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  1. Really nice concept. Just a couple things that stood out... - The use of the old english can become tough to read at small sizes... I'd say maybe try a new modern font and save the old english for dope IG posts/edits for the team where it becomes a tertiary font and not a primary one. - In the version where the "L" is to the left of the stacked "ouisville Lightning"... I think there is too much of a disconnect. As a concept, I get what you are doing, but visually it might be a bit off. If you were to go this route, I think you'd really have to tuck "ouisville" and "ightning" in to the L just above the stem to really create a tight lockup. - On the secondary logo with the team name within the roundel... I think the lightning bolt dominates too much here. The proportion of bolt to L in the simplified secondary roundel is nice. Great concept!
  2. That said, your latest concept is awesome! Just saw it now. My first reply was in regards to your initial concept. Really like where you took it in the latest version.
  3. I think the simplicity of your earlier renditions worked best. The snarl in my opinion isn't quite there yet and as a result takes it back a notch. If you are looking for intimidating... you could lose the snarl and just play with the eyes / brow. Similar to the Grizzlies example @uniguy22 posted. This current snarl throws off the symmetry of the entire logo and it's also not typical of the way a wolf would appear snarling. They would never raise one side only. So maybe something to consider is to give the appearance of a fully raised upper lip to expose the teeth.
  4. A lot to like here but I think as mentioned, it's a tad busy still. You probably don't need the Clippers wordmark and the alternate logo. Use one or the other imo. You also probably don't need the Los Angeles at the top. Just using one of the two logos is going to work. Really, you could probably condense this down to one of the Clippers logos, the 50th... and a single banner with anniversary the years. I think having 3 banners is a bit much (one for each year and another for Anniversary). it would take some working out but you could have a single banner that incorporates Anniversary and the years. 1. The current blue banner could look like it's wrapping around the 50...then have either end of the banner come out from the behind the 50 on left and right.... on those you can have the years. (Basically the way you have it now for the years but it would look like its all one banner). OR 2. Instead of saying anniversary.... you could say "years" in the middle and then have the 1970 and 2020 flanking on either side of "years". Just a couple thoughts to consider all in an attempt to simplify.
  5. Really like a lot of these! My favs are the Wild (1st & 2nd), Rangers (clash) and the Isles concept with the subway motif. Very cool! That one has such a minimal, European vibe to it. Nice stuff!!
  6. Nice! I think you have a much tighter execution here. You could probably go a touch smaller on the year so it's centered within that space at the bottom at not so close to the edge. Also maybe play with the kerning on the year slightly. It's just a little different between each numeral. Other than that, great update! I like that there are so many possibilities for secondary and tertiary logos. The statue on it's own.... the crest on it's own... the monogram. Really cool stuff man.
  7. Really like the simple W logo with the stars surrounding. Blow it out even further to an away and colour rush uni!
  8. Yea all good. I see what you are going for.
  9. I agree with these points above. I think you’ve got some good stuff happening here, but you may need to look at the overall flow. It does seem like there isn’t much breathing room for the elements. Maybe its the overall shape you can rework. Like this could be pretty cool as more of an oval, still allowing the top half to keep the arch motif, while giving you more room for everything else (think AC Milan crest shape with your elements). I get why you went with this shape, however I think it creates a bit of an awkward shape within a shape... but it might be the white border throwing me off. Something else to consider is the thickness of those borders. Right now (IMO) they seem too thick and the white competes with the outer blue border. Colours are cool, but the blue statue over the burgundy will disappear. Might need to lighten the red. Or maybe the statue becomes a single colour like gold, and you just use the red to distinguish the details in shadow etc. Could look amazing! Great start here... awesome concept... but I think you can push it a bit more.
  10. Awesome series! Been following it on IG.
  11. Cool look! Red on Blue can sometimes ‘ring’....so you may need to darken the red and brighten the blue slightly to avoid that. Kinda like the old St.Louis Cards unis.
  12. I think what you’ve done with the logo is going in the right direction. The Sens are going back to their original with mods and I think it will end up being something like this. The original had this wing type feature thing to the left of the plume, which I always felt made the logo unnecessarily unbalanced. You’ve removed it which is great. I don’t know that you need to have the cape extend out as much as it does. perhaps there is a way to contain within the circle. Also, maybe there is a way to add a little more detail to the helmet. Not much, but a little something to push it over the top. Jerseys are simple, which is fine... but maybe there is something that can again, put it over the top. There were a few previous iterations of the Sens jersey that had some interesting trims, maybe there is something there to potentially bring back. I think you’re off to the great start here.. but I think you can push it even more.
  13. Really like the idea of having the monogram within the primary. I feel the only thing throwing things off (in my opinion)... is the size of the crown. When you think about other uses and other places where the logo will be seen such as broadcast... its always nice to have the logo as compact as possible. So having the crown protruding so high at the top can actually make it more difficult to work with. Perhaps its a little more subtle.... or maybe its not even needed now in the primary and it becomes a secondary mark.
  14. Cool concept here. The logo is similar to the one Dane had created as mentioned above. I think there is another user on here who has a similar concept. Great minds think alike! I do like the colours and the connection to military...but I would agree they are close to the Jets (even if it's not the current Jets uni)...it's where I went first and people will make that association for sure. There are a couple teams that share the same colour schemes for sure...but they are different enough where it isn't an issue. Or, they come out with so many versions that there is enough variety (Chargers). So maybe you keep this version, but push further and come up with maybe 2 or more colour schemes. Maybe one that is totally new to the NFL. What I like most about this is you've gone away from the original Skins theme completely....which a lot of concepts still incorporate. I think with a bit more exploration on unis (variety in colour), it can put this over the top. Nice job man.
  15. These are all quite good. A very nice take on a rebrand. I think out of all the logos, the only one that I feel could be pushed a bit is the DC football. The version over maroon feels a little unresolved with the yellow and white butted right up against the background maroon. It might just be the stars that throw things off a bit for me as they get a little close to the top edge. It may just need an extra outline around it all or something. Overall very nice work!
  16. Very nice work! Love the simplicity of it all. The script wordmarks are well done. Great choice on number selection in regards to the font. I haven’t been on the forums for a while, but so glad I came across this. Def one of the best concepts I’ve seen on here.
  17. G: 7 S: 12 B: 2 (the text gets a little small, but overall execution is nice.)
  18. Your Fox versions are a great idea. As someone mentioned above, it just might be tough to read the text, as this would prob be a bug in the bottom right of the screen for example. Maybe try to overlay it on a still of game footage to see how it reads.
  19. These are cool! Nice job. For consideration: With the exception of some gradients, overall you have a relatively flat design. Have you considered maybe trying the NFL on CBS logo and container flat as well? Or to play up the 3D aspect, maybe try increasing the visibility of the gradients. Like, make them obvious. Have you considered reworking the NFL on CBS logo to be horizontal so you have the scorebug as a compact horizontal shape? Lastly, would you consider a font that is a little more compact and a little less bold?
  20. I think you're really on to something here. Could make for a great secondary mark. Great stuff!
  21. Absolutely love this logo. As mentioned above...the anchor in the forehead is such a great touch. Great job!
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