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  1. I'm pretty sure those are not the official uniforms because they use a member here's template. but if those are the actual uniforms, I am beyond dissapointed.
  2. I was looking up Michael Sam pictures and the first suggestion when I typed in Michael Sam was "michael sam gay", and this was about 6 months ago. Anyway, I think it's really cool that a guy could be so comfortable in his own skin. Good for him.
  3. I would make the shoulder numbers a different color, or eliminate them all together. other then that great start!
  4. The number does go down past that line in real life
  5. Is there a reason you have 3 different blue jays hats? Not trying to be rude, just wondering if they are different sizes or something.
  6. I've got a Walla Walla Sweets cap that Is one of the most comfortable hats I own. It is made by the Game. I also have a Mizzou hat made by the Game but in the moisture wicking material. in my opinion the wool caps are a hundred times more comforrtable then the new fabrics
  7. I'd add another stripe to the shoulder stripe to let it fit in better with the pants
  8. Awesome, much needed change for the Cubbies. I'll definitely try to pick one up if they're available at Mesa Riverfront this Spring Training! but... it's a cubs hat
  9. This is a great logo, but a few things could really make it great. I think the shadow on the mans mustache is uneeded, and also, what are the letters on the hat? Looks like a WvW to me. maybe im missing something?
  10. Love this, but it'd be cool if the logos with basketballs were turned into logos with footballs. just a thought
  11. This is good, but the wordmark and # font really don't combine very well. Make those work better together and you have a really nice concept. Great Job!
  12. base your set off the gray jersey and the 3rd pair of pants and this would be a great concept
  13. I liked the first logo/uniform set better. putting the first logo (without the extra outline) on the second update would make this almost perfect
  14. because if their opinion isn't yours, they're automatically a dumbass
  15. Too many bolts. change the sleeve/waist bolts to striping and it will improve this concept immensly
  16. use direct URL on right hand side of photobucket. plug that into the image button
  17. Well, seeing I am a Ram's fan, I'm gonna just have to hope that an AFC team wins this year. I would never root for the Seahawks after what Golden Tate did (Total D-Bag move) and I could never root for the 49ers because of Harbaughs crybaby attitude. I don't even care if the Patriots win.
  18. This is a really cool idea. just a random thought but it would be cool if you included the dirt panels in the football field drawing sort of like the raiders
  19. What is going on with Texas's red socks?
  20. The template is nice, but i would make the collar/sleeves outline less choppy
  21. Yale has very similar striping to cornell. They'd look very similar if not for the different colors
  22. Oh boy... First off, you used the Baylor Bears old logo & wordmark, you didn't "create" it, please give credit to what you got it from next time. Plagiarizing is downright unacceptable if you're going to post a concept in here. Also, your uniforms are good, but they are somewhat bland, but it is a retro set after all. I didn't see where he said it was his. for me it's implied it was just a recolor
  23. Am I the only one that likes WKU's new uniforms?