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  1. If you can scare up a copy, try The $1 League by Jim Byrne. It's a hoot, the first (and only, for a long time) look at what happened. Downside: It starts at $100 at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/league-rise-fall-USFL/dp/0133317609/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=%241+league+usfl&qid=1554400587&s=books&sr=1-1-catcorr I snapped up a copy for around $40 years ago.
  2. FIFY. BTW, no players wearing uniforms for the NY Canaries?
  3. Loving this, so don't want to be a jerk. Note that the Stallions had a white outline to the pant stripe here. Not sure which year this was though (not the first, going by the Invaders uni). Also, the Maulers started out the season with that logo, and about halfway through, added white outlines around just about every logo element, so it could be seen better.
  4. Are you sure about that late season field? In 1984, the Federals helmet was silver.
  5. Reminds me of those inevitable newspaper website stories in the early fall about redesigning NFL logos for fun. In other words, completely unnecessary.
  6. Actually, if you read the writeup, the score should have been 27-26. Take a look.
  7. These WFL unis are dead sexy. But I have to correct you on one thing. The Charlotte Stars played only one game, and they wore their gold jerseys, according to a photo I found: They were renamed after that game, but the only alteration was once again to their helmet. They sported a simple white "C" for the rest of the season, until rebranding with the gold helmet, etc., the next year. Keep going though! It's great!
  8. '84 Cleveland Browns pulled a number switch from preseason to regular season. The entire design was a new one.
  9. Cowboys debuted a new navy road uniform in 1981 that featured thick silver numbers outlined in white. It proved too hard to see, so the team changed the numbers, giving the numbers a thin blue separation between the silver number and the white. They changed the navy jerseys after the season began.
  10. I love it when one person's preferences become outright "rules"!