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  1. I intended to give you a list of at least several names, but I am so happy with the following one that's the only one I'll list: I wanted a name that celebrated some of Flint's history, especially a nod to better times since the town has had a rough run of it for awhile. So, without further ado, I give you the FLINT IGNITION The name is a nod to their rich automotive history, and a play on the stone flint which is an exceptional tool for IGNITING a fire.
  2. It's very annoying to me when on jerseys styled this way (side jersey stripe flowing into side pants stripe) the two stripes don't match....the point is to make it a seamless transition. I like the concept overall, but it's not much different from the current unis, and is a downgrade. It would be tight if it were a total redesign from the creamsicle days
  3. I love the Chix logo...all of it. The Dux logo is okay. Not great to be blunt. However, I think you should consider making the duck's webbed foot (if there's a technical name for it, it's escaping me) the primary logo or at least giving it more prominence in the jerseys. It's a sweet logo.
  4. DDR

    Chiefs Concept

    ryno, my first thought before looking at your design, to be honest, was that it was a coincidence, but after seeing them, especially the VERY unique pants striping, I don't think there's any doubt that the idea was entirely based on (if not stolen) from yours......but anyway, what is the Logo Olympiad? And what was Event 2? I like the design (I'm assuming the event was to take a current team logo and transfer it to another sport?) But I'm just getting into logo and Uni designing and am interested about this Olympiad
  5. It does look a lot like Joker. The concept works better if you change your name to the Jesters, but it's still not bad for the Misfits. Make the face look less like Joker and you got yourself a deal. Maybe instead of a smile, he's stone faced or even angry. That would be more misfit-like.
  6. DDR

    Chiefs Concept

    I'll try not to be as harsh as some other posts, but I agree with them. Ditch the black altogether. The KC logo should be all red. In the place of the Black Alternate, try the White-on-White. I won't discourage the Red Monochromatic uni, but I will issue a vote against it.
  7. DDR

    76ers Concept

    I don't know about the two-tone shorts....the Bulls recently did it, with a similar color scheme to this new 'Sixers concept, and it was widely panned. And deservedly so--it looked stupid. I really like the simplicity of the jerseys and I like PHILA on the road, but the logo is what I'd expect. If you do keep it, I agree that the wordmark needs to be cleaned up. Before you do that though, maybe try going a completely different way with the logo.
  8. Good concept. The wing is close, but it's not right. The eye is immediately drawn to its dislocation. And also, this might just be a personal preference, but I really dislike using the equipment of the game in logos. For my money, it only really works for the STL Cardinals and Celtics. You actually did a pretty good job of integrating the stick, but maybe try it without it and see how that looks.