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  1. Lacrosse: Guys who couldn't skate and couldn't pay attention during baseball
  2. Great thread so far. Add me to the SSC Alumni. I live in Savage but went to Burnsville.
  3. I believe the hate for the Yankees is passed down through genetics.
  4. I think that game affected the NFC side more... Vikings get the 6th seed. Bears dominate Minnesota as the 3. Bears vs. Rams rematch. Cowboys vs. Saints rematch.
  5. Add Goff to Super Bowl QBs who were drafted by the team instead of a big offseason signing.
  7. Sticking with all home teams again Chiefs Rams Patriots Saints
  8. That has to be one of the most disappointing NFL seasons of all time for the Vikings.
  9. Detroit vs. Green Bay Dallas vs. NY Giants Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay Carolina vs. New Orleans NY Jets vs. New England Miami vs. Buffalo Jacksonville vs. Houston Philadelphia vs. Washington Chicago vs. Minnesota San Francisco vs. LA Rams Arizona vs. Seattle Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh Cleveland vs. Baltimore Oakland vs. Kansas City LA Chargers vs. Denver Indianapolis vs. Tennessee
  10. Washington vs. Tennessee Baltimore vs. LA Chargers Cincinnati vs. Cleveland Tampa Bay vs. Dallas Minnesota vs. Detroit NY Giants vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Miami Buffalo vs. New England Green Bay vs. NY Jets Houston vs. Philadelphia Atlanta vs. Carolina LA Rams vs. Arizona Chicago vs. San Francisco Pittsburgh vs. New Orleans Kansas City vs. Seattle Denver vs. Oakland
  11. LA Chargers vs. Kansas City Houston vs. NY Jets Cleveland vs. Denver Arizona vs. Atlanta Detroit vs. Buffalo Green Bay vs. Chicago Oakland vs. Cincinnati Dallas vs. Indianapolis Miami vs. Minnesota Tennessee vs. NY Giants Washington vs. Jacksonville Tampa Bay vs. Baltimore Seattle vs. San Francisco New England vs. Pittsburgh Philadelphia vs. LA Rams New Orleans vs. Carolina
  12. Unfortunately for the Vikings, Kirk Cousins was supposed to be that guy. I thought I would point it out because people say, "we need a franchise QB to win a Super Bowl," but chances are if you didn't draft him, you're not going to win a championship.