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  1. Did those NFL players wear those jerseys throwing out a first pitch or something? Otherwise this seems like a sad attempt to capitalize off another more popular sport's marketable stars.
  2. Jags are sorely in need to an outline around the numbers and a stripe of some kind on the pants to get rid of the "practice uniform" feel this thing gives off. Nothing about either of those features is "unique" or Nike brainwashing. Yes, it's an improvement over the last disaster of a set, but it doesnt make this one beyond reproach. Look no further than the other team in this picture to see how those two features help give the uniform a clean, professional game uniform feel.
  3. This is so, so dumb. "You need to EARN the RIGHT to where a secondary marking on a helmet for a franchise that is 1-31 the last two seasons."
  4. The Skate logo was what they wore in my formative years with Linden, Bure, Courtnall, MacLean, etc. so that's what they always look right to me in. Unpopular opinion but I hate the current color scheme and logo.
  5. The Marlins hat is great too. Love the teal and black.
  6. Man the Lakers are getting fried on Twitter about the stupid black stripe
  7. interesting. Week 11 in Detroit they'll be wearing their black jerseys, so Lions in Color Rush? Or Black vs Blue contrast game? Same for at Browns in Week 14.
  8. Pats had it right in the first year of that rebrand though I wouldnt have minded a navy look either. I've never had an issue with the Redskins though? Think there's quite enough yellow in the helmet to offset the mask.
  9. IMO facemask color should match the team's color scheme, even if it's just white. I dont care for the historical precedent argument because that stemmed from the equipment only being made in gray back in the day. If the Packers, Bears, and Steelers can update their facemask color, so can anyone else. I think it sticks out as badly as team's who don't have black wearing black cleats. Either wear white or one of your team's colors. It's 2018, you have almost infinite choice now. Id rank the Niners, Bills, Bucs, Colts, Cardinals, and Vikings as being the biggest offenders here.
  10. Because if it was black/purple/black it would look like just one purple stripe on a black hat, this was likely done for contrast (though I guess you could argue the hat should be purple?) On the road gray hat, you have the contrasting white to have the black stripes on the outside as it is on their white pants.
  11. Such a shame. Could've spent his career in this one instead:
  12. Ward had a 12 year career in the NBA, ten of them with the Knicks. versus what was basically a 2 year career as a football player at Florida State. The Knicks is most certainly his RIGHT uniform.
  13. Just go with the freaking brown already. Plus it will give them a good opportunity for brand synergy with UPS in a few years when MLB starts putting ads on the uniforms.
  14. Hot take: Maryland's flag looks like a taxi company run by Teutonic Knights.
  15. Definitely Wright's correct uniform, but a HOFer he's not. (and won't be)
  16. Hoffman was with the Padres from 1993-2008, meaning he only played about 5 seasons in the above look. I always associate him more with this:
  17. C'mon now. Maybe if he wins a Cup with them (lol), but the guy's been the face of the Islanders for almost a decade. No one is going to forget about that.
  18. Always thought the Ducks would look good in a "mallard" color scheme i.e. dark green, black, and orange.
  19. the whole "minor league team as regional foodstuff" thing is getting out of hand. also, scrapple is not good.
  20. Never liked the all teal caps, preferred this one much more
  21. Marlins can't legally go back to being the "Florida Marlins" due to their deal with the city of Miami so I'd think a return to the exact old logo would be a no go. Perhaps they'll go the route of something similar featuring an "M" Anything is better than the current orange-centric rebrand
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