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  1. Love it but really feel there should be a second cap, maybe black with yellow, with a secondary "C" logo of some sort.
  2. I bought Baltimore Ravens, Birmingham Bolts and Chicago Hitmen largely because they were purple. Almost pulled the trigger on Kansas State too.
  3. To be fair, it takes the occasional swipe at the right, too.
  4. I like it all, along with the new shade of old gold as an alt. I appreciate you responding to feedback!
  5. Love the crescent idea. Looking forward to its development. Understand why you went with athletic gold. Looks better than that old gold shade. But did you consider bronze-y gold, like the Saints' first set?
  6. Love it, but 2 observations: 1. Did you try it with old gold? 2. Really would like to see a tertiary logo/alt uniform with an actual crescent on it.
  7. The only way an NFL team changes its name in my opinion is 1) with a move (and that's a maybe, see Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders), 2) with an ownership change (the last one I can think of is Titans to Jets in the early '60s), or 3) outcry that builds to a crescendo. Now that Washington changed, I don't know if we can anticipate that any others will, even the Chiefs, since that's not really a pejorative, like that other name was.
  8. I neither meant to argue nor to defend, just thought it was an interesting perspective I wasn't sure everyone saw.
  9. Read a story yesterday that a Native American designed the current logo and his son is disappointed it's going away. FWIW.
  10. Actually, the ruling in another case acknowledged that you CAN trademark something that somebody else could find offensive. Case involved a band with Asian musicians that called themselves The Slants.
  11. Not a fan of the face, or the name. But you mentioned a better one, I think. And one that a San Antonio baseball team once used. Why not Tejanos?
  12. If I'm not mistaken - and I probably am - those are both right. The first, bigger Bruce is the original, and later, Bruce was downsized a bit and tweaked. Edit: Looks like maybe they started the logo smaller then grew it.