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  1. Blazers need to go back to the 2000s jerseys and "The Valley" is the most overrated look in the NBA.
  2. Also the white uniforms. And a little extra, he's wearing the revolution helmet I believe it was called. I thought it was so cool back in the day lol.
  3. These were perfect. I said it before and I'll say it again, I loved how each team got to choose who makes their uniforms.
  4. Does anyone know if Hockey Authentic is legit? I'm looking for a Quinm Hughes sweater and they have a nice selection. NHL Shop, Fanatics, etc selections are few and far between.
  5. Why does the Vancouver store still sell the jerseys with "Vancouver" in the front? They haven't worn these for a couple of years now. For example, I want a Hughes one but they only have the old one which he never even wore since he was a rookie last season. Makes no sense.
  6. Will the Lakers be wearing the blue uniforms?
  7. 5 year rule is stupid. And holy :censored:, 6 years the bucs were those uniforms? Time flies
  8. Those are awful and look like the Thunder uniforms
  9. I just like the alligator or is a crocodile? Anyway it's funny.
  10. The number font is on par with the 2 colored Jags helmet. Not good.
  11. Those are awful and no where near as good as the San Diego era uniforms. Are you ppl high or are you drunk?
  12. I always liked the Ricky Williams era Dolphins uniforms.
  13. The amount of time this is taking is ridiculous.
  14. Bring these sweet threads back
  15. They probably had to scrap what they had done considering the backlash against the logo they received. Haha
  16. Powder blue, yellow, and white. All they need.
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