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  1. I assumed that was shorthand for green-green-white.
  2. Nope. The navy trim was dropped when we switched from Adidas to Nike in '08. Imo that was a mistake.
  3. It's not arbitrary; it's science. "Next there’s the limitations of those rods and cones in your eyes that let you see stuff along the color spectrum from red to green to blue. Human vision tends to perceive some colors—specifically those along the red and green spectrum—a lot better than other colors (like those along the blue). This is why we get grossed out when skin tones are reproduced too poorly on a TV or the green of grass seems unnaturally too green in an image. It’s also why we like displays with more blue in them—even when they’re inaccurately reproducing colors. We have more trouble seeing the blue so it is often more pleasing to our brains! But because our eyes have more difficulty with colors along the blue spectrum, it can make matching the blocks with more blue in them more difficult. And if you have a color perception deficiency it will be even harder. X-Rite even claims that cismen tend to have more difficulty differentiating colors than ciswomen, with one out of every 255 women and one out of every 12 men having some kind of deficiency in color perception."
  4. This seems a good place to leave this: "So, why are the sleeves a violation? Well, according the Article 4, Subsection J of the Uniform Policy, the sleeves don't match the team color, which is blue for the Cowboys -- not white. For example, wide receiver Cole Beasley has been spotted wearing sleeves multiple times in the past few weeks, but they were blue. Are you effing kidding me?
  5. For some reason our Riddell shells look red in natural light but orange under the lights.