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  1. That picture looks legit, but just look at how they spell Minnesota in the listing. I'd be surprised if you got the jersey in that picture. yea, but the thing I dont get is that this seller is a top rated seller and all of his comments from the buyers are positive see, it's not hard to get. you can see why that would be in this thread. there are different types of people who buy knock offs. in one group, there are the people that don't know the difference. these are the guys who can see wearing one and bragging to their buddies, "yeah, authentic and only $40 on ebay!" then there are people who brazenly say, "i know it's a knock off, but [insert litany of justifications], so i just don't care." that makes for a lot of satisfied customers, so it would make sense that a knock off seller would have good feedback. (removed stuff I agree with, but we've been over) Yeah, I think the majority of buyers are happy for those reasons. Remember, we are NERDS. We recognize this stuff more than most. And most of the rest "get it" and "don't care". Though if he is doing a bait and switch with the photos, I'd expect a couple people would provide negative feedback. My guess, though...fake...cuz if it seems to good to be true, it usually is.
  2. Who knows. They may use a legit photo and still send a fake.
  3. The problem is one can make an economic argument to justify any illegal activity. I could name a hundred things I feel are overpriced...including cars.
  4. That's a very popular opinion...I think I have the unpopular one. I hated Cy on the helmet and think the I State logo is better. I also love the current uniform and think they are a colored facemask away from perfection. I am aware of the USC issue, but I think it looks so good, that I can live with it...particularly the lack of white on the homes.
  5. I prefer UCLA's block numbers to the stylized ones they used to wear.
  6. That'll teach him to speak out...all other victims take notice, keep it to yourself! (note the sarcasm) My reaction was the basic "stay classy PSU fans", but it's really more a sad commentary on everyone...I don't think this same story with this beloved of a coach would be any different anywhere else...
  7. You're the guy! Oh, you already knew that I'm that guy. Current scheme = terrific. Germanic unis > all other Brewers unis. Totally agree. Once they dumped the "Motre Bame" hat in favor of "M", that was their best.
  8. Wow...I don't really agree with anything on this list (maybe somewhat on Bills and Chiefs). Nice work at long list of "unpopular". I'll add that I hate the Cartoon Bird
  9. Ice Cap's post may have implied something that it was not. Nevertheless, this all brings up something that is applicable to this thread... It is unbelievable how many cultures cover this stuff up and don't do anything about it. Penn State, The Red Sox of the 70s through ??, The Citadel, and of course the Catholic Church (just Google Pope Benedict on Child Molestation and make your own call). What do they all have in common? Horrific acts, people protecting the image of the institution, LOTS of people in the know letting the past/current/future victims down, not doing anything about it until it becomes public (and still having to be dragged kicking and screaming in some cases). In short, it is downright depressing that this is so commonplace. It makes me not think to much of people. None of us is dumb enough to think that steroids and NCAA violations have not been covered up. But I was dumb enough to think that this was different. People suck.
  10. That makes no sense. So Sparrow is saying his one good deed condemned him? Not sure what you're going for there. At any rate, here's my "decision." The "deed" in question here is a little bit bigger than just being "the one bad thing out 1000 good things" that Paterno did. It's not like Paterno preached the virtue of a clean program only to get caught having knowledge of a booster giving players money. If that were the case, then all the "don't let one slip ruin his legacy" arguments might hold some water. The problem is Paterno's "one bad deed" was turning a blind eye to a football coach who was -ing children. Doing so allowed that football coach to continue to children unabated for another 9 years. That's a pretty significant "one bad deed." There's just no way to look past it. It was a commentary about our current society. One bad deed is enough to condemn a man who otherwise lived a good life. But the opposite is not true. One good deed is not enough to salvage a man who otherwise lived a bad life. I don't know how you're not grasping this. It wasn't just one bad thing. It was over a decade of letting a pedophile rape children to save the university. And how do you know he lived a good life? Remember when we thought Jim Tressel was a great man? How do we know JoePa didn't cheat? Just because he didn't get caught, doesn't mean he didn't do it. There are lots of people supporting Paterno, there are lots of people crying foul with renaming the trophy, with firing Paterno, etc. From what we know, the only bad decision he really made was not reporting this allegation to police. Otherwise, from what we know as fans, JoePa lived a very good life, donating to the library, helping people make good decisions, etc. Except that he made that decision every day for nearly a decade.
  11. Fact or prediction? Edit: NVM, looked it up. I am surprised by the swift action of an otherwise silent B10
  12. Is Madden the radio guy from PA who said that the guy who got assaulted at the Dodgers - Giants game had it coming for wearing a Giants jersey to Dodger Stadium? Or am I thinking of someone else? That was a print guy...pretty sure not the same one.
  13. They are traveling particularly well this year; to four new conference rival towns. This game is going to be a circus.
  14. It's going to take some time to confirm it if it is true. But if so, I'd say PSU plays out the season this year and takes next year off.
