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  1. I’m just waiting for the Memorial Day and Independence Day caps
  2. If you lived in the San Diego area you could easily find it. I’ve seen it.
  3. My choices would be: In the case of that Swinging Friar cap, I’d have the crown brown and the bill gold.
  4. From Turf Show Times: And I wouldn’t object to these darker blue ones illustrated in the story.
  5. Believe it or not that’s a logo I made back in the day with Microsoft Paint that got shared all over the place. I just picked a random shade of blue and gold and went with it. I know better now lol...
  6. Is that Oakland? (Just kidding)
  7. And add a yellow alternate jersey and pants.
  8. I’m not from Detroit but this video is great. “It’s so hard in the D...”
  9. I’ve always loved these, even though folks considered them too plain.
  10. This has been stated time and time again. How hard is it for people - especially visitors to this forum - to understand this?
  11. Kinda like how I can buy 2018 World Series Dodgers caps for $18 now even though I paid twice as much when they were first issued.
  12. Sure glad the Dodgers will be at the ravine for awhile...while the Angels might become homeless soon. Then again, The Big A is over 50 years old. Oh, and I like the patch.
  13. About the Raiders: the inaccuracy of that uniform is a bit annoying, even though it looks good. The shield on the helmet is from 1963, while the silver number jersey is from 1970.
  14. I WAS going to say the Lakers should always wear gold at home (except on Sundays), but nah...
  15. Just include that S logo with Seattle written in it as at least an alternate and I’m good.
  16. Agreed. Unpopular opinion: I miss the Clarendon numbers. They were unique.
  17. Texas Rangers and New York Yankees (sort of).
  18. That Chiefs/Rams game might be moved from Mexico due to the field. If so, will the Rams still wear the Color Rush if the game is moved back to The Coliseum? If it IS moved to The Coliseum, dammit Rams WEAR WHITE PANTS AND BLUE SOCKS!
  19. Showtime Lakers. No photos necessary. I was raised in the 1980s so I had plenty to cheer about with the team (except in 1981 and 1986; damn you, Houston).
  20. I have a Tim Couch Browns jersey. Got it the year he was drafted. Haven’t worn it in YEARS. And this Dodgers fan thinks that Giants jersey above looks NICE.
  21. That Bucks Jersey is nice