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  1. Technically the Colts and Ravens are still using the flywire collar template (Elite 51), but now with the Colts removing the flywire both them and the Ravens are using the template without the flywire. So, yeah, flywire is gone from the NFL but the Elite 51 template isn’t. I’ll be curious to see if both teams hold onto the Elite 51 even after Nike eventually switches the NFL over to the new Vapor Fusion template.
  2. I did grow to like that jersey (and the matching white version they wore in 2017), but I think something closer to the 2015 Rose Bowl jerseys is what I’d consider the “perfect” Ducks jersey: Personally I thought the 2015 Rose Bowl jersey (and set as a whole) was pretty much the perfect balance between flashy and classic with the tonal wings on the shoulder and the full-color Duck logo on the sleeves. I also didn’t think the black number outlines and “Ducks” wordmark on the 2016-17 green jersey were all that necessary, and in general prefer the solid yellow numbers on the 2015 RB jersey (and the current green jersey as well). The number font was pretty rough on the 2016-17 set too, and the Mariota-era font and the current font are both far superior.
  3. The weird part about that is that the Color Rush set was on the Vapor Untouchable in 2017 and 2018, but then last year they switched it to the Elite 51 (they still used the VU pants, though) : For one reason or another it seems like someone in the organization prefers the Elite 51. Thankfully they at least dropped the flywire, but it still would’ve been better had they just converted to the VU.
  4. Mix of Inkscape and Illustrator and the template is originally by @aawagner011.
  5. They can, but I’d bet there’ll just be plain brown socks (which is what they wore with the brown jerseys in the pre-2015 set).
  6. Here are some updated mockups based on Paul’s info and mockups and based on what’s been seen in the enhanced teaser images: The first row is essentially the home/road combos shown in Paul’s mockups, while the second row shows what socks I think will actually go with each combo (we pretty much know from the enhanced teaser image that the road set will have the white socks, and I’d bet there are plain brown socks for the home set). The third row shows what each jersey would look like with orange pants if they do end up having them in the rotation. And then here’s the white on white combo:
  7. Do you remember if the brown pants for the away uniform actually had the O/B/O striping and not something like O/W/O?
  8. Nope, that distinction belongs to the 2006 Las Vegas Bowl combo with the original grello helmets: This is the single worst combo that the Ducks have ever worn IMO, and I think most Oregon fans would agree. Those original grello helmets are pretty much universally hated amongst the fanbase, and rightfully so.
  9. In the release images the jerseys are still the Elite 51 template, but they did get of the flywire.
  10. @AndrewMLind in the article on the mothership you mention that the Colts switched to the Vapor Untouchable template, but in the release images the players are still wearing the Elite 51. Did you get info from the team that they’re making that switch, or was that just an assumption? I was fully expecting them to adopt the VU template full time, so I’m surprised to see the players in the Elite 51 still. Aside from that I love these tweaks, especially the switch to the CR/throwback number font. I also like the new wordmark, though the new secondary logo is a swing and a miss. The black swoosh on the away jersey is pretty stupid, but I can’t get too upset about it. Another notable change is that the helmet numbers now match the new jersey font, but the proportions are taller and thinner than the jersey numbers and the overall size is about the same as the classic helmet numbers:
  11. Here ya go: I don’t know, for some reason the W/O/W stripe just doesn’t look quite right and doesn’t provide the right balance with the rest of the combo IMO. If the brown pants were designed to go with the brown jerseys this stripe pattern would probably work best, but with the white jerseys (the only jerseys the brown pants should ever be paired with) I just really think the O/W/O stripes are better and provide the proper balance between all of the elements. And I like that the orange exterior stripes match the orange exterior stripes on the classic white pants as well, even if in both cases the stripe schemes are swapped from the stripe schemes on the jerseys of the same color.
  12. Yeah, exactly. There isn’t a single combo that looks better with brown pants as opposed to white or orange. And having brown pants in the rotation with this new set will almost surely lead to them going mono-brown at some point, just as they did every season from ‘13-‘18 (just talking about going mono-brown with the normal sets, not the CR since that’s it’s own set).
