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  1. They need a complete overhaul. They've had the same crappy red pinstripes for about 20 years now. Nasty home uni's. They should go back to their older colors of maroon and light blue. And I'm a 'Philly' fan.
  2. I see what you did there, Ed. LOL Posting the pic of Maclin's game winning TD, and also Westy's fantastic WOULD BE game winning catch/run TD.
  3. If TB wears red, then the Iggles should wear white on white. That SD/Indy uni battle looks good.
  4. Love the UT uni's. Except for all those details/designs in the jersey. Can't just go plain/non patterned?! No? That's too hard??!!
  5. Do the Devils need new uni's?? I think so!!
  6. They should have painted the endzones brown too. Might as well make it a full brown thing.
  7. I want to complain about the pink. But it's a futile effort as we're stuck with it for a full four weeks. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......Uggggghhhhhhhhh....
  8. Like the Vikes and Phins. Jags look ok except for the helmets. IMO, they should go with just gold ones all over. No half and half crap.
  9. Dark blue helmets for that UNC uni maybe??
  10. Hmmmmmmmmm, Browns in brown pants is ok. Would rather see the orange pants. Broncos -- Their Blue uni's stink! Broncos are orange, not dark blue! Also hate that half stripe/half horn shaped thing down the side of their pants. Nasty!
  11. Good lord that ASU helmet is awful. And so are their entire uni combos. Sad thing is, IMO, they have some decent colors to work with. But yet they want to go with all maroon or all black?! Ewwww.
  12. WTF SD!!! Love the win, but c'mon, ditch those awful blue pants!! Cowboys looked good. As they should. They are the BROWNS after all.
  13. I'm liking the Vikes uni's. The white jerseys with either the white or purple pants is a good looking uni.
  14. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Just NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Both uni's suck!! GaTech's pants are ok. The rest suck!!
  16. They rarely wear white/white in the regular season. I know they did it at Tampa last year and at Jacksonville in 2010, but other than that, I don't remember any other times in the last 10 years Hello 5! I'm hoping Chip will maybe convince the FO to bring out black pants now and then. Or even better, gray/silver ones.
  17. Love SD in all white. Would like to see TB wear the white pants at home. And would like to see Dallas wear blue more. Was hoping to see my Eagles wear white pants this week too. Oh well.
  18. The Bills uni's are full of awesomeness. And to the poster who said that NFL teams aren't wearing specific uni's at home due to them being shipped over to London for their overseas game, c'mon man!! LOL. I'm pretty sure NFL teams would have multiple sets of a specific uni in the players locker for the game. Just in case the players want to change out during halftime, due to rain, cold, sweat, a ripped jersey/pants, etc...
  19. The white helmet makes the look for the Titans. All dark blue or all light blue, with the white helmet, works.
  20. Iggles fan here. If they wear the Black jerseys under Chip, hopefully they'll pair them with the Green pants. I hate the Black jerseys/White pants combo. But with Chip here, maybe some new touches will be implemented. Gray pants? Black pants, but only with the White jersey?
  21. I like the Dallas one. The Carolina one, not so much. Just.....nothing.
  22. Chiefs uni's looked good. Skins should have worn white or burgandy pants to contrast with the Pack's yellow pants. Too much yellow out there. TB's should have worn white pants, their Pewter ones are garbage. Saints pants suck too because of the 39 inch wide black stripe on them. Bills/Panthers, both good looks. Pats have some of the worst uni's in the NFL. I'm shocked their owner has not gone back permanently to the red/white throwback ones. Jets are nice uni's. Ravens are ok. Browns are awful. That's all I got. LOL
  23. Although, I must add, I do want to see more teams, if possible, put Dallas in their Blue jerseys, just because I feel we don't get to see enough of Dallas in those jerseys.