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  1. I really love this update all around. I don’t want to expand too much because other users have pretty much summed up all of the thoughts that I have, namely @FinsUp1214 with the post quoted below. I will say, though, that I actually like both Color Rush sets on their own, I just think they should’ve stuck with one (probably the navy) instead of rolling with both. I don’t think they confuse the brand, though, as both CR sets connect back to a significant portion of the team’s history and I like limiting the royal and navy to the CR sets rather than muddling up the primary branding and uniforms trying to incorporate all of the colors. With the combos they have, I hope the frequency that they wear each combo sort of follows how they’re shown here from left to right: If there’s an even split of games wearing color and games wearing white, I’d like the breakdown to be as follows: Powder over white : 4 games Powder over gold: 2 games Royal CR: 1 game Navy CR: 1 game White over gold: 5 games White over white: 3 games I like the gold pants but would prefer they emphasize the powder over white as the primary home combo. I’d like to see them go with the white over gold as the primary road combo, still wearing the all-white a few times as well.
  2. Good look at the actual helmet: And a couple good looks at Bosa’s powder blue jersey:
  3. Yeah, it definitely would be. Based on JW Johnson’s hints, it seems like there will be orange pants, though. And if there’s an orange alternate jersey too they’ll probably just release them at the same time and show them off as an all-orange combo.
  4. This orange name and number tee is currently being sold on Fanatics/NFL Shop: This may or may not be representative of a yet-to-be-released orange alternate, but it’s certainly a possibility given the fact that JW Johnson has hinted at there being more to come. It’s also worth noting that all of the other shirts currently available from this new line of Nike name/number tees (including ones for the new Falcons, Pats, and Bucs sets) are representative of teams’ home jerseys, and this orange Browns tee is the only one that’s not representative of the teams’ home jersey. It’s also the only one currently available for the Browns. So again, it may or may not be indicative of a future orange alternate, but I thought it was at least worth posting here. And on the off chance it is representative of an orange alt, here are a couple mockups of how that could look, with both white and orange pants:
  5. There’s more to evaluating a set of numbers than just saying how many of the numbers look “good” or “bad”. I like the font and think it’s a nice modern adaptation of classic block, but I still think there are a few issues besides the lousy ‘7’.
  6. After evaluating it more I actually think it’s a very solid set of numbers. The 7 is bad, but on the whole I’d give it probably an 8 or 8.5 out of 10. It maintains the proportions of the classic block, and as a result still reads as a classic block at first glance, but the rounded corners give it a little contemporary touch without doing too much. And it does match the wordmark font with the mix of rounded corners and hard edges, but it’s not as thick as the wordmark and is sort of a hybrid of that font and of the classic block.
  7. Yeah, it’s just a mockup. You can see the black jersey with the FanDuel logo here: And I fully expect Sabrina to wear #20, as she wore it in her AAU days, in high school, and all four years at Oregon. Plus she’s pretty much synonymous with the number 20 after all she’s done over the last four year years and all the fame she’s gotten.
  8. My opinion differs with pretty much everything you said there, because of all the reasons I outlined above. Stripe consistency and “matching better” aren’t the ultimate goal, and when you look at the uniform as a whole the O/B/O is the better option and the one that makes the whole package work. If you wanna talk about stripe consistency and matching I’d say the O/B/O matches the other stripe patterns just as well as the B/O/B since there’s a mix of three stripe and five stripe patterns, but the O/B/O also has the added benefit of just flat out looking better with the rest of the uniform. That is the ultimate goal, really, and the one that should win out over trying to be wholly consistent with every little detail. You’re fine to keep disagreeing (I know you will), but plenty of others on here as well as myself recognize how and why the O/B/O has stood the test of time and why it’s ultimately the best solution for the uniform set as a whole.
  9. He made a new account then because his other account got deleted. Honestly I think he’s full of :censored:, and I’m much more inclined to believe the hints from Bosa, especially since they line up with the marks on the logo sheet.
  10. Okay, so first thing: that TUASZN guy on Twitter had his account deleted, so he was probably full of :censored:. Second: Take this with a hefty grain of salt, but Joey Bosa made an appearance on the YouTube video above and gave some hints about the new uniforms (whether they were real hints or a smoke screen remains to be seen). He said “They’re a lot simpler, we got rid of a color completely. There’s two, but then the color we got rid of, we made a Color Rush version that’s all that color and it looks absolutely unbelievable.” He goes on to say that you can probably deduce what that means if you’ve been following along, and then says that he believes the royal blue Color Rush is coming back as well. If all of this info is actually legit, then it seems pretty clear that the color he says they got rid of is the navy since they eliminated it from the new logos. And if that’s the case then the new alternate he’s talking about is mono-navy. Since the logo sheet shows both the royal blue and navy logos as Color Rush marks, its very possible that they could have mono-navy and mono-royal alternates that they’re labeling as Color Rush despite the fact that the NFL eliminated the Color Rush program in 2018. Or the royal blue uniform could be a throwback or paired with yellow pants or something, who knows. All of these hints seem way more plausible than the gray uniform rumor that the TUASZN guy started. If that guy had any legit info at all it’s also possible he was shown a poor quality image and mistook the navy alternate for a dark gray. Or he was just full of it, which frankly seems much more likely. Again, who knows if Bosa was actually giving out real hints or not, but at the very least these hints seem way more plausible than the gray uniform rumor. And the fact that his hints seem to line up with the royal and navy marks on the logo sheet seems to add more credibility to it.
