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  1. Oregon State looks fine in a vacuum, but they've worn sets (the Benny Beaver throwback, the 2010 Civil War throwback) that are SO much better
  2. New Balance settled down after the wild Warrior years and have since produced some really nice kits. I'll be bummed if they don't stick around in the PL.
  3. A Lions A Vikings B Dolphins (Not going to consider the color tweak as a full redesign) B Seahawks C Jets C Jaguars 2.0 D Titans F Browns F Buccaneers F Jaguars 1.0
  4. Ah yes. The taxpayers should foot the bill for a stadium, not the billionaire that owns the team. Thank you for your deep insight.
  5. My biggest problem with these (apologies if someone has said roughly the same thing already) is the clash between the retro-inspired logo on the helmet and the ultra-modern uniform style. I can't reconcile the two of them existing together.
  6. The thing that bugs me the most is that they put a football in a football
  7. That's better than the full roundel by a mile
  8. Every once in a while Cal will play Baylor and I get a little chuckle over "Bears vs. Lady Bears"
  9. I'm personally a big fan of teams occasionally using alternate color schemes for their alternate kits. It's usually a nice way to do something different and creative, especially when there's a tie-in to local culture or club history. Portland looked great in red, Colorado and Chicago both had pretty solid flag-inspired kits, and Toronto's, SJ's, and Seattle's NASL-inspired throwbacks were a treat. You don't have to do it every year (and I think primary kits should generally be worn whenever possible provided there's no clash), but it can be a really nice change of pace.
  10. Pure conjecture at this point, but with the change to Under Armour, I expect Cal to return to the classic "Big C" caps that they wore until 2013: Or perhaps they'll wear the new secondary mark with a bear inside the C. I also expect the new "California" and "Golden Bears" scripts to be used. For reference, here are there Nike unis from last year:
  11. Boy oh boy am I ready for this trend to die.