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  1. Calgary-Tampa Bay... I'll take 'Canadian NHL teams most certainly do have a competitive place in today's NHL' for $600 Alex.
  2. Welp... only 2 out of 8 for me to conclude winter & beginning of springtime. Sexy times. Lightning didn't even make the f'n playoffs ftw.
  3. Yeah. I think the only way (pro) hockey might be interesting to the IOC is if the hockey powers needed something to be good at for medals & tv ratings. As it is, the US, Russia, & for the most part, Sweden, Canada, Czech Republic, & Finland don't really struggle for either at the Summer games.
  4. I used to always remember the Canada Cup Canadian uniforms were just standard red & whites... Blue pants... mind blown. I re-watched 87 final on dvd this winter, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
  5. Someone mentioned it earlier in the thread. He was the Angry Nintendo Nerd, but they've got other interesting time waster vids... that one there was from April 7 last week, 500k+ views.
  6. Cinemamassacre? Or else coincidental. I can't think of anything sports related at the moment...
  7. ugh... first time I think seeing Los Angeles Chargers in print... gross.
  8. Capitals over Blues in 6. I think right now on paper, 2 wins for the Leafs over the Caps would be a professional success all things considered, not least goaltending. I'm actually excited for the Sharks-Oilers which could be an electric mess with some heated moments. Never mind McDavid, the Sharks certainly don't want to lose to their former coach in the 1st round.
  9. re. Olympics... might the NHL & PA just say f it & join the Summer Olympics? 2 weeks of play in the summer wouldn't be all that bad would it? Who cares if the weather outside is balmy, it's a f'n indoor rink n'est pas?
  10. Okay... no... https://www.si.com/nba/2017/04/08/dallas-mavericks-tony-romo-signed-honored-cowboys-quarterback Dallas Mavericks are going to sign Tony Romo for 1 day so he can sit on the bench during a game. Haters gonna hate yet I fully disapprove of this. Throw a banner up if you want, but signing a non NBA player as a celeb/athlete to your active roster?? No no no no.
  11. I'm fairly certain the host team(s) are still randomly drawn to decide their group & subsequently where they are playing. In fact, I'm pretty sure they're always the first team drawn at the lottery. If USA ended up playing in Mexico, that'd be fun. Though they would surely try to openly cheat the drawing so that might not happen.
  12. Yeah, BMO is nearly fine enough for early group stages. I think FIFA is quite okay with a bit smaller stadium size in exchange for prime tv market, & nearly automatic financial success overall.
  13. Yeah, though it seems they're making more of a Raiders pride thing... which is kinda one & the same for them I guess.
  14. I just don't see LeBron losing 4 out of 7 to the same Eastern team. I do think the Spurs will win the title, in 5 over the Cavs.
  15. CMNT probably won't even qualify, & there likely wouldn't be an automatic invite if we're still out of the top 100. As for hosting, I'd say Vancouver, Toronto, & maybe Montreal. Not sure about Edmonton even with the seating, the stadium will be all the older by then. re. Hamilton, I went to the Pan Am gold medal final there & it felt pretty alright.
  16. Annnd... with Morales' slam + Stroman's great start, the Jays season is officially underway... ps Apparently, Harold Reynolds asked why relievers are seen favourably with K/9 stats when they only work 1 inning or so. He asked why not give them K/1 or K/2. That was on my twitter feed chased with this...
  17. The NFL at the end of a day is still very much a TV show, & if Romo brings higher ratings, it's a no brainer for networks who bid for him.
  18. Baseball's 6 games a week is what I love most. I love Sportsnet's Jays in 30 reruns late night/overnight for after work.
  19. KHL inviting NHL Russians to play towards the Olympic team. That's not really new but it's news again.
  20. Not sure I'd say that, though he's improved. Still falls into a trap of talking from whistle to snap, it's exhausting. He had a good SB as did Buck.
  21. They don't play in the cold again until the 25th. 2 games does not a season make, 1 of which was extras on the road.
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