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  1. +1. They aren't terrible, but they could have been so much better.
  2. The big change is the number font, which imho looks great. Thumbs up.
  3. Pretty sure it's a custom. I don't believe XFL 2.0 is offering mini helmets.
  4. Flag of the city of Houston. I'm sorry you don't care for it, but a star is entirely appropriate in this case.
  5. Umm...Texas? The Lone Star State? Btw, I received this yesterday from
  7. Really? I wish I had seen that.
  8. Imo, it's more accurate to describe him as a poor mans Deshaun Watson.
  9. The AAF didn't have WWE money backing it up. Long term prognosis is still a question mark, but I have no doubt the XFL will finish year one.
  10. I understand that. My question was why would all of those options say no. I find it hard to believe that all of those schools couldn't use the money.
  11. The Roughnecks had most of the upper decks blocked off which meant the lower bowl was pretty much full. The game was entertaining and the crowd was into it. Kudos all the way around. Note: the seats nearest the camera are part of the club section. Fans wander in and out to hit the buffet and/or the bar.
  12. Why not? The Roughnecks are playing at TDECU Stadium on the campus of the University of Houston. IMO a 35-40k college stadium is infinitely preferable to playing at a converted baseball park.