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  1. Damn...I thought they were gonna bust out Oilers throwback jerseys.... (I kid, I kid)
  2. Right? Who in LA would care to see Brooklyn Dodgers throwbacks? Likely no one. New York, on the other hand... And, yes, while part of me loved seeing the Hartford Whalers jerseys this year, the majority of me threw up in my mouth a little. Can you imagine the Oklahoma City Thunder breaking out Seattle SuperSonics jerseys? No way in bloody hell should that happen.
  3. Is there THAT big of a movement in Tennessee to wear Oilers stuff? Maybe the Winnipeg Jets can bust out Atlanta Thrashers throwbacks someday, too.
  4. Yes, Dan Pastorini, Mike Renfro, Earl Campbell, and the great memories those Tennessee fans have of watching them...
  5. I’ll see you cats over in “Unpopular Opinions” because I like the powder blue mask!
  6. I can't lie...I got teary-eyed seeing this announcement. Can someone mock-up a powder blue facemask, though? I think that's my preferred look vs the yellow.
  7. I was a fan of Dan Marino back in the on earth have I not noticed the missing dot all these years. Can’t unsee it now.
  8. Our long national nightmare is over! Well done, Pitt!
  9. No thanks. I prefer the movie: “Revenge of the Nerds VI: The Nerds Take Their Dolphins Back
  10. Dolphins in 1972 throwbacks permanently, right? The Tannehill era is OVER!
  11. I’m looking forward to seeing Nick Foles wearing that Jaguars jersey next season!
  12. “The Frozen Tundra of the Big Sombrero of Tampa Bay...”
  13. Only if the NHL goes back to Hartford.
  14. Nice jersey ruined by the gaudy CCM wordmark being so prominently displayed on the chest!