  11. Guess I’ll weigh in on this. For me the two orange stripes provide the right amount of orange to properly balance the jerseys and pants with the orange helmet. With the B/O/B striping pattern the single orange stripe just doesn’t quite provide that right balance, even though it may seem to match the jersey stripes better in a vacuum. The jerseys are brown and white heavy, and with the bright orange helmet there just needs to be the two orange stripes to properly balance everything. The white pants with the O/B/O striping look especially “right” when paired with the brown jerseys because there’s consistency in there being two orange stripes against white on both the jersey and pant stripe sequences. With the white jerseys the O/B/O striping does look somewhat inconsistent in that the jersey stripes have brown on the outside while the pant stripes have orange on the outside, but there’s still consistency in there being two orange stripes in both stripe sequences. And, while the B/O/B pant striping might seem to match the white jersey stripes better in a vacuum with the brown on the outside in both, it just doesn’t look right when paired with the orange helmet. The two orange stripes just look right when you look at the uniform as a whole, whereas the B/O/B just doesn’t quite have that same effect despite it seeming like the more logical solution. The fact that it’s their traditional look just adds to how “right” the O/B/O looks and how “wrong” the B/O/B looks. Again, this is just my opinion, but I think it’s one that’s shared by many here, at least in part.
  12. Syracuse changed back to more traditional uniforms last year, which look nothing like Illinois’ set: Yeah Illinois’ current set has some similarities to Syracuse’s previous set, but there were plenty of distinguishing qualities and the two schools have looked similar for quite some time. To suggest that Syracuse should take legal action is just ridiculous, especially since Nike designed both sets and because, like I said, the two schools have had many similar looks over the years. Plus Syracuse never should’ve looked like that anyways, and thankfully have rectified that with their new set that’s more in line with their uniform history.
  13. Looks a lot like Illinois’ current orange/navy/orange combo, too:
  14. Even just the regular white pants make for a decent alternate look: Gives off sort of a Bears Monsters of the Midway vibe, but definitely better than the solid brown. With striped orange pants: I wouldn’t wanna see solid orange pants, so just used the striped orange pants that we’ll hopefully see sometimes this year. And with the O/B/O striped brown pants:
  15. I posted this video a while back of the Browns’ new turf in their indoor facility being an indicator of the face mask color not changing, but as this twitter user points out it looks like the numbers match the new number font: It never even occurred to me to check the numbers, especially since at first glance it just looks like standard block, but if you look closely it definitely appears to be the new custom jersey number font. Whether intentional or not that definitely was a little Easter egg that nobody seemed to catch.
  16. Here ya go @WSU151, it was actually @TornadoGTS.
  17. Yep, that’s an underrated element of what they did. No need for a wordmark there.
  18. Definitely similar, but with more hard edges and pointed corners. Both fonts are adaptations of classic block, with the new Browns font being more of a subtle adaptation in comparison to that Vikings font. I’m just glad they didn’t go all in on matching the wordmark font, as the numbers in the character set of the wordmark font are too thick and stray a bit too far away from classic block:
  19. I see the logic behind the layouts, too. The O/B/O is the classic stripe layout on the white pants, and does match the three interior stripes on the white jerseys. I think I still would’ve preferred O/W/O stripes on the brown pants so that there’s white on all elements, but I see why they went with O/B/O to match the stripes on the white pants and match the three interior stripes on the white jerseys. I don’t think they’ll wear those brown pants with the regular brown jerseys at all, so the mismatch between the brown jersey stripes and brown pant stripes should never be an issue. If they do wear brown pants with the home brown jerseys (which hopefully they won’t), they’ll likely just go with the alternate solid brown pants.
  20. Removing the stripes will likely make people more inclined to buy them than if they simply kept the old CR but with the updated number font. Sad reality, but that’s almost surely why they stripped it down a bit to make a more noticeable difference.
  21. If they wear brown pants with the home brown jerseys they’ll be the alternate solid brown pants not the regular ones with the O/B/O striping. But hopefully they never do that.
  22. A look at a few more numbers in the new font: Overall this font isn’t perfect, and still slightly inferior to just going with classic block, but it’s close enough to be pretty harmless and still complement the rest of the look. I’m glad they maintained the proportions of the classic block numbers instead of making them thicker to better match the wordmark font (which they’re using for NOB’s).
  23. I’m thrilled (and quite surprised) that there are striped brown socks for the home set. I would’ve preferred O/W/O stripes on the road brown pants, but I don’t mind the O/B/O stripes as they match the white pants and should prevent them from going mono-brown with the regular brown jerseys (unless they wear the CR brown pants with the home brown jerseys). I would’ve preferred a classic block as this custom font is slightly wonky with the mix of rounded and straight corners, but overall it’s pretty solid and close enough to solid block to still complement the classic look. The CR sucks, but that was to be expected. I pretty much love the rest, though I’m hoping for orange pants at some point.