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  1. Soooo…any leaks of the Dodgers jersey? I want to get my disappointment out of the way.
  2. So you mean like the uniforms previously worn on Mothers Day (pink), Fathers Day (blue), Memorial Day (camp), and Independence Day…where people (especially on this board) complained.
  3. Love them…but still like the bone jerseys as well.
  4. Technically you’re correct. But the franchise in the past…
  5. Jacksonville is definitely the largest city, but the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area is the larger metropolitan area. Kinda like how Houston is the largest city in Texas, but more people overall live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area.
  6. Blue or yellow pants would be the better choice. Eventually they’ll try it.
  7. Same with me being in LA and heading to Sacramento. My first REAL trip to the city was in 2016, and that was because I was visiting a friend that had just moved there from…ANAHEIM. On the flip side, I’d actually visit more often if I had the chance.
  8. Driving south on the I-5 the signs ALWAYS said Santa Ana until you went past Santa Ana. The reason why is because that city is the county seat of Orange County. Coming northbound on the I-5 the signs also say Santa Ana between 1-405 and the city as well before switching to Los Angeles. Non-sports related I know…but I’m also kind of a freeway nerd lol
  9. If it had blue horns or at least a blue outline around the horns, yes
  10. You are certainly NOT “the only person in the world” that likes the bone jerseys. I like them too because they’re DIFFERENT and against the norm. As for this white jersey, it’s okay…but I want to see the uniform in full before I make a final judgement.
  11. As a Dodgers fan I want to point and laugh (even though I’ll admit the uniform would look better with SF on the chest and no bridge on the cap)…but I just KNOW my team’s jersey will look yikes. We’re on the clock…
  12. Wish they’d just hurry up and reveal them…
  13. Since the appropriate thread is currently locked…
  14. Bring back the leather texture helmet!
  15. PLEASE don’t let this happen when the game comes back to Los Angeles. We’ve waited FORTY YEARS PLUS for it to return to The Racine and we don’t want it ruined with bull-ish like this.
  16. After seeing the photo, I had to tweet this question to the team.
  17. I notice the Dodgers are wearing their primary roads a LOT more this season. That’s a good thing.
  18. Wish they had graphics like this for all of the teams
  19. And that’s EXACTLY what this program -as well as the one in the NBA - is for.
  20. Cleveland Municipals? Honestly I’d be cool with that.
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