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  1. You did a fine job. Fingers crossed they go in a direction similar to this.
  2. Was just browsing Reddit and came across this (if the creator of this graphic is on this site I’d love to give you credit). Yes, they’re University of California (Berkeley) colors...but I still think this would work. Nine different combinations, including the current Color Rush (sort of). I’d go middle row yellow as home, top row white as road, and top row blue as the alternate. They really don’t need the blue pants IMHO. Keep it traditional...yet updated. Just OWN YELLOW at home!
  3. Unfortunately living in California I don’t get the opportunities to wear the ones I DO have too often.
  4. I used to be partial to Starter, but now I rock mainly New Era. I DO have a ‘47 Brand Rams one though and it’s actually pretty nice.
  5. If they do something like this (except on the collar of course) I’ll be good. A good mesh of all eras. Yes...basically University of California Berkeley colors. A slightly lighter shade of navy though. I don’t object to an interpolation of these.
  6. Actually, yes. Quite a few folks (okay the sample size is via Twitter) would love them to go back to blue and white. A small group - I can’t believe I’m about to say this - would love to see them in black uniforms. Hopefully that’s a HELL NO.
  7. I hope I can get some gear with this logo on it.
  8. Should’ve never changed from Anaheim Angels IMHO. California Angels was fine as well. I’ve yet to meet any Angels fans call them the Los Angeles Angels...and I live in the metro area. I’ve yet to meet anyone in said metro area call the Los Angeles Angels. It’s FAR from being “nowhere”; it’s literally the largest city in the county and one of its most important (besides county seat Santa Ana).
  9. I’m a sucker for plain baseball jerseys and I LOVE those two in the middle (cream and all). Pair that cream jersey with that road jersey cap, have only a number on the back that matches that Indians graphic and I’d be pleased. Too bad...
  10. It’s been a few months without any updates. Guess the Rams are keeping a REALLY tight lip on things. Knowing they’ll have new uniforms next season is the exact reason why I haven’t purchased any gear (including throwback gear) THIS season. Just don’t mess up the update. K.I.S.S.
  11. I’m aware of that. What I said is still true though and I personally don’t mind seeing some teams mix it up a bit with other monochromatic looks. Oh and if all white is so great why were so many people on here complaining about the Players Weekend uniforms this year? Just saying...
  12. We already have monochrome in baseball, and it’s done by all teams: monochrome white and monochrome gray.
  13. Dodgers (and Angels since they’re the AL team) fan here and I love them as well...including the powder blue.
  14. I feel you there. I promised myself I wouldn’t get an authentic Dodgers jersey (with my name and number) until they win the championship (looks like I’ll be waiting a long time)...but for almost $500 I’ll just stick with the replicas and purchase patches separately. Looks like I’ll save HUNDREDS of dollars if I go that route. Theres no way in hell an authentic jersey is worth THAT much without a hand written signature from the player. Talk about price gouging.
  15. Oh I’m patient; I’ll wait until Lids gets them.
  16. Wasn’t in any stores when I was in SD this past weekend unfortunately. When it DOES arrive, this Dodgers fan is purchasing one.
  17. I knew what it meant already, yet still looked it up for you since I DO care. Bedford–Stuyvesant. Sort of like South of Houston.–Stuyvesant,_Brooklyn
  18. I kinda hope the Padres go with cream as well. Personally I think the brown and hints of yellow would look great. Just make the cap solid...with a white and yellow (gold?) SD (and yellow squishee or whatever you call that button). And that yellow jersey is OUTSTANDING. They’d sell like hot cakes. Even I’d buy one.
  19. I swear Hat Club has a hat like that EDIT: Not quite, but close
  20. I still wish that Rams face mask was gray.