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  1. So... red helmets in 5 years?
  2. Wow, do you really think people are gonna travel 1,700 miles for any football game?
  3. You forget when the Jets went back to the Namath set. All the way back.
  4. Of those 3 statements, only one is factually correct. And I hate the Eagles.
  5. I always thought the real reason behind that change was because of the rumors they were looking for a new stadium. If they moved to Sacramento, as it was rumored, the change would already be made.
  6. Except for the time they almost moved to Saskatoon!
  7. I'm thinking the Skippers look a bit like their NFL neighbors to the west... Also, the anchor monogram is a great idea but I feel it lacks heft. Maybe thicker or outline it. Feels a bit delicate.
  8. So forgive me for quoting myself, but I wanted to add colors with your advice in mind. New Orleans Jokers helmet could be purple, Atlanta Firebirds red, St. Louis Archers green, and maybe Denver Miners could be brown, with silver and metallic gold. Just spitballing here.
  9. OK let's see ... Denver - how about Prospectors or Miners? St. Louis - how about repurposing your Salt Lake Bards as the St. Louis Archers? Or maybe riff on the unused NFL St. Louis Stallions design? Atlanta - maybe time to use Firebirds, building off the city's use of a phoenix? New Orleans - I don't think anybody has used Jokers ... you'll have to use Mardi Gras colors, of course. Or Crawdads?
  10. Such a secret that everybody knows about it, right? So Goodell actively keeps Kroenke from moving, so he's a jerk, but he didn't try to keep Spanos from moving, so he's a jerk. Ok.
  11. Sigh ... but he WAS trying to do the Rams a favor. They refused. How do you all not understand? Also, why have guidelines if you're not going to use them? Weird to complain that they did things the way they said they're going to do things. The Rams knew that, the commish threw them a bone, they refused. And everybody blames the league. Jeesh.