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  1. Gotcha, like Kentucky plays Men's soccer in C-USA. Well, in ice hockey (men and women) Big Ten schools play in the CCHA or WCHA, so I would initially say "no". I will talk to those in the depts. who I know on Monday or Tuesday, since Feb. 15 is Presidents Day and generally a state holiday. That may be different, as the Big Ten does not have hockey (due to only 5 schools fielding teams). I immediately thought of baseball as a sport that Texas may want to keep out of the big ten. I have no idea whether the Big Ten would allow such a thing, but money talks...so they could probably make it happen.
  2. I won't mention the autograph signings I went to as a kid, cuz those guys were all cordial but short. Paul Molitor. I flagged him down at old County Stadium and chatted briefly after BP when I was about 12. It was cool that he took the time. Chuck Foreman. I was a kid with my parents at a restaurant. Chuck (a very good Vikes RB from the 1970s) was before my time. My dad recognized him. So, being about 10 and into autographs, I went to his table where he was with who I assumed was his wife. (I'd never do that now...guys should be able to eat in piece, but I was a dumb kid). Anyway, he signed and was totally cool about it. He asked me my name and personalized it. I appreciated it. Tony Oliva. I think I was about the same age (10 to 12) as the above two instances. Spring Training with my parents. Tony was batting coach for the Twins. We were at the facility hours before the game, hoping we could find players to sign the pile of cards I brought. Nobody around, so we wandered aimlessly and were in a batting cage. Suddenly I hear this thick accent say something like "hey, you're not supposed to be here." But he was joking. He signed my card and chatted for a while and said some funny things. He was definitely a great guy to meet. When we were on our way out he says "hey" and I turn around and he flips me a ball (very Mean Joe Greene moment). That was easily the best run-in I've had. Barry Sanders. I was in high school when the Super Bowl came to Minnesota. I'm in line for the field goal kick with two friends and one says "that's Barry Sanders." I turn around, and, sure enough...My friend and I went over and shook hands with him. Quiet and cordial, but clearly did not want to be bugged. He had an agent/manager or someone with him that said "no autographs" as it was clear that other started to notice his presence. Not a great story, but Barry is easily in my top 5 athletes, so I thought it was cool. The above are the biggest stars. During my time at the University of Wisconsin there were tons around. My two stories are Tony Simmons, a WR who went on to a short career with the Patriots (and someone else). It was at a bar. He was drinking water. Two of my friends and I spent about 20 minutes talking football with him. He was pretty cool. The other was Paul Grant, a Center who was drafted by the T-Wolves (I looked him up and he has 16 NBA games under his belt). I mention it because I struck up two conversations at bars with him and he was just really cool and answered questions and just enjoyed talking to people. And I am sure, at 7 feet tall, he was bugged a lot. And one I don't count because I don't remember it. In 1979 when I was five, I was with my parents and met Herb Brooks. My dad claims to have said something like "it's going to be a rough trip to the Olympics" to which he claims Herb replied "we're gonna win the gold." I have no bad experiences. I think as a kid, I had some say they did not have time to sign, but that's fine. If someone is cordial about not giving you time, that's all I ask. They don't owe me conversations and don't have the time to please everyone.
  3. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writers/stewart_mandel/12/15/bigten-expansion/index.html?eref=sihp This is an interesting piece that illustrates why expansion may be a bad idea, financially (which is obviously all that matters). The example of Iowa probably missing the BCS this year after the conference title game is key. I hate conference title games. Anyone who thinks they exist for the integrity of a conference race is kidding themselves. But it's big TV business and would probably help the Big Ten become a deserving BCS conference once again, so begrudgingly, I'd like to see it happen.
  4. Puck could tie it up by pointing out how much of that homegrown talent would be lost by teams in other markets.
  5. A good look at the Penguins ring here. It's tremendous. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/0910/championship.rings/content.1.html?eref=sihp http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/0910/championship.rings/content.1.html?eref=sihp
  6. +1. I know the title says "legends", but it's amusing to see others in the "wrong" uniforms. Chuck Knoblauch is not a legend, but he still looks weird in a Royals uniform. And just because he may still be active (perhaps) does not mean Favre's Falcons uniform does not serve the same purpose as Namath's Rams uniform.
  7. Well for the Rays example they are champions of their league. Hence they earn a ring. Same thing goes with NFL as well. Now I'm wondering does the NBA or NHL have rings for the conference champs that don't win the title? I don't think so, but that really is the same thing as NFC/AFC. Heck, NL/AL is barely different from conferences in this day and age. PS: I cannot recall what the Twins 1991 ring looks like. Anyone have a photo/link? I cannot find it anywhere.
  8. Well for the Rays example they are champions of their league. Hence they earn a ring. Same thing goes with NFL as well. Now I'm wondering does the NBA or NHL have rings for the conference champs that don't win the title? I don't think so, but that really is the same thing as NFC/AFC. Heck, NL/AL is barely different from conferences in this day and age.
  9. In 10 years #9 and #56 will be added. I see you're still rocking the banner sig. I have two issues with the Stars' banners. 1) Western Conference Champions Regular Season isn't a recognized award/trophy. it's an accomplishment for sure but it should not be up there. In two of the three cases, they also won the Presidents so it's a given. It seems like extra fabric for no good reason. Pull those three banners and hoist the 5 North Stars banners up there. Those 2 Campbell and 3 Norris are well deserved and should be displayed. Broten, Goldy, Modano and others helped earn them - they're in your history. 2) The retired numbers kind of get the shaft. Now I realize they inherited 2 from Minnesota and were not obligated to hoist them and the the third accomplished more in Minnesota and as a Devil than as a Dallas Star. For honoring those players I am grateful. However, sticking them all on one banner seems cheesy. Now with Modano and Zubov coming up I hope they separate them out. Give each their own banner, make the banners either generic enough and uniform (perhaps match the white conference banners) or go all the way and have them represent the various eras of the players. As much as I would love the last remnants of the North Stars, those three players, to have their own banner and for two of them to have green-era banners (Broten would get black), I don't think Dallas will be acknowledging the North Stars with that kind of tribute. Truthfully, I am just very appreciated that they continued to honor #s 8 and 19 as retired. I was also appreciative that they retired Broten's number, primarily on the things he did in Minnesota. I'll be content if they just keep them hanging in the rafters. Actually, I wish Minnesota had retired Cicerelli's number, but he was still playing when the team left. I would not think Dallas would do so since he never played there. I wonder...is Dino's number retired anywhere? He's one of the leading goal scorers ever.
  10. On the second page, roger clemente has NHL Numbers and Letters. Are these still available? I am unable to open them.
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