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  1. The Av’s,Wild and Devils jerseys are gonna be sick.
  2. Yeah no contest the purple pants look fantastic.
  3. The orange pops more on the white jersey. It looks especially good with their pewter pants.
  4. Would love to see them in normal lighting to really judge them.
  5. Nope, wait till the Rams play the Falcons. scratch that they don’t play, shame.
  6. That blue Habs jersey is freakin beautiful and maybe better then their current primes.
  7. Such a beautiful jersey minus the script. One of my all time fav’s. It’s a shame there isn’t a purple NHL team anymore.
  8. But most don’t think it’s an upgrade. At best with the right combo they’re MAYBE a wash. Actually I take that back they’re worse.
  9. They looked way more brown back then imo.
  10. Unpopular Opinion: These Titans helmets are superior to the white lids. And for god sake can we please end the monochrome madness!
  11. The NFL should give the Falcons a mulligan on their uni’s. Five years of these is too long.
  12. These Falcons uni’s look worse with each passing week. Why are they so determined to keep wearing pajamas?
  13. I wish the Bucs would realize how amazing white tops with pewter pants looks.
  14. Falcons look so bad. I think the white pj’s somehow look even worse then the black ones.
  15. I think I’ve seen that fabric at Michaels art supply.
  16. It made me literally laugh out loud upon seeing it. Beyond tacky.
  17. Atlanta still rockin the pajamas I see.
  18. Probably the most overrated look in the NFL. That doesn’t mean their bad, just overrated.
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