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  1. I saw a Kellen Winslow powder blue Chargers jersey at Foot Locker just this week. If memory serves Winslow was drafted after the Chargers had switched from the powder blues. I think I also saw a post somewhere that said there are now throwbacks with players that never played in the era of the throwback their name is on. The Manning jersey might be one of these new "combined era" (?) throwbacks.
  2. People bid on this stuff because they don't care. They think they are getting a deal or something I guess. The truth is some of these jerseys are real with fake numbers. There is a Gabriel Bros. Store where I live that has about 100 NFL equipment Browns replicas with no numbers on them for sale at 7.99 each. They also have a wide variety of other teams. All NFL equipment and all blank. Pro Bowl jerseys too. Next spring they will fill the store with blank baseball jerseys. It happens every season. Sometimes the football jerseys will have sleeve numbers but nothing else. The baseball jerseys are legit, blank, and usually about 3.99 each. It would be easy enough to buy these blanks, add numbers and put them on ebay as "authentic." So in a sense some of the jerseys are "authentic" well at least "authentic" replicas made by Reebok and numbered and lettered elsewhere. It doesn't make it right but it's easy to see where an ebay seller would feel comfortable making the "authentic" claim. It's still a huge rip-off but these guys are probably just within the legal limit so to speak. If I can walk into a store and buy blank jerseys imagine what a graphics or screenprinting company can get their hands on with their connections. It's bad and unethical business but as I said most people don't care if the jerseys are fake as long they think they are getting some sort of deal. I just laugh when I see someone at a game wearing an obvious fake.
  3. Not to be too nitpicky (actually isn't nitpicking what we're here for?) but Kareem did play a little while with the bucks with just Jabbar on the back of his jersey. I honestly can't remember if he changed it during the season or went the whole year with it but it did happen for at least a short time. That does not in any way justify this obvious fake jersey I just wanted tp pass along a little trivia.
  4. I totally agree. The same thing happened to me with the Indians in the 90's. I had been a tribe fan my entire life yet I was called a front-runner when they finally became successful. Happens all the time when not so successful team becomes successful. It's aggravating.
  5. I like the simplicity. Very nice use of the old colors. I think they look great.
  6. infrared41

    Twins Concept

    Excellent. Well done.
  7. I like 'em. Maybe I am a little too old school bit I would like to see a version with less gold and more white. Maybe a variation on the really old Rams blue and white unis with just a hint of the gold. Great job though. They look great..
  8. Not bad. I can see the potential. I like the nod to those old rainbow jerseys. I'd like to see a version that's a little more old school with the look but keep the colors. Maybe a more traditional font for the lettering. Also how about using the old H on a star hat design? All in all a very nice idea and a good start.
  9. I love that there are so many people like me out there who want to talk about uniforms. This forum is great but I gotta say it cracks me up how some people can get downright nasty over someone else's opinion of a shirt. Wow. Thanks for the tip. Maybe I will buy a Hawkeyes jersye.
  10. As another lifelong Browns fan I have to say that the mullet is probably more appropriate than any of us Browns fans want to admit. In Ohio there are still plenty of folks who feel the mullet is way cool. Just go to a game in Cleveland and look around. Mullets are not rare at the Jake or in Browns Stadium. Sad but true.
  11. I agree. Those numbers ruin an otherwise perfect uniform. If the Steelers went back to the old number font I would have to vote them top 3 in the best primary uniforms in the NFL.
  12. As a Rangers fan I am partial to the lady liberty jersey but I have to say The Blue Jackets alternate is the best. They found a great way to incorporate the Ohio flag and the colors are great. Whoever said they should make it the primary jersye is 100% on the money. I live near Columbus (I became a Rangers fan before the Jackets came along.) and I just wish the team was as good as the jersey.
  13. wait until next year. God let's hope not. Those new Gator unis look very sharp. I hope they leave them alone.
  14. actually they do. at least all the colours in the cards unis match. The Cowboys could show up wearing pink, green and purple and their overall design would still look better than the Cardinals new uniforms. It's about more than colors matching. It's about looking like an NFL team. Sure the Cowboys colors aren't perfectly matched but their uniforms are among the best in all of football. And I don't even like the Cowboys.
  15. Yeah right... Those Cardinal uniforms look MUCH better than the Cowboys road uniforms. And the Cleveland Browns are going to win the Super Bowl too.
  16. Positively hideous. The helmet looks great the rest is pure garbage. They look like an Arena League team. I much prefer the old red jerseys/white pants look. Someone needs to get a grip and start fixing these "new looks." I have to think who ever designed these things is laughing their behind off as they head to the bank to cash the check for the money they stole from Bill Bidwell. Add Arizona to the Atlanta/Buffalo/Cincy "how ugly can we make our uniforms and get away with it?" teams. God those are awful. Well at least now the Cardinals know that no matter how bad it gets they will never be worse than their uniforms. I guess that's something.
  17. Very nice. The Blue is definitely a different shade. I like how they didn't go "Miami" and add a bunch of really ugly stripes etc... Well done.
  18. Tough call... For overall badness it has to be Arizona or Toronto. The Rockies have the most bad uni combos to work with but their home white isn't all bad, so they do have one decent uniform otherwise they win in a walk. If we limited this to just hats then it would be really easy. Toronto's home hats are by far and away the worst hats since the Pirates pillbox years. Boston and Atlanta get honorable mentions for their hideous red alternate jerseys. The one worst single uniform in all of baseball is easily those black sleeveless things the Rockies wear.
  19. Too many to pick just one but if I have to... The Winner is...The Los Angeles Dodgers home uni. St. Louis (home or road) is a close second.
  20. Except maybe the Browns...I think grey would have the same problems for the Browns that Syracuse has with the grey, a brown facemask is unthinkable and orange would be just a little too much.
  21. As far as I know, The Onondaga are still part of the Iroquois Nation. They have a reservation just off I-81 near a little town called Nedrow about 10 minutes south of Syracuse. If it's still open, I highly recommend a little restaraunt on the Rez called Smoke Signals. Good food, great atmosphere, and low prices.
  22. I don't know about most incorrect post "ever" but yes I was way off the mark. Like I said, I clearly wasn't watching closely enough. So sue me...
  23. My mistake...I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention.
  24. For what it's worth...I am watching the Bengals and The Patriots play a pre season game right now and the Bengals Jersey numbers are indeed Block style with a drop shadow. Haven't seen the madden game so I don't know if this is what everyone is talking about or not but the Bengal jersey numbers are block style. Hope this helps.
  25. What a great question for my first post. Let me start by saying I love throwbacks, especially in the NFL and I am not real crazy about the new looks in football. So here goes... Baseball: Braves 70's era Blue Jerseys. Football: A month ago it would have been the Chargers Powder Blues but I think it's a tie now that I have seen Buffalo's new throwback alternate unis. (I would love to see the Rams go back to their basic blue and white from the 60's.) NBA: The Dr. J. era Nets Jerseys. Hockey: I like the current classics. Rangers, Red Wings, Bruins, etc. If I had to pick a "throwback" it's hands down the old NorthStars jerseys.