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  1. Okay that's it. I'd like to officially move that all pewter-orange concept posts be banned from this thread. A new one gets posted (or reposted) at least once per page and none of them look good
  2. They navy-dominant Chargers look should stay in the past where it belongs, but I will say I really loved one thing on these uniforms: the double outline, where the inner outline is the same color as the background material. It gives off a very "electric" effect.
  3. I'll admit they've had plenty of misses but gosh I really loved this one
  4. I'd love to see the Pats switch to a modernized Pat Patriot logo, but I imagine the Flying Elvis is here forever
  5. I know it's Marshawn's team, but the Beast Mode hip patches strike me as unnecessary
  6. It's pretty clear that the entire New England kit is a rough throwback to their inaugural look, hence the red shorts
  7. Hmm. I've seen that before somewhere...
  8. Agree that the giant shoulder stripes are a major distraction on most of the kits, but I actually really like them in this one specific case: Probably because there's historical precedent for DC United wearing three giant stripes across their torso
  9. Hope their goofy front facing wolf logo dies too
  10. Cal used to give the QB and punter the same number. It allowed them to pull off fake punts every once in a while, including this beauty by Jared Goff:
  11. Idk, seems like the pointy helmet stripe would clash with the traditional stripes on the rest of the uniform
  12. I know the shoulder horns are silly and redundant when you actually think about it, but I love them anyway. I can't explain why, and it definitely doesn't make sense, but I still love them.
  13. I'd say the white is an upgrade (never liked how the Beavs used gold), while losing the Beavers script on the orange is a downgrade, but man oh man, I can't believe they're still using that placeholder cap logo from their rebrand 7 whole years ago