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  1. I believe George Toma's Grandson is one of the head grounds keepers at Frank Kush field at Sun Devil Stadium (Official name LOL), And they use the field for experiments on painting tecniques. Hence all the interesting field graphics the past couple of years.
  2. Looks more like a dark tan/brown clay like substance. I will chek the stadiums' website for more information.
  3. @pitt6pack Yea, I think this is the field that will be created. Though I hope for a yellow Endzone for the Chiefs. I believe in an interview, the teams stated they have the choice on how the endzone is detailed (within NFL guidelines). But givien this is the 100th Season, who knows. Will check with the people I know, but i doubt they will answer. BTW the Superbowl fields are painted by the grounds crew that works for ASU Sun Devil Stadium. As far as I know, they are seperate from the State Farm grounds crew that the Cardinals and the Fiesta Bowl use.
  4. WOW. Though I thnk it will be closer to the standard SB Layout. With better endzone colors!
  5. I am thinking this could be the year that the NFL 100 logos are on the 25 yd lines in the regular location for the regular season. I know only one team had the "100" logo on the field was Chicago, but the bears where also celebrating their 100 year Anniversary was well. Ideally NFL logo on the 50, SB logo on the 25's, NFL 100 also on the 25"s (though in between the sidelines and numbers. Or put the NFL 100 logo in the end-zones opposite the team log and word mark.
  6. Yea those Candlestick fields where classic. I doubt they will go as far as painting the numbers and adding the extra fun stuff!
  7. I would agree, but the current team did not exhibit any "crispness" at the end of the season. Though I always loved the "Throwback" (classic) Browns uniform.
  8. Wow that is an incredible picture. If it was not 2 degrees off center, it would make an awesome schematic for us to expand and overlay on ours; to confirm it's accuracy... exactly!
  9. Got to do The Olympia in Detroit, Boston Garden in Boston, The Forum in Montreal, and Madison Square Garden III in NYC (BTW the Rangers currently play in MSG IV).
  10. Looks like the old field, but the numbers are painted differently, and new endzone turf,
  11. 1997 was the year they put new turf down which included a new Meadowlands logo on the 50 yard line. Time stamp approx 4:14 for the updated logo.
  12. The turf was still down in 1996 as well saw a you tube video showing game 1 at the Meadolands vs the Bills.
  13. Yea, I just noticed that. I am about 3 weeks from the end of my High School Football Umpire season (29th in Arizona and 34th over all). I plan to update and work on fields I ahve not completed yet like Baltimore (Stars), Jacksonville (Bulls), Memphis (Showboats), and Oklahoma/Arizona (Outlaws).
  14. Nice to see the Giants and Jets fields added in. The Meadowlands logo was always the "bugger" for me to reproduce. LOL
  15. Not that much, There was some coloring added for the LA Express end zones. And a couple of fields added a USFL logo on "K's" restraining line. That would be about it.
  16. Would be interesting. I enlarged the pic and it's an old style double bar facemask that is being painted on the 50 yard line.
  17. I figured yours would be better than mine. I know teams so for I have seen are... Arizona, Detroit, and MetLife (New York),. Not sure of other areas...yet. Got a lot more to check with on NFL Network. I know a couple of teams have speciality logos, Like The bears, and some traditionally do not add the logo to the field till playoffs (LA Rams possiblly) or after scocer season (Seattle, New England, LA Chargers) Adding Minnesota (opposite orientation on the 20's), and Washington to the list.
  18. Here is my attempt for the NFL100 Logo that is on the 25 yard lines.
  19. I don't have the pic in front of me, but it is confirmed. On telecasts from both Detroit and Arizona. The NFL 100 logo is on the 25 yard line's
  20. Just an FYI. I apologize on the delays on this thread. I just started my annual training for HS Football as a referee. This will be my 29th season in Arizona and 34th over all. I will update periodically as time permits.
  21. This works great.I just love the "Bulls" logo at midfield!
  22. Just a bump and FYI. I am still here and working on the USFL fields. Running into some problems with source material with Orlando, Portland, Jacksonville, and Memphis. I would be very happy!
  23. Yea Jim Plunkett. My brain is a bit addled with training at work. LOL Not to mention I have High School 7 man officials training all this week at Sun Devil Stadium, on the Campus of Arizona State University. Lots of fun!
  24. The latest pic from pre-LA I was able to find, was a Getty photo from a preseason game in 1981. This had Al Davis with QB Steve Plunket warming up in the background. The pic had a clear shot of the outfield at the coliseum, there where no bleachers, so the orientation of the gridiron had to be Home Plate to Center field.
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