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  1. 4 hours ago, Sport said:



    This is sort of the same point I made about the Ravens and their all-white socks from Week 1 - putting stripes on the socks make it look like they made a conscious design choice. It means they went to the trouble of getting custom pieces made for all their players. It's a big league team move. It means there's some intentionality and thought about what they're wearing. It means they paid more. All white socks (or pants, in this case) just look like they ordered a bunch of generic units from Eastbay. 


    That doesn't mean I don't think anybody should wear all-white. I just think the pants should have a stripe or design element that ties into the rest of the uniform in some way. I don't think the Steelers, for example, should ever wear anything other than yellow pants. 


    I will give the Jaguars a pass on this because they designed the entire uniform around simplicity and their pants actually do have some small unique touches on them. They devoted the entire uniform to that aesthetic and committed fully. I have some small issues with the overall set, but at least they're not taking a half-measure like these all-white Lions and Saints pants, which exist because of reasons nobody can articulate. 



    They'll probably wear plaint white socks. This is why I hate the two sets of white pants because now I have to sit here and worry about them wearing the Nemo pants. 




    Yeah it does look better. We've seen it. I don't get why people love that blue jersey/white pants look when the white pants make the silver helmet stick out. 


    Didn’t the Saints’ original Color Rush have B/G/B stripes on the pants? I agree about plain white pants for sure. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Sport said:

    The Lions looked stupid last night. Those pants, if you must use white pants, need stripes- to use an old CCSLCism. When I was a youth we had a term for all white matte pants - we called them practice pants. 


    I really hate this trend of every team treating all-white like it's some universal neutral look that any team can adopt for a game or two whenever they feel like it. Yes, every team has a white jersey, but that doesn't mean every team should wear stripeless white pants with stripeless white socks. That's especially true of teams like the Saints and Lions who have gold and silver helmets, which in my opinion look the worst atop an all-white uniform. The white pants also mean they don't wear the superior gold or silver pants. 


    Unless we're talking about the all-blue or all-gray combinations I actually like this set of Lions uniforms. They're evocative of classic car design, they actually went for something, but didn't go overboard, and they stopped using black. There's zero need for white pants. 

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the white-out look. For some teams (Saints, Bengals, Colts, Jets, Giants, Ravens, Dolphins, Bills, Cardinals, Texans, Panthers), just wearing socks in their primary color makes a white jersey/white pants look (basically) work - although Carolina needs to drop white pants altogether. For others (Lions, Rams, Raiders, arguably even Cowboys and Packers), there’s simply no reason for white pants to even exist, and they look asinine when they’re worn. 

  3. 7 hours ago, canzman said:

    It isn't about team branded as much as it is trying to emulate what the team is wearing. As I also stated aside from fans this would be great sideline gear for injured players on the sideline as well to have them blend in with the rest of the team.


    The real issue is trying to find 2-color striped socks... white striped socks can be found as can 2-color non-striped. This site here sells both. https://hitadouble.com/search?page=2&q=TWIN*+CITY*+COLLEGIATE*+FOOTBALL*+2-COLOR*+TUBE*+SOCKS*


    There are only 4 teams left in the NFL with colored striped socks for standard uniforms.

    Bears - Navy over white with stripes

    Bills - Blue over white with stripes

    Browns - Brown over white with stripes

    Chiefs - Red over white with stripes


    The Bills and the Dolphins have 2-color striped socks for throwbacks.


    Broncos and Patriots have the secondary color ring at the bottom of the mid-calf color section


    4 teams have white striped socks

    Bears, Browns, Chiefs and Washington


    The rest of the league has non-striped 2 color or total solid socks.


    Custom socks sites I have looked at all seem to have templates that you can pick colors and logos to go into but it is still a predetermined pattern/look.

    Speaking of socks, the Ravens appear to be wearing plain white ones tonight. 🤮 

  4. On 9/10/2021 at 10:17 AM, canzman said:

    This place got the t-shirts. Specific players available as well as customs.

    Store Amazing


    Catalog displays hoodies, but when you select a product you have the option of picking hoodie, zip hoodie, t-shirt, or long sleeve shirt.

    The hoodies are almost right. They just needed to make the hoods like the helmets but still pretty nice looking.


    I still haven't found shorts or socks anyplace yet, and to be clear by socks I mean striped ones. Midcalf with stripes seem to be impossible to find.

    They won’t be team-branded, but in my experience the best place to get colorful (plain, striped or patterned) athletic socks is epicsports.com. (I’m a weird guy who likes to match his outfits even when just going to the gym.)

    I’ve seen team-branded socks on other sites, but they tend to have the team name and logo rather than stripes. 

    There’s probably a site out there that lets people design and order their own custom socks, but I can’t imagine it would be cheap to do. Even epicsports is kinda pricey once you factor in shipping costs, unless you’re ordering in bulk.  