  15. Exactly. And Paterno never followed up (he obviously believed McQueary, or McQueary wouldn't still be on his staff). There were at least seven grown men who knew about the rape in 2002, and nobody did anything to make sure Sandusky wouldn't do it again. Seven men, who knew that he was a child rapist and had continuing access to at-risk kids. Some of those seven men even knew that he still brought boys to the University's facilities. How many boys were raped between 2002 and last Saturday because those seven men were cowards and opportunists? If we're not vocal enough about Sandusky on this thread, it's because nobody anywhere is defending him. People are still defending that scumbag Paterno, so it's natural that Paterno would dominate our conversation here. If you don't mind, I am going to copy and paste this paragrpah and put it verbatim on replies to facebook posts of sympatheic friends...
  16. People are not perfect. And if he'd run away and panicked about what he should do for 10 minutes, an hour or whatever, I'd still call it an error in judgement, but he could have called the cops then. Yeah he'd still deserve some negative press, but at least he'd have done the right thing after "pulling himself together". Instead he was never going to say a word. I don't get it. How could you go to sleep that night, or any night thereafter, without doing what you can to make sure it does not happen again. Ultimately the right thing to do is to stop it and I totally agree with this post. You don't have to try to beat the hell out of him. Just say "uh, Jerry, whatcha doing." Jerry's reaction would be to stop and run or try to make up some phony lie...and let him run. You've got the kid; call the cops and let the justice system go to work. There's no telling how many future victims that would have saved. Not firing McQueary shows that the decision to fire Paterno was a response to pressure and that these remaining football games come first. They fired their figurehead...So what if you're a coach down? So what?
  17. Equally poor move from the Big Ten to allow PSU to finish its conference schedule. Penn State will benefit from football games yet to be played, and that ain't right. The Big Ten and the NCAA should take the moral stand no one at Penn State wad courageous enough to do. So are you saying that the players on the team DO NOT deserve to finish the season? They did nothing wrong! Do you think Penn State players even want to go out there and play for Paterno, knowing what they know now? I don't. I'd feel pretty bad for players, particularly seniors, that have to just suddenly have their season (or career) cut short. I'd rather see PSU play it out and even play in a bowl (though I don't know that a bowl will take 'em). Of course, I'd most like to see that done without the offending coaches included...I don't know enough about their staff to know how many coaches that would be. McQueary is the guy that I can't see anyone wanting to play for. I assume he won't be there on Saturday. As for Paterno, I don't know how they feel. I am on the fence. As I said, I feel bad for the players already, but I'd feel worse if they had to just stop now. On the other hand, this is unprecedented and maybe the Big Ten should have no choice. Or maybe they should say "you can play, but not with Paterno or McQueary on the sideline."
  18. This is absolutely true. Sandusky did not look like a child molester any more than any other people that had gotten away with it. So there is no way Paterno could have known here. Unless there is something different. Oh, yeah, the guy was caught in the act and Paterno was told about it.
  19. I still have a feeling he won't be coaching the final regular season game this year. If he really stays through the end of the year, assuming PSU does not win the B1G title game (which I am pretty sure they won't) it will be really interesting to see whether they end up in a Bowl. I don't know if anyone will take 'em. A traditional powerhouse that is bowl eligible and had a decent year (though have beaten nobody yet). I don't think they're going to a bowl if the house has not been cleaned by the end of the regular season (which is too bad for the senior players).
  20. On another board I saw a good quote from Herm Edwards about McQueary (though I can't find it online to back it up). Something like "When you see that, there is no protocol. You stop it immediately. If I saw that I'd be in a fist fight." And that makes him the worst of the cover up artists (along with the janitor). JoePa heard second hand (and still had, at least, a moral responsibility). This guy saw it. Even if you drop the ball at first (or if you feel you have reason to fear for your safety and you don't feel comfortable getting in the middle of it), you call the cops immediately. This is not a "work" matter. It's a "legal" matter. And I totally agree with Herm: there is no protocol. McQueary will eventually be the poster child for a lot of people that let down a lot of kids. And the more I think about it, the more I think that any upward mobility he had (as referenced in a post earlier in this thread) was an unspoken agreement for his silence...and if that's the case, Paterno was probably a central figure in making that happen.
  21. And now students are rallying outside of his house...one day, they'll look back on that with embarrassment.
  22. Sometimes a particularly bad story comes about and someone will say "I am really disheartened with humanity." We even have a thread on that in the lounge ("More proof the world is going to crap" or something). I don't often feel that way. There are some bad dudes in this world and a lot of problems, but when one mother kills her child, it does not make me think about "humanity" as there will always be bad people... But this gets me thinking that. This makes me "down on people." The more you hear, the more it seems that we are well into double digits of people in the football program/athletic department/university that had reason to believe (ranging from hearing the rampant talk to actually witnessing acts) something was up and nobody stepped up. Everyone was "covering up", "looking the other way", or "covering their own asses". THIS is what disheartens me in regards to my species. Yeah, Sandusky's the true scumbag, but every time I hear about this story, it becomes more evident that there was tacit approval and from many, many people...not one person tried to stop it. Not one person stepped up for past and future victims. It's depressing.
  23. And THAT is why I don't think there's any excuse to make for JoePa...He kept coming on campus (working with kids) and Paterno (at best) just pushed the allegations to the back of his mind.
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