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  1. For 1 season I can deal with it.
  2. I don’t think it’s lazy, sometimes little changes is all that’s necessary. Of course that doesn’t excuse the monochrome crap.
  3. For god sake Saints enough with the damn pajama pants EVERY freakin Sunday. On the flip side Atlanta looks great.
  4. Not lousy, just overrated imo. For example I’m not a fan of the Packers color scheme or their logo. But again not lousy, just not my cup of tea.
  5. I’ll never understand the love for the Packers uniforms. Wildly overrated imo.
  6. My point is when hockey fans see those colors they think of the Minnesota Northstars not the Dallas Stars
  7. Na they feel and look completely different. Yellow isn’t gold and the green was as you mentioned darker. Those are Minnesota Northstars colors.
  8. IMO those colors belong to Minnesota (since they actually wore those colors in Minnesota) much more than Dallas.
  9. Can’t understand how anyone doesn’t like Minnesota’s.
  10. Can’t believe the Sabres didn’t put that beautiful Buffalo head on their crest. The clear winners for me are the Wild, Devils, Habs and Canes. And the Ducks are the obvious losers, although the hipsters (we like things cause they’re ugly) will love em I’m sure. Also that Caps jersey is WAY better then what they’re currently wearing.
  11. But have the Leafs ever had Grey in their jerseys? Honest question.
  12. Should have been the other way around. I’m just glad they didn’t go with those hideous storm jerseys that all the hipsters like because they’re so ugly.
  13. So Tampa is just gonna switch the black with blue. Boring. Could have at least replaced white with grey.
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