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  1. Totally agree with everything you said. My ire is at the NBA(I've done it enough) and changing the teams identities(some do need a change but not many). I've seen other posts here(so it's not my eyesight) and when I put on a NBA game, sometimes I don't know who they hell is playing. I also like the Miami Vice jerseys(I put up a post the other day of a white and black jersey that they USED to wear).That would be an OK change in identity to me. Some people say it's gimmicky but that's ok. Changing the vice colors every year is just money grabbing right to our faces. Yeah, and I don't think we have to worry about the horrible short sleeves in he NHL.
  2. Yeah I think we all are in our own special way.
  3. Whoa, as long as the NHL doesn't end up like the NBA.
  4. Man, Calgary is going to look so good again!!!!
  5. Was THIS really hard to do? Even stripes on the socks, Holy S&*t!!!!!
  6. Dirty is definitely the word. With each jersey purchase they should include a bottle of and Rip Billy
  7. They'll still look like s#$t!
  8. The Heat could of just stopped here and been fine:
  9. Great album and band for that matter.
  10. This is a prime example of why the "NBA 25 jerseys for each team program" sucks. This example may be a great jersey to become the new uniform but it will be gone in a year or two. Look at Denver, I guess they really are going to use every color of the rainbow to make their CITY jerseys. In fact, the Nuggets and Jazz are starting to look like they are having a "Lets see how many colors we can put in a jersey contest" with their last few CITY jerseys. Houston looks like 1980s Sacramento, Mavericks...WTF. NBA jersey program.... Terrible, just terrible.
  11. So true. It was right there for them NOT to screw the 2020 uniform up. Great pic too. What a shame Also, R.I.P. Mr. Greene, I'm glad we didn't have to see you wearing a bone colored uniform.
  12. This is really getting ridiculous. So, (I know we are talking helmets here) but when I wear a jersey with an ad on it, shouldn't I be compensated for free advertising? Also, how many pictures of athletes do we see on TV or a picture and an advertisement is washed out because I'm assuming it clashes with the contract the player or league has. Seriously, I really think we are giving free ads to these giant companies. I WANT MY .
  13. Adam Gase's pregame speech...." Team, I know we are horrible....... BUT ARE WE GONNA LOSE TO A TEAM WEARING THOSE UNIFORMS!!!!!!!!!
  14. I don't always think a team should be held "hostage" by winning a championship or two in a certain uniform. Look at the Cleveland Cavaliers, not only a TERRIBLE uniform. BUT SLEEVES. On the other hand, if teams thought like that, we would have nice normal Rams uniforms instead of the garbage now.
  15. The crown in the original set was a queen's crown but the example above is a King's crown(as many of you know) so it makes sense too.
  16. While I'm a big fan of the purple and gold, the Kings really need to get rid of the 2nd grader logo IF ANYTHING. Throw the early 2000s crown on the front only and at least there's a great deal of improvement.
  17. Why, they're all bad( especially since the helmet logo is going to be on every combination). It's week 14, this uniform hasn't gotten any better.
  18. Chiefs, Braves and Blackhawks,,,,,you're all on deck.
  19. I'll never forgive the Broncos for starting this s$%t!!!
  20. Definitely agree with you on the Kings.