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  1. Houston w/some minor changes to their helmets: 3d "UH" nose bumper replaced w/text, no decal on rear bumper, Bill Yeoman and "Equality" decals added.
  2. +1. They aren't terrible, but they could have been so much better.
  3. The big change is the number font, which imho looks great. Thumbs up.
  4. Pretty sure it's a custom. I don't believe XFL 2.0 is offering mini helmets.
  5. Flag of the city of Houston. I'm sorry you don't care for it, but a star is entirely appropriate in this case.
  6. Umm...Texas? The Lone Star State? Btw, I received this yesterday from
  8. Really? I wish I had seen that.
  9. Imo, it's more accurate to describe him as a poor mans Deshaun Watson.