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  1. I don't know about the Ravens but maybe they left the Bucs out because their uniforms and over sized helmet logo are so da&m terrible!
  2. Panthers got it right the first time.No need to change.
  3. Bottom line is that Nike just could've put it on the sleeve. Yes Nike we all now what the "swoosh" looks like. Not rocket science here.
  4. Really! Who tucks in their jerseys other than the players themselves. I guess guys like this: This is also from a Uni-Watch article: Fans: The great irony about athletes being required to tuck in their jerseys is that the millions upon millions of fans who buy and wear replicas of those athletes' jerseys almost always wear them untucked. The protocol of fans going untucked is so entrenched that any fan who tucks in is immediately chastised for looking like a doofus-and-a-half. You might think this is because athletes just naturally look good with a tucked-in jersey while fans look dorky. But no, that's not it -- it's all about the pants. Simply put, tucking in looks good when the jersey is part of a full uniform but not so hot if you're wearing jeans, khakis, cargo shorts, or anything other than the jersey's matching uniform pants. This rule was handily demonstrated back in January, when Peyton Manning showed up to a pre-Super Bowl news conference wearing a jersey tucked into his sweatpants and promptly found himself targeted for some well-deserved abuse.
  5. Jeez, I really really really hate the blank tail.
  6. Bottom line is the NBA has screwed with team identities and has just looked for a money grab. I laugh to myself when someone may hate or love a certain jersey and I say to myself "better buy it now or don't worry, it will be gone by next year".You can't turn on a game without looking at the score ticker. It has now been noted as being a joke as many stories now make fun of the league for this. When the Lakers aren't wearing yellow jerseys at home, there's a problem. We've had blue vs. blue match-ups, that's dumb.
  7. My god this NBA uniform s&^t is making me sick!
  8. I gotta say with the Padres change along with the Diamondbacks tweak and now this, this may be as close to a league can get to being 100% as far as having a legit uniform. Maybe some tweaks here and there but I would be happy if the league never changed any uniforms again(I'm looking at you NBA). Of course, this won't be cost feasible.
  9. I love the fact that in the video before the unveil that this will be the uniform that the Padres will wear for a long time.
  10. The Padres website is brown and yellow as of now but even if they do the sand pants thing, I guess the shade would be the issue because I felt they got it right in 1969. I just liked the 2004 unis because it got rid of the boring navy based unis before that and thought the sand uniforms of 2004 weren't that bad. Again. I've always hoped this day would come going back to brown in some sort of way( Nike taking over not withstanding). Maybe they will get rid of the stupid tail but I'm sure they will screw it or other teams uniform up in some sort of way. As of now, I think just the Brewers and Diamondbacks(although yesterday's tweak is in the right direction) need fixing. No bad for a league of 30.
  11. Kind of sums up how I feel when the NBA comes out with a new uniform every month
  12. Designers of the Oiler's 3rd jerseys.
  13. Man that navy is such a downgrade for the Oilers.
  14. Well, I seem to get killed when I bring up the stupidity of this money grab for the NBA because I like tradition. Yes we all love uniforms here, but now these 5/6/7 uniform s$#t has to stop because it's ruining a lot of teams identity. Some team DO need one i.e. OKC or New Orleans and it's funny when a team puts out a great statement, icon, association, or whatever and nail it.....then it's gone the next year. Those City Nugget Rainbows from a few years ago couldn't even be kept in stock. Why did the Warriors take the yellow back round out of blue jersey. Finally, and I've noticed a few posts this year already but the brand logos seem more annoying now than ever.
  15. Bucco Bruce was and still is one of my favorite uniforms but that 1997 uniform change was a thing a beauty. I was so angry with them losing the original unis but ablout halway through 97, they grew on me. Shoulda stayed with them forever. that 1997. Sorry Bucco Bruce.
  16. The Redskins should like like this, period.
  17. I really wish they would do a yellow version of the home and roads.
  18. I don't care what shade, just happy it's back to brown!