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  1. Gold: 21 Silver: 10 Bronze: 3 Lots of great submissions, but based on the criteria/requirement of having an 'alternate' logo that could sub-in for a teams current primary...I chose the above 3. Many of the submissions although wonderful and creative, are secondary logos.
  2. Great idea with the secondary logo!
  3. Really like the idea here. I like the dark green gradient to black. I'd love to see the feather pattern of the helmet though. Also, might be cool if the numbers were all black as well and just had an outline ( green outline perhaps ). Really neat concept.
  4. Excellent identity! I can agree that the eye can be made a little becomes evident in the versions that are green on green. It looks like you are going for an angry tortoise look. In that case maybe....maaaybe you can explore a version with a bit of a snarl or having the mouth open. I think it looks great as is, but just as an idea to take it further.
  5. As others have mentioned, the R looks too much like an A. But that's an easy fix. The primary logo in the first post is on a bit of an angle. I would think about making it flush horizontal and maybe even think about making STORM italic. Omaha also might be best used just on top of STORM or on an arc following the shape of the basketball. Great start!
  6. You have certainly got an interesting take on the Wings logo. But in my opinion, I think if the Red Wings logo is going to be updated... it would need to be very subtle. For instance just minor adjustments to the feathers. That would be it. I might be old school, but it's just one of those logos that is just so alter it drastically is very hard to do. The original has excellent proportions throughout...especially with the feathers. The transition from wheel to wing is flawless. That said, your version is cool. I think if you can just create a good balance in the feathers so that they follow the shape of the wing, and if you can create a good wheel to wing ratio (wing could be a little larger) you will have an excellent update.
  7. I think your rebrand is cool. As some others have mentioned... it just might need a bit more to nail it. It might just be as 8993 mentioned that it is not as fierce as the current logo. One thing that the current one does, is it makes use of all the real estate. Whereas you have a lot of purple that can either be beefed up with detail...or maybe you can try to get a B or an R in there. Nevertheless, you are on to something. A few tweaks and it will be amazing. Great work.
  8. I really think the shape of the road runner is cool. If you build on it and add some real would look awesome. Take a look at the Arkansas Razorbacks suggests movement without getting too crazy. I think that style of illustration would work so well with your concept. Great start!
  9. I think you have done a phenomenal job with this logo. Great stuff!
  10. Great ideas by the post above. I would totally place the rabbit in the centre of the flower. Keep it simple.
  11. Sorry I meant under the crest on the flag...see the two twigs with what looks like leaves on it? Almost like a wreath. I just thought that could be a cool element. It would be like what Arsenal did a few seasons ago.
  12. I think you need to have a soccer ball in there. It could work nicely in the centre of the gear. It would also be pretty neat if you could make the M at the top in to a crown. You could also add the leaf motif that is on the flag under the crest. I think you are on your way to a cool looking identity.
  13. Yea you can definitely push this. I would recommend giving each team it's own unique look. Unique font, logos etc. For the logos on the hats...try combining the letters into monograms. Some of them don't even have to be letters. Maybe some are cool looking logos. An example would be for Australia, you could do something cool with a kangaroo. You are off to a good start, but really take some time to customize these. It will be worth it!
  14. I think the final crest looks awesome! Great work. I would just go in and fix the deets a bit. Like on some of the snowflake points...they don't line up. I would also maybe fix the top of the T where it curves down on the left / right overlapping the snowflake... which creates the tiny slivers of dark blue. You could just hide those. That's just minor stuff though. Great concept.
  15. I'd love to see the weathervane simplified and use the rooster as the main graphic. Nice colours and crest shape.
  16. I like the font you have selected. I think your colours might be clashing a bit. Simplify your pallet and the jerseys. I think this concept could look cool using the current colours the team is using.
  17. I think what might be cool, is if you worked the elephant into an "O" for Oakland. So for instance, having the elephant head on an angle to the right (not flat looking to the right).... with the trunk swooping down and curling back up around to make an O. Hard to explain without a sketch but I think you can push the logo further. Build it up with some shading, you could look up how some other elephants have been drawn. Like the Crimson Tide for example. Take a look at how that logo treats the details like the eyes... ears etc. A great start but I know you can push it to be great!
  18. OmegaRed

    Phoenix SC

    I agree with wquarton. I think the Phoenix in the "o" would make a fantastic crest. You should explore it.
  19. Within the roundel, I think it would be awesome if you could work the star into an 'A' and work it around the 'H' almost like a monogram. Just a thought to push it further.
  20. Very well done update! I don't mind the blue and red at all. I like that it keeps with the theme of other DC sports franchises.
  21. I think it would be pretty cool if you could find a way to create the Yankees logo in the shape of a baseball diamond. Your logo kind of hints at it already.
  22. I agree with SplashBoogie, try using the "J" Jazz note with the roundel. Could look sweet.
  23. I can also appreciate your direction here. If you like the 285 name... go with it! But decide if it will be Atlanta 285...or Atlanta SC. I think you just need to simplify your design slightly to make it suitable for the modern era. Maybe start with trying to contain your design within a shape. Circle for instance. Then as S.Tom.P mentioned, add some elements... maybe something from the Georgia Flag. Stars... Stripes... and then maybe a soccer ball motif...etc. Some considerations / adjustments and you will be good to go.
  24. Great concept! I think your primary is almost there. Might benefit by thickening the outer teal border a bit. Also adding a few extra details around the eyes. Maybe try having it not so symmetrical. Play with the shadows on the left and right a bit. For the secondary, Maybe push it a bit further. How about having a side profile... but with the jaw open snarling. (Think Nashville Preds.) Could look awesome. But also work on making the head rounder.... more bear-like. As others have mentioned, it might look too much like a dog or wolf currently. Nice job taking the Grizz in a different direction and not sticking with the norm and just changing colours or something. You tried to re-invent it the way you see fit and I admire that! Great job!