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  1. Colors aside, my first thought was to compare it to the Sarajevo '84 Olympic logo...
  2. NM... that's what I get for not scrolling back a page...
  3. Apologies if this has been discussed before. I did a brief search but didn't see much. I ran across this image today in a FB group... Notice anything about the Midwest Bank and Trust Company logo? The fonts are very close, and the bank's circle is nearly matched to the Mavs' basketball relative to the M. I tried finding a larger version of the bank logo, but it looks like the bank folded a decade ago. Thoughts? I think the CCSLC has convicted for less than this.
  4. FWIW, Lamar Hunt seriously considered keeping the Texans name when he moved the club to Kansas City.
  5. The location of the star on the TX logo makes me think the club is moving to San Angelo...
  6. Now he's done FC St. Pauli... I suspect more are to come.
  7. I think the Atalanta means more to NCFC fans since that's manager Daniel Farke's face. I meant to mention that in the original post but forgot.
  8. Ben Stokes (@robotcanary on twitter) crossbred Norwich City's badge with every club from Serie A. Given the club's German connections, we're trying to get him to do a Bundesliga set next.
  9. Norwich City released their homes and goal this morning. I think the launch video outpaces the kits themselves at this point, but there is still more to come. Home Short sleeved GK. The sponsor patch on the sleeve is for Best Fiends... Training shirt... Kit launch - full of NCFC heroes of the past...
  10. Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC is getting a white third this year for their 25th anniversary. The home kit has yet to be announced, but they are holding over the away kit from last season. My wife and daughter were over there this week and witnessed them shooting their commercials for the thirds. My wife also reported that the club's main receptionist also handles the club shop duties, and was rather perplexed as to why some Texas woman was on a mission for her husband to acquire some jerseys from a small market second division Scottish club. Mission accomplished though... my son got last season's home (on sale), while I got the away (no homes left in my size). They also went through Perth and stopped in at St. Johnstone's, but the shop was closed. After that I couldn't talk her into hitting up Hibs while they were in Edinburgh. The third... The road, carried over from last season... Last year's home...
  11. I believe the T-Wolves looked at Nashville as well, with Gaylord having a role. There was also a story of a KC Scouts rumor with a WHA team... I want to say either Cleveland or Minnesota. I am away from home and can't check the source at the moment. Bill Veeck was also ready to move the Browns to LA.
  12. Norwich City away... Look kids, no oversized sponsor box!!!
  13. First thing that came to mind...
  14. Ummm... Denver is called the Mile High City for a reason. That's 5,280 feet. Nope, not as high as Mexico City, but 1,609' is less than half the LOWEST elevation in the entire state of Colorado (3,315', where the Arkansas River enters Kansas)... That measurement of 1,609 is in meters, not feet, while Mexico City's 7,382' translates to about 2,250 meters. Also, not only were the Spurs in another league, they were also primarily in another city (Dallas, with minor stints in Fort Worth and Lubbock). The Rockets also toured assorted venues across the state in their early years, once drawing a whopping 759 fans for a regular season game in Waco's Heart O' Texas Coliseum.
  15. Howdy,

    I saw your post from 2012 that you had a lot of defunk CHL/WPHL Hockey Jerseys.  I was born and raised in Ft Worth and followed the Ft Worth Wings & Texans of the late 60s to mid 70s.  I know that post was 6 years old, but do you have any of the Fire or later team jerseys left?  Any of the other hockey teams that were located in most of the cities in Texas?  Do you have pictures or know other sources of these jerseys?  I would like to find an older Austin Ice Bats jersey before they tried to lobby for “Farm Team” status.  I have an Ice Bats jersey in Florida Panther color scheme.



    1. mfoster


      Hi there!


      Sorry I didn't see this earlier, but I don't pop in here on a regular basis.


      I have a Fire road (red, Blackhawks style), but it's hanging in my classroom and I've got no plans of selling it.  I have a replica home/road set of Waco Wizards jerseys.  They're the mesh/net style and everything is sublimated on them.  I also have a home San Antonio Iguanas I'd be willing to part with.


      I have a bunch of DFW-based junior hockey jerseys as well, most of which are game worn.  Some are definitely no-sell for me, but I have a pair of early Texas Tornado jerseys I'd be willing to part with (one road, one home, both game worn).