1996-2003 set, but I think I'd have a harder time finding much "these uniforms were masterpieces and never should have been changed one stitch," which has suddenly become the prevailing opinion about a team that functionally had no color scheme you could refer to off the top of your head. But I could be wrong. I don't know. I'm very lazy.
  11. We talk a lot about douchebags who would buy Irish-themed Celtics jerseys, but man, think of the douchebags who would buy Italian-themed Celtics jerseys.
  12. Right right right, the Dub, the O, and the Q. I like that, but I think one league demands the one-letter nickname more than the other two, no?
  13. When you have a name that's so unwieldy in two languages that it goes by one letter, then yes. There's also an argument for using a different color than the OHL's shade of blue, but that's tough because Quebec should have dibs on blue. I do like the idea of the three component leagues of the CHL being color-coded.
  14. I think it's pretty bad. The LHJMQ/QMJHL is referred to, for obvious reasons, as <<le Q>> or "the Q." Why, then, would you make the most important letter in the abbreviation read even less as a Q than it already did? This looks like an O that happens to connect to the underline, or maybe a lowercase g. I've always dug the Q's logo for making a hockey skate out of all those letters, but if you're going to redesign it, go all out and build around a letter Q.
  15. Imagining Ryan Lambert and all the other lame-ass do-gooders pulling the whole "your team is really the Thrashers, how dare you" shtick on a new Nordiques team, demanding they honor Patrik Stefan instead of Peter Stastny and Michel Goulet, and just getting a barrage of inscrutable Catholic terminology shouted at them
  16. I don't remember all the details, but I think the glitch with Houston was always that the old Rockets owner had the master lease to the Toyota Center and wasn't thrilled about hosting an NHL counterpart to the Rockets and cannibalizing the market. That was the same problem the NHL had with Seattle, except Seattle had the hilarious subterfuge of the Supersonics owner preparing an expansion bid himself just to cancel it and block anyone from doing it in good faith. Of course, Houston would have had all of Atlanta's problems -- large minority population, lots of transplants with unshakable loyalties, suburbanites who don't like to drive into the city for events because the traffic is insane -- but worse, so it's just as well.
  17. You're playing with Pointless Realignment Outpost fire here, bucko.
  18. Where would they play? Not Phillips, ASG ran the arena and wanted more lucrative events on the calendar than hockey. Would the league have stuck them in Gwinnett's ECHL barn as a lame-duck team to keep them out of Quebec? Would they have paid exorbitant rent to ASG to compensate them for losing the shows they wanted to replace the Thrashers with? How much money would they have lost on that proposition, and what do you sell an asset like that for when you so clearly want the other person to buy it more than they do? I really don't know. They would have made money selling to Quebecor (think the $60MM "relocation fee" but bigger, plus eventually the market would do as well as or better than Winnipeg) but suffered a public relations black eye in having to "retreat" at a time when the American economy was not great, and then had to deal with a blowhard owner, a crumbling arena, and a French media market. It really would have been fascinating, but for the libertarians of convenience of the suburban American Southwest.
  19. That's the million dollar question! And I tend to think the answer would have been 'no.' Spring of 2011, there were not yet shovels in the ground for the new arena, and I don't even think the financing plan had been confirmed -- there was a lot of wrestling over how much the province would/could take on. With that in mind, it's hard to see the league agreeing to use the Colisee with no end in sight. Even four years, which is what it would have turned out to be, would have been a lot to ask. I don't think the joint ever had air conditioning. I know Quebecor did some work on the place, but I think that amounted to the same work TNSE did on the MTS Centre, which was upgrading the media infrastructure and some light cosmetic stuff (and was what tipped people off that someone was coming up), not a massive renovation. Also, while the power brokers have been on good terms with Thomson and Chipman (save for the time they were feelin' themselves too much, tried to extort too high a "relocation fee," and got peckerslapped for their troubles), I don't think they ever warmed up to P-K Peladeau and Quebecor, and certainly not whoever Kevin O'Leary was rounding up to put a team in Quebec (I think Bettman damn near hung up on him). From everything I've read, the league never liked the way the Quebecor people conducted business, which is to say a lot less discreet and tight-lipped than the league likes. Call it a cultural gap, I guess. Whenever Quebec City comes up, we hear a lot about what a friend Marcel Aubut is to Bettman and Bill Daly, but that's cheap talk; Aubut was the bumbling figurehead of a rickety consortium who sold the Nordiques to American interests and got the league out of a market they wanted to get out of anyway, so why wouldn't they be nice to him? He was always small-time. Inducting a, uh, comment dit-on, big personality like Peladeau into their ranks probably wasn't appealing. Oh, and he's a separatist. So if it were Quebec or nothing, I think there's a good chance they choose nothing. That's what they went on to do for the expansion bid!
