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  1. I think the gradient is their alternate.
  2. Is the black stroke around the numbers thicker than the s.b. set? On the fanatics site they look thicker but in the player pics they don’t. Maybe it’s just the fanatics jerseys? Their (fanatics) jerseys always seem to be a little off, the images at least.
  3. Prefer the brighter red and orange. Especially when seeing the logo against dark backgrounds
  4. These are gonna look even better in the sunshine and stadium lights.
  5. Hopefully the orange trim looks like it does in the player photos as opposed to the fanatics image.
  6. Wish the orange was brighter. It looks dull especially with the darker red.
  7. Thank god the orange trim is there, they look near perfect imo. These are the only two things I would have liked to see. 1. I prefer the shiny pants but it’s not a huge deal for me. 2. Get rid of the script on the chest, I hate when teams do this.
  8. The old one looked like clip art you’d find on a menu of a pirate themed restaurant.
  9. I don’t think they are at all. That’s actually the gripe some people are making, that it doesn’t look like a tattered real flag. Its quite obvious it’s a Jolly Roger flag.
  10. Does it bother anyone that the feathers in the nbc logo are too clean? Just 1 of a thousand examples and probably a bad one, but you get my meaning. It’s not supposed to be an illustration, it’s a logo.
  11. Can we all agree it needs orange trim though?
  12. Love the newer red, and logo for that matter, but you already new that. I hate talking about the same crap over and over but dammit I’m freaking bored.
  13. My guess would be cause they're in San Diego.
  14. I much prefer the silver around the logo as opposed to white. It blends in better with the helmet imo.
  15. Both Kroenke and Spanos are greedy scumbags.
  16. I have a feeling they’re ditching the silver, inside the skull anyway.
  17. Idk but it’s definitely bad ass for a high school team.
  18. I think it’s because they’re ditching the silver in the the logo. But that’s just my guess.
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