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  1. It's a really dark purple, maybe the camera too, plus the lighting isn't at Honda Center isn't that great either.
  2. Kings get a nice 4-1 win in Calgary. Why couldn't they play like that 2 weeks ago?
  3. Oilers going to the playoffs for the first time in 11 years. Good for them. I'll be pulling for them or Minnesota in the West unless the Kings miraculously make it.
  4. This has to be a joke. There's no way you're serious.
  5. Of course it was the Chargers who were the first team to lose to the Browns. That's such a Chargers thing to do.
  6. This is terrible news. The weird thing (for me at least) is I was just watching videos about the Manchester United plane crash in 1958, and then this happens.
  7. Just because you're old enough to be the players' fathers doesn't mean it's the Little League World Series.
  8. That's funny, because Kings fans don't give two sh**s about the Blue Jackets. And why should we? They've never accomplished anything. But go ahead, hate us all you want. It hurts you more than it hurts us.
  9. And St. Louis and Milwaukee and South Chicago.
  10. Not at all. The Indians navy jerseys are gorgeous.
  11. None of the teams are going to wear BP jerseys during postseason games, so I guess you'll be rooting for everybody.
  12. I hope Jose Bautista hits the series-winning home run and does a bat flip, a pirouette, and a cartwheel, just the most ridiculous, over-the-top celebration he can think of.
  13. Hmm, I don't know, maybe because they're called the Stars?
  14. Tonight and tomorrow the Kings play the final Frozen Fury in Las Vegas against the Stars and Avalanche at T-Mobile Arena. They'll be the home team in an arena in which starting next year they'll be the enemy.
  15. Kenley Jansen's hat has no New Era logo on it. He must have ripped it off. Hopefully more players do the same.
  16. The government needs to just drop a nuclear bomb on Penn State University. Just wipe out the whole town and everyone in it.
  17. Yes, but I think retired numbers should be reserved for hall of famers. Have a team hall of fame if you want to honor great players who didn't make it to the actual hall of fame.
  18. The Mariners are wearing their regular home uniforms today instead of the normal blue & yellows that they wear on Sundays. Maybe an encouraging sign that they're getting rid of them? Edit: Nevermind, just noticed that they say Marineros, so they're just wearing them for Hispanic Heritage Day.