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  1. Howdy,

    I saw your post from 2012 that you had a lot of defunk CHL/WPHL Hockey Jerseys.  I was born and raised in Ft Worth and followed the Ft Worth Wings & Texans of the late 60s to mid 70s.  I know that post was 6 years old, but do you have any of the Fire or later team jerseys left?  Any of the other hockey teams that were located in most of the cities in Texas?  Do you have pictures or know other sources of these jerseys?  I would like to find an older Austin Ice Bats jersey before they tried to lobby for “Farm Team” status.  I have an Ice Bats jersey in Florida Panther color scheme.



    1. mfoster


      Hi there!


      Sorry I didn't see this earlier, but I don't pop in here on a regular basis.


      I have a Fire road (red, Blackhawks style), but it's hanging in my classroom and I've got no plans of selling it.  I have a replica home/road set of Waco Wizards jerseys.  They're the mesh/net style and everything is sublimated on them.  I also have a home San Antonio Iguanas I'd be willing to part with.


      I have a bunch of DFW-based junior hockey jerseys as well, most of which are game worn.  Some are definitely no-sell for me, but I have a pair of early Texas Tornado jerseys I'd be willing to part with (one road, one home, both game worn).

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