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  1. Redskins in red, white, and blue is just not right...
  2. Guys, I got it. The perfect Bucs set. Wheh, that was hard.
  3. I hate the Kings in red. Makes zero sense.
  4. I'm surprised everyone dislikes the Quakes logos so much. I think they're fine.
  5. The Panthers shoulder numbers are so small. It looks terrible.
  6. Holy crap they actually did it lol. The Instagram comments are hilarious.
  7. They're definitely different shades. No way are those the exact same color.
  8. You would think a team owned by Cuban wouldn't have the most boring identity in the NBA.
  9. Does anyone actually like the all black Saints look? I mean, I thought it was cool when I was like 12. Scrap that garbage already.
  10. I didn't know the Raptors nearly changed their name in 2013.
  11. Bosa is now #97 and Gordon #25. Old news but I just found out. I liked Bosa using 99 but I am glad Gordon switched from 28. I never liked 28.
  12. Chargers have had many good looks. Hard for me to pick just one. They're gonna look great this year with the powder blue as the primary and yellow facemask.
  13. Never. I live in Sacramento. They're ours forever. The Grizz need to relocate to Seattle. After that the Pelicans should move somewhere. Maybe KC?
  14. Drop the Sac Town uniforms and wear these
  15. I love your work and you're very talented but the Chargers in black? No no no.