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  1. Surprised no mention yet (unless I missed it) of Tim Krumrie in the Super Bowl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNzWp_qQGo8&feature=player_detailpage
  2. I just cannot imagine the horn not being there. It's the one thing I found untouchable. But maybe they've thrown in the towel on the new style of helmet.
  3. I would be blown away if it was not retro. The Jared Allen helmet video is interesting though. I have never thought for a second that they'd change the essence of their helmet. The helmet will have horns so either they've done someone Seahawks/Oregon, or the video was made to be funny. I Know I've been a broken record on this, but I REALLY hope they have yellow outlines on the numbers and stick with purple facemasks. If they do that, I'll be content with whatever else they do.
  4. They show a slideshow on this link with a vikings uniform per year. For 1992, they show Cris Carter in white with the logo on the sleeves. For 1993, they show him with the previous white uniform. Well done. Obviously 1992 is wrong, since it was maybe 96 when they added the logo and yellow trim to the numbers.
  5. Totally agree. I think it's derivative of a bigger-picture "unpopular opinion" of mine, which is that animal full body logos are usually (not always) better than head logos. This logo > any of the bear face logos Coyotes alt logo > primary logo "Leaping Bengal" > "Bengal head" Jags original sleeve patch > either jags head logo Lions helmet logo > any "lion head" rendering that people were doing.
  6. I have seen this guy before, but I never realized how similar he looked to Bucky Badger. Maybe that's what drew Russell Wilson.
  7. I had forgotten about this & I really hate to see when this happens to great players. After pictures of Rex Ryan in hockey jerseys and Brett Favre taking batting practice with the Brewers, this is really the essence of this thread. Seeing a legend like this playing for a team you'd kinda forgotten he played for...this just looks so weird and so wrong. This is especially true when he played over 15 years for one team, then one forgotten year for a bad team. Seeing Jordan in a Wizards uniform is less weird since we all remember that that happened.
  8. I have never seen that SFA mark before. Even though its a copy of A&M's ol sarge mark, it wouldn't look bad if they hadn't copied over the T too. The T makes no sense for a school who's initials are SFASU I'd say the "T" makes some sense, but I agree that they should not use it. Maybe a state outline.
  9. I don't dislike the Blue Jays BP cap. It's a BP cap, which is providing white panels, Mr. Met, and Mr. Red, so it's obviously not being taking too seriously. In fact, I like the Blue Jays BP cap better than those of the A's, Brewers (both of 'em), Cubs, Dodgers, Marlins, Mets, Nats, Marlins (home), Rays, Royals, Tigers (both of 'em), and Twins(both).
  10. I think I like it a bit more than you do (based on my lack of going so far as to say the "bold"), but I don't think it's awesome either. I kind of feel it's the importance of the franchise that bumps these up the rankings a bit. I like, but don't love, the uniform and definitely would not put it in my top 5.
  11. This is a bit of a tangent (to "amusingly appropriate numbers), but how about Jordin Tootoo wearing 22 \ Or Joseph Forte wearing number Forty
  12. Eddie Gaedel, who had one plate appearance; put in because his short stature would likely (and did) draw a walk.
  13. Well, of course you think that. Lights Out is spot on with this one. I don't know that it's one of the ugliest, or even ugly at all. But it is un-befitting the team given its minimal use of red and lack of the great logo.
  14. I am just now realizing how unpopular this opinion is. The Milwaukee Brewers "Beerbarrel Man" is terrible. It's from the 70s and it looks it. And the hat is the worst part of the fan-designed spring training uniform winner.
  15. That might be a Super Bowl replica. They used to make those for both teams and each team essentially had identical features on the sleeves. They were horrible looking.
  16. Ah nice, a Revolution helmet... that could really date this tat in a few years. Your tat looks high quality though, gotta respect that. What is that yellow braid? Are you wearing a Viking horn/braid hat?
  17. That has to be fake/temporary. Please, please for the sake of this poor schmuck, it better be.
  18. Would it be illegal for a tattoo artist to use copyrighhted logos (ie to make money re-drawing a logo that has rights belonging to someone else)? Just something I thought about in light of the China counterfeit thread.
  19. I think the Timberwovles broke that record the next year (playing in the Metrodome) and had (still have?) a banner. I don't know whether the Wolves' record still stands. I kinda wanna say the Raports broke it. Minnesota broke the league attendance record in 88-89, with 1,072,572. After a moderate seach of google, I believe the record still stands for a season. Pretty amazing to think they played a game that first year in front of 49,000+ fans at the Metrodome, and it was only the third largest attendance for a game in NBA history. The largest was 62,000 in the Georgia Dome to see the Hawks vs. Bulls in 1998. ...that concludes your NBA attendance lesson for the day. I went to the first ever (regular season) game, vs. the Bulls. I got to see Michael Jordan. At least that's what the PA announcer said. I could not really make anything out from how far away I sat. There were some baaaaaaad seats there. Of course those seats were really cheap. The plethora of cheap seats and the "newness" of the NBA team made for huge attendance.
  20. I think the Timberwovles broke that record the next year (playing in the Metrodome) and had (still have?) a banner. I don't know whether the Wolves' record still stands. I kinda wanna say the Raports broke it.
  21. ...and again. State of PA to sue NCAA. I don't know whether they have a case. And I don't care. There is just such little decency in response to this scandal; and this takes the cake.
  22. I don't like the 1990s Phoenix Suns look. I prefer the simple 1980s look and i even prefer the current look (actually, another unpopular opinion is that I like the current look).
  23. I agree, but if a team's gonna do it, do it across every uniform, not just certain ones like in the Giants' case. I actually like it when teams have NNOB at home and NOB on the road. It's kind of an old-school idea that is not needed for practical reasons with today's scoreboards and TV coverage, but I like that it's predicated on the idea that the home fans know their players by number but the visiting team is less familiar. I don't know whether anyone really does this anymore. The Twins did it until the mid 90s, when they added names to the home.
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