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  1. No thanks. I prefer the movie: “Revenge of the Nerds VI: The Nerds Take Their Dolphins Back
  2. Dolphins in 1972 throwbacks permanently, right? The Tannehill era is OVER!
  3. I’m looking forward to seeing Nick Foles wearing that Jaguars jersey next season!
  4. “The Frozen Tundra of the Big Sombrero of Tampa Bay...”
  5. Only if the NHL goes back to Hartford.
  6. Nice jersey ruined by the gaudy CCM wordmark being so prominently displayed on the chest!
  7. That hat is growing on me. In fact, I kinda like it.
  8. Cue up the 1986 video of Ralph Sampson’s game-winning shot against the Lakers in the WCF and you’ll see the exact same colors. I don’t need 75 different uniforms per team, NBA. Perfectly happy with a home, road, and one alternate.
  9. That was my guess as well. Looked like the Bauer wordmark on the front.
  10. I stand corrected! A fantastic looking jersey! Who makes the LSSU sets these days?
  11. Great jersey, but that is not Lake Superior on the back. It’s the upper peninsula of the state of Michigan, or UP as they call it there.
  12. Looks pretty much the same as the Georgia Dome. This’ll last 10 years and then they’ll tear this one down too.
  13. I know, I was being semi-facetious. The sad part is that if they substituted the 1972 players for the 2019 ones when they bust out the throwback jerseys, the Dolphins might actually have a BETTER chance of winning...
  14. So Miami is going back to the throwbacks full-time, right? Or are they going to continue to stuff the Tannehill-era down our throats?