  20. I remember that day well! I watched the press conference and everything. The Thrashers were nothing but trouble from day one. Their expansion fee gobbled up WCW's revenue at the only time in history that WCW actually made money, Turner didn't seem to care much about having a team beyond saying he had a team, they got lost in the AOL Time Warner merger from hell, Atlanta Spirit never wanted them, and then kicked them out when they were all suing each other over signing Joe Johnson and realized there was no reason for this team to waste 40+ arena dates. Everything about this team was always so desultory and half-hearted, which is to be expected when you're part of a too-big-for-its-own good conglomerate or the throw-in to some guys who wanted a basketball team. But when you consider the NHL was in Atlanta because Fox Sports had a ten-ton bug up its ass about getting into Atlanta and other big American markets, it makes sense. This wasn't about Ted Turner or someone having some singular vision of hockey greatness, there was no grassroots drive for a team, it was television executives and bean counters insisting that the league had to be in a big TV market because it's big. But if you want to do alternative history, I'll play. The best-case scenario I could see for the Thrashers would be getting snatched up by Liberty Media, maybe with Tom Glavine as a minority investor and figurehead "owner," and getting moved out to Cobb County to play in a new arena in the Braves' development, at which time they really start to market themselves as a team for suburban (read: white) Atlanta. It's a compelling what-if, but the problem is the timing. Glavine was sniffing around the Thrashers in 2011, but it was pretty well understood that he and whoever his partners were didn't really have the money, same with everyone else in town who was feigning interest in buying the team at the eleventh hour. And as we all remember, the Thrashers' situation was not the excruciatingly protracted soap opera that the Coyotes had: we hit "yeah there might be some real problems here" in February, "this team doesn't have a place to play anymore" in mid-May, and "they moved to Winnipeg" like two or three weeks later. The Braves didn't get rolling on their souped-up office park for another two or three years. There just wasn't any interest in buying the Thrashers and building a second full-size arena in metro Atlanta, certainly not in the wake of the financial crisis, or someone would have. I also think an Atlanta NHL team would have to be a regional team like the Braves are, which is to say no Raleigh or Nashville getting in the way. I alluded to it in another thread a while ago, but the really compelling what-if is if in 2011, Glendale City Council breaks the wrong way and decides they're done paying "arena management fees" or whatever the taxpayer bailouts were called. I'd have to check the timeline to remember exactly how it all went down, but if the bottom dropped out on the Thrashers well after the council vote, the league would have been in a real mess, because no Atlanta buyers would have been options and the only other interested party I remember at the time was Quebecor, which was in the process of sprucing up the Colisee just in case anyone might need it. Would the NHL have let two Sun Belt teams move to Canada in the same summer? Would they have given up the Phoenix fight just to go to court and fight for Atlanta? or would they have just folded the team and played with 29 for a year while slapping together an expansion team for their white whale, Houston?
  21. The Sharks have that shark secondary (which,by the way, I think is a terrible way to do a secondary: that doesn't supplement the primary, it provides an alternative), so I think they have been flirting with completely replacing the chomping shark. I'm not a fan of it. The Sharks have to have a little of that Charlotte Hornets '90s kitsch in their DNA, the new shark could just be for any team anywhere from any time.
  22. I think the stick needs to resemble a wooden stick in order to read as one here, being chomped and splintering like this. It's no fun if it's a composite stick!
  23. I tried to split the difference between Sharks primaries a while ago:
  24. I would whittle it down to black, red, tan, and purple on the uniforms, and even that's still a little busy. Dark green, dark red, and black all touching was probably the biggest flaw of the original set, second was those dark green shoulder yokes.
  25. It goes in cycles, currently, the hockey community only jerks itself off over southern teams, so *blows raspberry and farts at the same time*