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  1. Didn't like the Ravens endzone last night. Looked too washed out to me and not black enough.
  2. I didn't even recognize Kiffin when the camera was on him today. The stress and lifestyle seems to add weight to a lot of Coaches. I am still in love with LSU's field. Georgia, good, not that great.
  3. I liked the Ole Miss look, for this one game. Liking Texas Tech also. Pitt.....yuck. That 'thing' on the sleeve of Louisville's jersey, silly. WVU/Okie State looks really good. I dig the stripes vs. the non-stripes. Army/Cinci, terrible. Black everywhere.
  4. Saints all black = gross, outdated, ugly, cheap. Oh, and they only friggin won a SB in those gold pants!! So lets retire them??!!
  5. I am already sick of those big shoulder stripes.
  6. The Teal looks good. I wonder what goes into the decision of putting either the City or the Teams name into the endzones.
  7. Yep, for me too. Weird looking visuals for me, the greens seemed greener, the blues seemed more blue, the yellow seemed more yellow, etc.. And at first I thought the game was being played at Jerry World. Similar vibe/stadium feel to me.
  8. Look at that endzone! The helmet, the wordmark, and OMG the big red AFC Conference logo!!!!! Gorgeous, just gorgeous.
  9. So sick of the mono uni that these teams wear.
  10. Wonder what the endzones will be now. Just a 'Washington' wordmark? That is a loooong word to spell out in an endzone. LOL Take the helmets out of the endzone, I guess.
  11. Anything is an improvement from their past uni. Look good to me.
  12. Hot hot hot unis!! Well done. Love the striped socks. Browns are back to the Browns! Yay! 3 teams revealed new unis, and 3 teams did very very good!! Hopefully there will be an NFL season so that we can see these unis in live action.
  13. Pretty good, IMO. Love the helmets. And just the simple fact that all that stupid piping is now gone is wonderful.
  14. Well done, Bucs. The white uni is....dreamy.
  15. About dang time!! I am totally cool if they just switched to their color rush ones. And of course a red/white throwback set once the helmet rule changes.
  16. LAFC vs. Miami. Super ugly kits.
  17. Florida State has such great colors. But their unis just flat out stink.
  18. Hmmmmm ok, I can get down with the top left one. Red as an accent color, and go to light gray/pewter. Change the hideous number font and that uni is not too shabby.