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  1. Here’s a rendering of the full Chargers field design:
  2. Where’d you find the logo sheet?
  3. I’d say that’s being pretty kind. It’s more like a complete cluster:censored: if you ask me.
  4. The NFL’s Sr. Creative Director posted a nice breakdown of the changes to the Chargers’ bolt logo:
  5. That was posted on the last page, and is what sparked the discussion about the Seahawks’ throwbacks.
  6. Yep. At this point I think the best we can hope for is that the helmet horns will match the horns from the ram head logo. But even that is starting to seem increasingly unlikely.
  7. ...unless the turd emoji ended up being on the helmet. There’s a very real possibility that the helmet horns will match the horns from the new ‘LA’ logo, at which point all of the criticism they’ve received up to this point will just be amplified that much more, and deservedly so. If the helmets and uniforms are left mostly unchanged I think a lot of people would be willing to forgive the logos, but all indications are that that won’t be the case. And if the helmet horns do indeed match the horns from the new ‘LA’ logo then they may as well have put a turd emoji on the helmet because they’ll have on an iconic design.
  8. According to TruColor the shades of powder blue and yellow are the exact same. New colors: Old colors:
  9. Here’s a glimpse at the likely field design, from the Chargers’ reveal video for the new logos: In a later clip it looked like the other endzone has “Chargers” in it.
  10. Again, get rid of the Agency font and those awful angled shoulder/sleeve loops in favor of something closer to the classics: The bolt on the pants should be straighter and more closely resemble the throwbacks, too, and should be on a white background rather than blue.
  11. Something similar to Mizzou’s number font seems likely:
  12. That’s a really fantastic update. We’ll have to wait and see on the uniforms, but so far this is looking really promising. I’m happy to not see any navy or royal (or @FormerLurker’s purple rumor) accompanying the powder and yellow as those two colors are really all they need. And I agree with @SFGiants58, as long as Agency is gone the uniforms should be fantastic.
  13. We technically don’t know that...
  14. If they go with gradient numbers I’d think they’d look more like this:
  15. Correct, but the product photos currently being shown online are not photos of the actual products, but instead photoshop mockups. Not sure why you can’t get that, especially because if you look at the photos it’s pretty obvious that the logos are digitally rendered.
  16. It’s a digital mockup, not a photo of an actual physical hat.
  17. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Colts finally move to the VU template for their home and road sets and switch to the font from their Color Rush set:
  18. Time to place your bets on the uniforms having gradient numbers, like ASU’s old black Nike alts and the 2018-19 Pro Bowl sets... I’m not sure I actually see them doing that (FFS I hope they don’t) but it’s definitely a possibility given the gradients in the logos. Realistically I could see the numbers having a gradient with the different shades of yellow, but I don’t think they’d have full gradient to white.
  19. The only color scheme (and to a certain extent design) they need:
  20. For the kits being carried over from last year the fabric and cut are the exact same, just with the Aeroready label in place of the Climacool label. The construction is the exact same. Really the only noticeable difference between the 2019 and 2020 versions of the shirts being carried over from last year is that the 2020 versions come from Adidas without the MLS badges on the sleeves, leaving it up to the individual teams or individual retailers to add those after the fact. Plus this year the MLS badges are a different application, a sturdier iron-on patch rather than the flimsy sewn-on badges on last year’s shirts. Only the new 2020 EQT kits have the new cut and fabric.