  5. 22 minutes ago, DG_ThenNowForever said:


    I challenge all sports teams to remove "fresh and clean" from their uniform descriptions for the rest of the decade.

    Then they will just use🔥 and 🧊 emojis with no words. Is that what you want?

  6. 9 hours ago, colinturner95 said:

    Better than the navy stuff. Still nothing special IMO


    9 hours ago, mjd77 said:


    They should have lightened the green up a bit for a better reflection of the '50s set...but overall, I like this way better than any of the navy crap they've had.

    I could spray diarrhea out my butt onto a canvas, and they could photocopy that canvas into better uniforms than the Packers’ navy/tan abominations. 

  7. 5 hours ago, GriffinM6 said:

    This makes me think that Washington Warthogs would've been a good team name. You have alliteration and a name that ties in well with the franchise's history, plus you could have a pretty cool logo set that would still differentiate itself from other pro sports team in North America (And hopefully not draw comparisons to the Arkansas Razorbacks).


    Edit: Just look at those tusks! They're practically perfect to make a W logo out of. 

    Warthog | mammal | Britannica

    Puumba - not in front of the kids!

  8. 10 hours ago, MJWalker45 said:

    I'll probably buy it at the end of the year when it goes on sale since it's on PC and there are groups that use it to create the uniforms not in Madden and to make other leagues as well. The advantage of Madden 21 is that they have the yard which is 7v7 football and I'll probably get it to recreate some of my arena football leagues. 

    Madden for PC is back?

  9. 22 hours ago, guest23 said:


    I'm going to echo what bbtv said. Purely from an aesthetic standpoint, the extra formality with the number system, socks etc gave an air of professionalism to the sport that was distinctive at 1st glance. That distinct aesthetic line between pro and amateur no longer exists.

    I don’t care much about the numbers, but I’m with you on the socks.   

  10. 10 hours ago, Crabcake said:

    Yeah that looks like a mid-2000's era hat.  Which isn't a good thing, fashion typically only becomes cool again after 25-30 years so there's still some time needed until they can bring those designs back.


    Apparently New Era is also doing different sideline caps for home and away this year? Is that something that they've always done and I've just been too oblivious to notice? Or is it something that's done in name only, i.e. they have home and away caps but the coaches only wear the home ones all the time?


    Either way, the road caps feature a blacked out or predominantly single color logo outlined in the team color. For some teams, I think it actually works pretty well. For others, not so much.

    That Steelers hat is hilarious! Whose bright idea was that?

  11. On 7/28/2021 at 8:38 PM, monkeypower said:

    Red is already just a fairly common eye colour in art for menacing/spookiness/sinister/whatever synonym you want to use.


    I didn't realize that a) according to @Gothamite that it was a late addition because of what I just typed above, would have just assumed it was an early and obvious thing, and b) that people are questioning it because, again, of what I just typed above.

    Right. The Baltimore Ravens have a logo with red eyes and don’t use red AT ALL aside from that. Red eyes are menacing. 

  12. On 7/30/2021 at 8:52 PM, PittsburghSucks said:


    I ordered the Nick Chubb Vapor Limited Jersey. I have a good feeling he's not going anywhere.

    ESPN’s Bill Barnwell: But running backs are fungible and should all be given one-year deals at the league minimum and used no more than absolutely necessary!!!!!1!

  13. On 7/25/2021 at 3:35 PM, tBBP said:


    Ah...New Albany, Jeffersonville, Clarksville, Henryville...Memphis, per chance?



    Got to love "border towns", don't ya? Same goes for Memphis--which is literally shoved all the way down into the southwest corner of Tennessee, with suburbs both in Arkansas and in Mississippi (West Memphis and Marion in AR; Southhaven, Olive Branch and Horn Lake in MS just to name a few). And of course all this is to say nothing of all the burbs spread all around the two Kansas Citys...




    ^ That part.


    It'll be interesting to see what, if anything, the Indianapolis Indians do about a possible name change. I like the suggestion of Arrows--or Archers, though I know it has no direct tie (that I know of) to Indy or Indiana, but would be a way to get around any potential controversy that'd arise from some folk possibly claiming that an arrowhead/arrowhead imagery is stilltooclose to Native American imagery for comfort *sideeyes*. 

    How about Clowns, as an homage to the Negro League team? I just like the way “Indianapolis Clowns” sounds, and they could partly base their look on that of the old team while going off in different directions as desired. Of course, I feel like the Negro League teams are all copyrighted and (rightly) regarded as relics of the past. 

  14. 27 minutes ago, nuordr said:

    I hate the gray facemask here just like I hate it for every team that uses it that doesn't have gray in their color scheme or anywhere else on the uniform. 

    I think the Browns should wear a white facemask with their regular uniforms. But grey works for throwbacks, and, really, it’s not THAT bad with the regular set. I’d still take it over brown facemasks, which just don’t look right to me. 

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