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  1. Louisville more or less had it perfect during the Teddy Bridgewater years. Every change since has been a downgrade.
  2. I liked the blue turf as a novelty thing when they were the only team doing it. But now we have red at Eastern Washington, gray at Eastern Michigan, teal at Coastal Carolina, etc. and it all just feels like a dumb gimmick
  3. There are some things I really miss about that uniform (namely the shiny metallic pants that match the helmet finish, the red facemask, and the presence of gold on the jerseys), but ultimately that set was way too busy.
  4. Agree 100%. I have a lot of nostalgia for the original Mighty Ducks uniforms, but as @Still MIGHTY said, ownership hasn't seemed fond of them. Given that I'd be satisfied with a home-away based on this jersey. They can revive that excellent and vastly superior old logo and finally emphasize the orange color that they're so keen on pushing in advertising and social media (i.e., "Paint it Orange," etc.)
  5. Interesting. Is this replacing or coexisting with the marks from their 2014 rebrand? It would be a shame if this is an overhaul--the 2014 brand is fantastic IMO.
  6. Supposedly the wishbone C+A was the baseball cap logo from 1958-1999: https://ucdavisaggies.com/news/2019/3/13/football-bringing-back-an-aggie-classic-the-ca-logo.aspx I dunno. I agree that wishbone Cs are overused, but IMO the A gives the logo some charm and distinguishes it from the pack. Perhaps I'm biased though, because I always thought the horse identity was pretty bad. Side note: There's also a pretty decent script Davis logo that the football team had been making heavy use of from 2015 up until last season. I hope they bring it back at some point this season.
  7. I really like that wishbone CA, but yeesh, the whole athletics brand is a mess. The A-in-C and the Horse-in-C logos clash badly, and they're using a wordmark as their primary, for christ's sake:
  8. I loved that one. I think it's my second favorite, after the flag motif they used in 2013:
  9. I for one think it's pretty odd that they made a logo of the Golden Gate and left out the bridge
  10. Sorry I don't have the ability to cook up a concept, but if I had it my way the Reds would Ditch the black brim and use only the red cap. Keep the font (I realize I'm in the minority but I actually quite like it) but remove the drop shadow. Maybe make the numbers slightly bigger/wider Reduce the use of black to thin outlines on the numbers and away script, but don't eliminate black entirely--I think the contrast would be beneficial Pinstriped home jersey Remove black from the home chest logo. Use a red CREDS jersey logo rather than white CREDS on a red blob
  11. San Diego Surf might be tough because that name is currently being used (and has been in use for a long time) as the name of a youth club: http://www.surfsoccer.com/
  12. Until recently, the Venezuelan national teams exclusively used maroon and gold (and their soccer team wore volt once)
  13. Oregon State looks fine in a vacuum, but they've worn sets (the Benny Beaver throwback, the 2010 Civil War throwback) that are SO much better
  14. New Balance settled down after the wild Warrior years and have since produced some really nice kits. I'll be bummed if they don't stick around in the PL.
  15. A Lions A Vikings B Dolphins (Not going to consider the color tweak as a full redesign) B Seahawks C Jets C Jaguars 2.0 D Titans F Browns F Buccaneers F Jaguars 1.0