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  1. Also, the Starbucks one specifically... you cannot willy nilly recolor logos.(https://creative.starbucks.com/logos/) Over all, decent ideas but very low to no contrast on most of them. I like where you are going, they just need several more rounds of revisions. It looks like you cared about the first couple and then sped through the rest so you could call the project done. Edit: H&R Block also Edit 2: Is that really Oracles logo?
  2. The Rockies need to jump on the purple wagon with both feet. That purple uni should be in regular rotation
  3. I agree with Heitert... I think he is saying the logo needs more life. More this: and less of the blueprint look
  4. n312rb

    New Jets Logo

    That looks like the children's book version of an NFL logo. Likely, no airplane logo will ever eclipse Winnipeg's excellent rendition.
  5. Okay, I am sold, I like it a lot.
  6. Please make the Browns text the same color as the stripes.
  7. I would own every piece of merchandise that the Boreal put out.
  8. I agree that the Jets are close to perfect. I like the new logo and the numbers are excellent. If the official reveal is anything like this, well done.
  9. I am not assuming anything, I am encouraging. Don't be an ass.
  10. If Atlanta's jersey and helmet match, I am all for it, right now, its two separate color groups.
  11. There is something weird going on with that NY lockup, the Y looks lopsided, I like the idea but the execution is 80% of the way there.
  12. Now that you have seen all of these uniforms very in detail, which is your favorite?
  13. The traditionalists are going to eat you alive. Me... I love it, keep going.
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