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  1. if anybody is still working on logos here, i'd love to see this version of mr redlegs updated. shouldn't be too hard.
  2. i can't think of another all time great in any sport who is/was hated by so many of their own fans. it's such a strange thing. i think people would pick scooter over votto at this point.
  3. trout will be handed an empty check and a pen lol
  4. joey votto's contract just keeps lookin better and better
  5. this is a lot of fun! the cannon logo turned out really nice. the pilots are my favorite so far!
  6. man i agree so much. i'm always stoked for baseball but i haven't felt this excited about the reds in quite some time. from the new managers to the new players. plus the 150th anniversary stuff this season. should be a ton of fun!
  7. the only time i want to see cliff pennington in a reds uniform is when he's on the mound
  8. the blue jackets really should've only won one game, and that was game 3. which they lost. tonight was dreadful. im not looking forward to the way this ends. go jackets
  9. you stink take a bath.

  10. i appriceate the information. now BACK TO THE LYNCHING
  11. i would be ok with this happening every night. no complaints here.
  12. hit the shot but didn't get it off before the buzzer and the rockets win by 1. wowwwwwwww. fun opening night
  13. pitchers walking in pitchers for runs. nl baseball baby!