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  1. Kelly green and silver(ala the Raiders) for the Jets. Pure and simple. I think the reference to thinking it might a reminder of the Eagles has long since past. The Eagles are hunter green, blaclk and a touch of gray. Not that I like it but those unis will always be referenced because they won the Super Bowl in it.
  2. Really? Because when I Google " Adidas basketball jersey ripping pics" every search points you to a "Nike jersey ripping" link(which is really strange that a search would totally bring up another competing company in the links). Oh, but there is one that did have an Adidas jersey actually rip and that's when Lebron ripped off the sleeves. You're right on the Zion thing and it being a big deal because he will go No. 1 but you can also search NBA ripped or blown out sneakers pics(no brand put in) and NIKE seems to show up on many other "regular players". Just sayin, I would not jump with a Nike bungee cord.
  3. Yeah, you're right about all those coaches you mentioned being great coaches and the fact that stupid Mike Milbury couldn't get along with Laviolette still pisses me off. That's a lot of great coaches to choose from this generation. Jeez, you really can't go wrong with any of them.
  4. Crabcake47, as an Islander fan, I can truly say the guy is a great coach. He's taken a team that lost it's best player and changed the locker room and I haven't seen them play this consistently in years. The Islanders have had some loafers there for a few years who are playing at a higher level than they ever played at. I know there's a long way to go this season but I'm sold. I'm glad you guys got the ring finally(Ovi especially), hopefully, Trotz will have another one soon. I follow the Caps a lot and he is definitely in the ring for one of the best coaches of this generation.
  5. Well, I heard that Nike is leaning towards changing uniforms every quarter of every game. Seriously, and I knew these post were going to start, the " oh I hope they're not getting rid of that uniform or I really liked that look, too bad it only stayed around a year or two". I miss the days of teams having identities and uniforms that were "tough".
  6. They kinda remind me of this:Not in a bad way either. That redish/orange is tough to make out. I forever love the 1993 sleeveless, but these last two are good fine to me.
  7. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay BROWN IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Amen. Bellaspurs, Mafiaman, and 63 Bulldogs63. Amen!
  9. I don't know everyone, I heard that ALL the teams are getting 82 jersey designs for each game.
  10. I love braking balls to some of these sellers and have my 13 year old nephew ask all kinds of really stupid questions( i.e. Can you tell me the measurements from one side to the next , multiply it by six and divide by eight because I need the jersey to fit perfectly?) to the seller because it's really stealing and I know not everyone are jersey freaks like us, my God we've people wear terrible jerseys to games but that Bulls jersey is a great example. E-Bay doesn't do it's do diligence as MattMill is pointing out and the "sewn numbers" one makes me laugh the most especially when I see a seller selling an NFL jersey from the 80s.
  11. WOW, and I thought it couldn't get worse. If they use those jerseys, they will be hacked in a week and we will be watching all 10 players on the court in a 1990 Chicago Bulls jersey #23. Wait, no , that would actually be funny.
  12. In 2019, the Islanders home and road uniforms are their identity . Period!
  13. Right now the league in my opinion have acceptable uniforms(would like to limit teams to three jerseys though) except for the Diamondbacks,Brewers(can be fixed by going to the BIG), Padres(brown please) and as for the Marlins, I can't make up my mid until I see them play. I feel like everyone will look like the Diamondbacks, hope I'm wrong. Also, please don't screw up my Mets Nike, the Wilpons have that covered.
  14. I think MLB needs to calm down in general with all of these jerseys. I'm starting to see basketballs.
  15. No problem with these. I'm glad they didn't get rid of the tomahawk. The blue and red jerseys I could do without but whatta ya gonna do?
  16. It's a real shame, so many teams could have nice permanent identities 41 times at home and 41 times on the road but choose to confuse the hell out of us watching some of these games. I've must have read the phrase "if only this team would adopt this look full time", that's telling you the NBA needs to cut this s*&t out! Of course they won't because of the money it brings in. I really would like to see everyone put up what they would like the league to look like with their favorite uniform of every NBA team, just home and away but I'm afraid with all the uniforms they have, we might break the internet.
  17. It will suck too because even though I am rooting for the Saints, the NFC would be the home team in the Super Bowl. Last year the Patriots were the home team but chose to wear white because of their "luck" in the previous two Super Bowls they played in but superstition did not prevail. If they win, maybe Payton will wear gold pants because it's what they wore when they won, albeit in white jerseys. Hell, if he takes it that far, maybe he will go white jersey/gold pants. Anything but monochrome.
  18. #1#2#3(Would be better if purple jersey had crown too)#4 After Reebok, the jerseys are bad. God, that logo is childish.
  19. This would look good because I'm dying for them to go Kelly Green and Silver/Gray and I've always liked the 80's logo. It's also an update without :censored:ting the bed. Nice concept though.