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  1. On the plus side, the rebuild can start when they finally fire Dan Quinn.
  2. Same. As predicted, Darth Vaders or Storm Troopers all day, every day.
  3. Storm Troopers vs Darth Vaders.
  4. Welcome to the new NFL - Darth Vaders vs the Storm Troopers in nearly every game, no matter who is playing!
  5. That actually looks really good. Problem is, they will roll out white socks with that jersey and pants every damn time!
  6. Sorry, but that looks ridiculous. Especially chicken legs Flacco.
  7. Whoa whoa whoa...don’t we need some sort of local tribal permission for that?
  8. Clear evidence of a Detroit Lions defensive player using illegal hands to the face in this photo...throw the flag, ref!
  9. I can’t wait to see this Falcons train wreck this season.
  10. I’m too distracted by Jameis throwing an INT to really notice the difference in helmet logos.
  11. Don’t be sad...’cuz 3 of of 7 ain’t bad. #1 (monochrome black, #4 throwback, and #7 black/white/black) all look decent. The others are garbage. How can you eff up three different looks with the white jersey?
  12. Sorry, but I’ll take the Billy Sims or Barry Sanders era Lions uniforms and helmet over today’s look any day of the week.
  13. Problem is, everyone seems to think monochrome is four fire emojis.
  14. Is it just me or does that look like four random guys from the local Beta Theta Pi fraternity intramural football team?
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