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  1. Great work on the NY teams...they both look outstanding !
  2. College logos are by far and away the hardest to get a hold of in my experience. Why these univ and colleges do such a poor job in preserving their history Ill never know. If found a couple of great books on college mascot name origins from the 80s. They are both chock full of great vintage NCAA logos. I've been toying with the idea of doing a book review on some of the books in my collection.
  3. Anybody actively collect logos or logo images? My main focus is NCAA logos, especially the ones from 80s and older. These logos are not always easy to find. I often find them on ebay and things like that. There are several schools where i can only find copies of the current logo, I was thinking maybe a pooling of resources could be beneficial. I wasnt sure if anyone does this, let me know. Kenny
  4. Anyone know of any books with Logos in them? This can include any specialty books like the AL and NL Red and Green books. And the older the better, I always like vintage logos. Loose Balls: Book on the history of the ABA. John Fulgaro: Sports Logo Book The College Name Game What's in a Nickname: Exploring the Jungle of College Athletic Mascots
  5. great job! fantastic series, I love your work!
  6. I agree, great job! This looks amazing! That was a great period for college logos...I know from looking, that a lot of those are not easy to find or replicate. nice work!
  7. Great job. I was a big fan of your NCAA hockey series. This is just as good. Interesting subject, I've learned a lot.
  8. I've being meaning to post this for a while. Those Chicago fields are modern art. They are all fantastic looking! you did a great job on those and the USFL fields are well! done. Keep up the great work!
  9. Nice work on Georgia, I missed that one...I can tell by the views that NCAA women's hoops brings out the passion on this board, lol Thanks again! Kenny
  10. Badass! keep up the great work!
  11. Anyone aware of woman-centric logos for basketball? the only two I came up with were the Tenn Lady Vols and the La Tech Lady Techsters. Kenny
  12. This is OUTSTANDING!!!! Keep up the great work, I'm excited to see the rest!!!! -Kenny
  13. Mr K, I just wanted to let you know that Im a big fan of your work and you do a great job these courts. Keep it up! this goes for your NBA courts as well.
  14. I agree this is a clever concept and design...I love the Basketball being "beemed up" to the mothership, nice work!
  15. this is another one Ive been meaning to post for a while. You did a really good job on this! you did a nice job blending the Marlin with the old school M... Why Jeter and the gang dont go back to that fantastic looking teal and just incorperate the M and miami into the design is beyond me? Once again, nice work!
  16. I've been meaning to post this for a while. I wanted to say what a fantastic job you did on these! they ALL look great! Rarely on this forum do I learn something from a post, but not being an expert on NCAA hockey, I did learn a lot. Once again great work!
  17. Great job on these fields...they all look fantastic. I was looking for 3 fields in particular. Any help would be appricated. Once again great work! 1985 Chicago bears - Soilder Field 1988 cincinnati bengals - Riverfront Stadium mid to late 80's Seattle Seahawks - Kingdome
  18. not bad. not sure if i like the explosion background...makes it look like box art from a GI Joe toy in the 80's. i like the stealth bomber plane.
  19. Josh not sure if this is how to.send a PM on here. I saw what you did for that chrlston team and man it looked great. I was wondering if you could help me on a few I have? I'm not like that one guy. I am open to paying you for your services. Let me know if your interested. Email me at



  20. Simple and clean looking, I like it. Try this year's national Champs next, Kentucky
  21. I love the Sox home jersey, looks sharp!
  22. I like the idea behind the tree pattern. I think it just needs to be fleashed out a bit more, less green. I like the tree gloves, maybe get rid of the "S" on the palms of the gloves. Keep up the good work Kenny
  23. I disagree, I like both. But I really like the BC one. Nice Job!