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  1. Since i love traditional WHITE HOME TEAM, i am so glad my Raptors are wearing this on the classic court.
  2. Whaaaat? Oh my god, loving those 90's throwbacks!
  3. Seeing the gold version of the Raptors logo on ABC and winning the damn NBA TITLE (:censored: yea), i really wouldn't mind the Raptors merging their two version of the primary logo they have at the moment. I really think gold and red would fit together for us (the gold of course being the accent color).
  4. So we not getting any new logos next year?
  5. Why bother changing everything when just the center logo is different. lol
  6. Apparently Raptors getting a white OVO North jersey.
  7. Thank God there are not many white away teams, at least in the playoffs.
  8. This is what i was talking about. It's all messed up. Clippers look like the visiting team, and the scoreboard colors are reversed also...
  9. So the Clippers are wearing the blue jerseys at home against the white and red Wizards, when there is no blue on the court... "Good job" NBA.
  10. Yeah, i am ok with the home team wearing white, but if the home one is color i prefer the away to be color as well.
  11. Not a fan of away teams wearing white...
  12. The new courts in game Sixers going predominantly blue. Grizzlies without their college lanes Nuggets with the 50th Anniversary logo on center court. ? Wolves and Blazers courts And finally Capital One Arena
  13. Nah, just generic 2K jerseys. btw Clippers center logo is tiny. And i think i prefer it that way. Not happy about the lack of blue tho.
  14. There you go