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  1. UMass hasn't been in the MAC since 2015, I'm pretty sure they're Independent.
  2. They mentioned they were going to use the gold facemask with the powder blue, white and color rush when they made the change, so it was assumed they would keep the navy facemask with the navy jersey.
  3. I'll be honest when their current uniforms came out I hated the idea of them having a brown facemask. But it has truly grown on me and it is probably the only thing from the current set I wouldn't mind keeping. I really wouldn't be mad if they went brown, gray or white. And I am a proud member of the gray facemask club.
  4. You mean like their 2 division rivals that have colored throwback uniforms to contrast their white throwbacks, that makes way too much sense. I understand they want to wear them at home and they open the NFL's 100th season at home against GB, again that makes way too much sense. Also if they aren't going to wear them when they visit Detroit for Thanksgiving then wear them when Detroit visits earlier in the year and get the Lions on board to bring their throwbacks.
  5. They play on thanksgiving this year. They’d look really good going against the Lions throwbacks.
  6. When and where? I'm ready to throw down in honor of the gray facemask.
  7. The Bears and Chiefs used striped socks with their color rush uniforms., so id imagine the dolphins could just use white socks with stripes on them.
  8. While it still isn't proven and is being tested. This Q-Collar that Luke Keuchley and Vernon Davis have been wearing might help cushion the brain while striking the inside of the skull. The thought behind it makes sense, hopefully this ends up being able to help prevent, or at least reduce the risk of concussions.
  9. I realize these are just for retail, and I don't buy jerseys. Do they really have to use the black stripe 1997 one for McCardell though? They only used it for one season, and the ones without that stupid, unnecessary black stripe look way better.
  10. Thank you for pointing this out. The Nike era has seen some big mistakes. However people seem to act like everything was okay before Nike, yet the Reebok era birthed the current monstrosities that are the Bengals, Cardinals, and Falcons. Plus how can we forget that previous Bills set which still might be the worst uniform in my opinion.
  11. NFC North followed closely by the AFC West. Two divisions with teams that contrast really well.
  12. Good point, might just be emphasizing 2019 since the schedule comes out tomorrow and they’re probably still trying to sell season tickets for the season. But who knows?
  13. The navy facemask always looked black when they wore the powder blues and away uniforms and it irritated the hell out of me. While I’d prefer a return to the actual throwbacks uniforms, numbers on the helmet and all I am definitely pumped about this and think it looks great.
  14. Exactly, what does a MLB have to do with the Texans using a red helmet. Especially when you consider that this team is from a rival city and the Texans share a city with a team that doesn't use red.
  15. Lions: A- Vikings: A- Dolphins 2.0: B+ Jaguars 2.0: B Seahawks: B- Dolphins 1.0: C+ Jets: C+ Browns: D+ Titans: D+ Bucs: D- Jaguars 1.0: F
  16. No, it is first painted yellow and then the decals off the wing pattern are put on. Then they paint the whole thing blue and remove the decals to for the yellow stripes.
  17. The Lions actually released their new logo color scheme and font in February of 2017. 2 months before their uniform release . It would be nice if the jets at least did that.
  18. The lions and bears will be playing on thanksgiving again and I really wish the bears would bring back the orange throwbacks they wore in 2004. Those against the Lions throwbacks on turkey day would be incredible.
  19. I agree with you on the helmet. I think that’s what they were talking about as sacred.
  20. Wow! You’re right my first thought was that isn’t Deion, I don’t care how he is holding the ball, I don’t care that he has his running form, I don’t care that all the rest of his equipment screams Deion. That isn’t Deion. But it is.
  21. Yep 2013 was the first year. Pats obviously haven't worn their throwbacks since 2012 and the Redskins only used the brown faux leather helmet for 1 year (2012) with their throwbacks.
  22. I would trust teams to keep themselves looking traditional, something most NFL teams, and traditional college powers have done when it comes to Nike. However, I do expect to see some stupid alternates that get fire emojis because baseball is trying everything they can to capture the younger crowds, since it is the one sport having the biggest problem doing that.
  23. Yes but most of those guys that had them before are grandfathered in to keep their old helmet if they wanted. Brady went back to his old helmet after a few weeks and Antonio Brown continued to wear his old Schutt helmet.
  24. I'm pretty sure the thin stripes around the royal blue stripes are actually black and not navy.