  13. I get where you’re coming from with the first part, but brown on the outside has always been the traditional jersey stripe pattern on white, yet their classic white pants have orange on the outside. So I don’t really think it’s a big deal having orange on the outside of the brown pant stripe when the brown jerseys have white on the outside. Plus IMO the brown pants should absolutely never be worn with the brown tops, which would erase that clash issue. Strictly aesthetically speaking I think the white pants match the white jerseys better with B/O/B stripes, but again the O/B/O is the classic look and I look at it as being the three inner stripes of the classic white jersey sleeve stripe pattern. And in that case O/W/O matches the three inner stripes of the brown jersey sleeve stripe pattern as well. If the Browns do have brown pants in their wardrobe I think they absolutely must have stripes and must only be worn with the white tops. I never cared for the solid brown pants they had in ‘08-‘09 and ‘13-‘14, especially because it opened up the possibility of the yoga pants look when they switched it up and went with brown socks (which they did in ‘08 and ‘13). In a perfect world the Browns shouldn’t even have brown pants at all IMO, but if they must have them I think having O/W/O stripes on them is the best way to make them tolerable, for the reasons outlined above. Edit- Didn’t see the edit you made about the CR brown pants with the white tops. Here’s what that looks like @andrewharrington: The CR stripes definitely match the white jersey stripes better, but I think the pants need a touch of white to truly look cohesive with the jerseys and helmets. Having that inner stripe (and swoosh) white is the perfect amount to balance everything out IMO.
  14. I disagree, I prefer the O/W/O and think it matches the B/W/B and O/B/O stripe schemes a little better.
  15. Oddly enough I’ve seen a lot of Ducks fans say that those are one of their favorite looks from recent memory. Some Ducks fans hated it at the time and still hate it today, but there seems to be quite a few fans that are quite fond of it (surprising since they lost that game and that was part of the dreadful 2016 season). I thought it was a bit gimmicky at the time but thought it was still a fun, clever idea for a one-off. Looking back now I would never want them to do it again. It was memorable, but for me at least it’s nowhere near the top of my favorite and/or most memorable looks from recent years. Really that whole 2016 season kind of falls into that category because the team had a terrible year and the uniforms were disjointed and full of different one-off looks. I’m thrilled that they’ve returned to a more streamlined, cohesive look.
  16. Here’s what the combo in today’s teaser image might look like:
  17. That’s exactly what it is. It was pretty clear from the enhanced shots of the teaser video that the five stripes were on the sleeves.
  18. This is pretty much the ideal scenario for the new Browns uniforms IMO: Realistically I’ll be surprised if there are striped socks across the board. I could definitely see them going with the striped white socks since they still had those through 2014, but I’m less optimistic about there being striped brown socks. Frankly I could see them just going with solid brown, orange, and white socks since that’s what they did all of last season. Also in a perfect world I’d prefer the return to gray facemasks, but we know those are staying brown, which is what’s reflected in these mockups. As for the pants I really hope they just stick to white and orange (unless they keep the current Color Rush design, in which case I’m fine with those brown pants provided they’re only worn with the CR jerseys).
  19. Agree to disagree then. I think it looks unbalanced and far inferior to O/O/W. Again, IMO they shouldn’t even have brown pants as there isn’t a single combo of theirs that would look better with brown pants as opposed to white or orange.
  20. Oof, I don’t think that’s a good look at all. Not just because their last set was awful, but I also just generally don’t think light/light/dark combos look that good if the helmets and jerseys aren’t white (or at least the jerseys). It looks a little bottom-heavy, and it doesn’t help that brown pants are by far the worst of the three pant color options for the Browns IMO. Frankly I think brown pants are completely unnecessary and unwarranted for the Browns, but if they do have them they should only ever be worn with the white tops. Orange/orange/white is a far superior look as far as the orange tops are concerned, and one that has historical relevance as well as they wore O/O/W once in ‘53 and in preseason of ‘54 and ‘55, and then obviously had the O/O/W alternates from ‘02-‘04. And with their outgoing set they wore O/O/W I believe three out of the four times they ever wore those orange tops.
  21. Nope, they really should only ever wear white pants when wearing orange jerseys. No mono-orange, no orange over brown.
  22. @Reyes47 you just keep digging yourself a deeper and deeper hole here, bud.
  23. Live look at the voice inside @Reyes47’s head:
  24. Yes, those Eagles pants were silver. They only had silver pants in their wardrobe back then. And no, those examples you posted are great, classic uniforms. But examples like the Falcons’ new mono-black and mono-white sets, the Saints’ mono-black and mono-white sets (the regular white set, not the CR), the Titans’ mono-navy and mono-white sets, the Jags’ all-black or all-white sets, etc. are all garbage. Not all mono uniforms are bad, and in fact there are several really classic mono uniforms in the NFL and in college as well (Colts’ all-white, Texas’ all-white, Clemson’s all-orange, the examples you posted above, etc.). And mono-white is generally much more tolerable than mono-color, especially because it’s a look that has some substantial tradition behind it. But there are even still some mono-white uniforms that are pretty terrible, like the examples I mentioned above.