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  1. Nah Klaw and PG13 needed to show up
  2. Three people have worn 42 for the Dodgers...and that’s because they only started retiring numbers in the early 70s. Only two people wore 53...and one of them wore it for just one year. If he hadn’t... Only two people wore 99. Only one person wore 68...and he was recently traded. Only one person has worn 74...and he’s still wearing it. No one has worn 79-84, 86, or 90-96. The number I customized my Dodgers jersey with (37) is too common. Oh well!
  3. 95% of you continue to clown them, but I’m looking forward to seeing the uniforms in action...critics be damned. And yes, people outside of this board love the bone jersey.
  4. That’s one of the EXACT reasons why it was built with a roof: to host other events besides football. You KNOW a Final Four will be here eventually.
  5. Same here. I’ve always respected the board’s rules; no need to change doing that now. So a certain word can’t be typed. No huge loss.
  6. Hope they included the obvious way a r o u n d that
  7. I shared this with the boss over on Twitter; you be the judge.
  8. I regret not buying the ones with the earmuffs they had a few years back
  9. Damn shame since I loved how that orange cap looked with the white uniform (and correctly colored accessories).
  10. Not me. Even though I can do without the fading numbers, I like the new look...horns and bone uni included. I just wish they still had yellow pants to break up the monochrome look. I don’t mind the change. New stadium; new era. And considering the rona, a REALLY new era.
  11. Came here SPECIFICALLY to post this lol. BUT...if they actually sell a jersey like this I’d consider purchasing one.
  12. Meanwhile on Twitter...
  13. Nothing lol...putting I edited the post to add additional info is boring haha
  14. Edmonton E’s. They DO kinda share a color scheme with the A’s... EDIT: Or just call them the Edmonton Edmontonians...the Double Es.
  15. Better than those a Twitter bots Firstname Randomnumbers
  16. Dodgers did the same thing with the All Star Game patchers...although they weren’t the same design
  17. I’m predicting that bone jersey might be a bit more popular than people think
  18. After the way the NFL treated the former Baltimore Stallions about the Colts name, I’d think the CFL would return the favor about the Argos. As for R******s gear, I’ve purchased a cap just because.